Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in DreamWorks Movies



Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in DreamWorks Movies

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How did we miss these mistakes left in DreamWorks movies? For this list, we'll be looking at the most prominent animation errors and continuity goofs that were likely overlooked by the Dreamworks crew! Our countdown includes "Kung Fu Panda," "Chicken Run," "Megamind," and more!

Top 10 Mistakes Left in DreamWorks Movies

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mistakes Left in DreamWorks Movies.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most prominent animation errors and continuity goofs that were likely overlooked by the Dreamworks crew!

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#10: Miscounted Shots
“Kung Fu Panda” (2008)

This one’s easy to miss, but it’s from a scene you’ll likely remember. During Tai Lung’s escape, he’s shot at four times, the last of which slices through his chains. We cut back to Commander Vachir and Zeng for a couple of seconds, before cutting back to Tai Lung who’s about to get shot at again. It’s in this frame, where, if you’ve got a keen eye and a pause button, you’ll be able to notice five arrows in the background instead of four. We wonder if there was originally a plan to have him shot at a fifth time or if there was just a miscount somewhere.

#9: Where’s Sid?
“Ice Age” (2002)

If you’re one to notice continuity, you might’ve spotted this one. In the campfire scene in “Ice Age”, right after Roshan takes what are presumably his first steps, Sid takes up a seat next to Diego. If you watch the angle during their conversation, you’ll see that Sid is on Diego’s right. He eventually turns over to get some shut-eye. We get a wide angle of Diego from his right side and, where Sid should be asleep right next to him, he’s not there! We assume he’s probably just lying down a little further back, out of shot, but the tracking is definitely off!

#8: Belt's Vanishing Act
“The Croods” (2013)

In the final scene of “The Croods”, the whole family takes off on a run, Grug shouts, [SB: “Release the baby!”] and Sandy hops on Douglas with Belt. The rest of the family lines up on animals of their own and, as they race off into the sunset, we get another glimpse of Sandy on Douglas. This time, however, Belt is nowhere to be scene! Our best guess is he fell off at some point during the ride but even that doesn’t make a lot of sense considering, you know… his whole job as a belt is to hang on to things!

#7: Pick a Barrel, Any Barrel
“The Road to El Dorado” (2000)

In the chase scene at the beginning of “The Road to El Dorado”, Miguel and Tulio come to a halt at the top of a roof. They look down to find two barrels filled with water. Remember this shot because, you guessed it, these barrels are about to duplicate faster than Multiple Man. Miguel and Tulio, desperate for a way out, jump off the roof and into these barrels. Only, as the net picks them up, we see that there are in fact six barrels. For this to make sense, we should have seen four barrels directly behind the ones filled with water from the perspective shot on the roof.

#6: The Flipped Scene
“Chicken Run” (2000)

This one is a little difficult to catch and definitely takes a few re-watches. In the famous “Chicken Run” scene where Mrs. Tweedy is finally defeated and is cut loose by Ginger, there’s a shot of Fowler saying [SB: “The old bird bought it!”]. If you match this shot with an earlier one, you’ll be able to see that it’s flipped. There are two indicators of this: the first is the copper cylinder next to him (which we assume is a mic of some sort). It moves from the right to the left of Fowler. The second is the painted hut’s number “17” in the background. The number is a little cut off, so it’s hard to make out, you can tell by the slant of the 7.

#5: Bottoms Up
“Shrek” (2001)

The Duloc fight scene has quite a lot going on, so we’ll forgive you if you missed this one. Just after Shrek smashes the tap on the beer keg, we get a wide shot where we can see the keg next to it. It looks identical, tap and all. However, in the shot right after this one, where Shrek swings at a guard, the still-intact keg comes into focus and, this time, the tap is gone! It’s a small detail, but it’s glaringly obvious once you spot it! Among the continuity errors in Shrek is the “arrow in your butt!” scene. There’s a shot before this one where we see Shrek completely void of arrows, so we’re not sure exactly how one suddenly appeared on him!

#4: Megamind's Hovering Capabilities
“Megamind” (2010)

Okay, so we’ve heard of those so enlightened they acquire powers of levitation, but we’re not sure Megamind has quite reached that stage in his life. Maybe it’s the alien DNA? Either way, in the interrogation scene with Roxanne, Megamind opens up a pool with swimming alligators below her–you know, as the villain does. In the next shot, he somehow manages to get close enough to Roxanne for her to blow a spider in his face. He would have been walking directly over the opening which leads us to speculate… Does Megamind have hovering powers?!

#3: The Changing Crates
“Madagascar” (2005)

You all remember the crate scene from Madagascar, right? The animals are bickering after having landed themselves in this rather boxy situation, and we can clearly see the size of each crate. When they fall into the ocean a few minutes later, however, Alex’s crate has shrunken quite a bit. It only gets worse for Melman, though, who, despite having enough room to flip himself around his box earlier, later finds his crate so narrow that he gets stuck in it when they land on the island. The sequel, “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”, also has a pretty major continuity mistake. The bite mark on Marty’s butt made by Alex in the first movie can’t actually be seen at any other instance, except for the ending of “Escape 2 Africa”.

#2: Really Effective Wind
“How to Train Your Dragon” (2010)

One of the most magical scenes in “How to Train Your Dragon” is the one where Astrid flies on Toothless for the first time. Before it becomes a sweet moment, though, things get off to a rocky start and Toothless dunks them in the water a few times. The goof comes just moments later when Hiccup and Astrid don’t have a single droplet on them. Okay, yes, they do several loop-de-loops, but can we all agree that hair would never dry that quickly? The animators would’ve likely had to create new 3D models to give Hiccup and Astrid the appearance of being soaked, so we figure the crew just sort of hoped no one would notice. That, or there must be some crazy wind in Berk…

#1: The Teleporting 3 Blind Mice
“Shrek” (2001)

After Shrek and Fiona get married, the fairy godmother turns the three blind mice (and an onion) into a Cinderella-esque horse drawn carriage. We then cut to Donkey on the mic, and a whole party going on with the fairytale characters. At some point, there’s a shot of the three blind mice now dancing on the piano! They can’t be seen in the wide shot either, but we might have forgiven that, if not for the fact that they’re supposed to be pulling Shrek and Fiona’s onion-carriage into the sunset!
Ice Age is Blue Sky not Dreamworks & I have a feeling this list will be listed in Top 10 MsMojo Lists That Aged Badly.