Top 10 Best Superhero Team Ups in the MCU



Top 10 Best Superhero Team Ups in the MCU

VOICE OVER: Andrew Tejada WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Regardless of whether they're friends, lovers, or siblings, we just love seeing these superhero duoes on screen together. For this list, we'll be going over the most entertaining pairs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our countdown includes Bucky & Sam, Rocket & Groot, Wanda & Vision, and more!

Top 10 Best Duos in the MCU

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 best duos in the MCU.

For this list, we’ll be going over the most entertaining pairs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They can be friends, lovers, or whatever, we just love seeing them on screen together.

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#10: Bucky & Sam

The Winter Soldier and the Falcon, later Captain America, don’t exactly hit it off right off the bat. Their initial friction has a lot to do with their mutual friendship with Steve Rogers, as well as their contrasting personalities. But watching them argue and get on each other’s nerves is tremendously fun to watch! Seeing them work out their issues with each other, and save the world together, is a big part of what works about “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” And when they do work together, they make a fantastic team. Mostly.

#9: Kate & Clint

One of the most recent duos on our list, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton’s budding friend/mentorship is a highlight of the “Hawkeye” series.” Their contrasting personalities work hilariously together, with Kate’s nervous excitableness and Clint’s taciturn seriousness complimenting each other perfectly. Not only is Clint an excellent mentor for Kate, keeping her grounded, but Kate also helps Clint see how much good he’s done - rekindling some hope in his jaded heart. As much as “Hawkeye” is about the duo taking down criminals and getting Clint home for Christmas, it’s their relationship that drives the show and makes it so entertaining.

#8: Tony & Pepper

One of the MCU’s longest lasting couples, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts may bicker and have their off moments, but their love for each other is clear in all their interactions. It can be hard to match wits with someone as sharp as Tony, but Pepper is more than up for the challenge. Besides having a great comedic dynamic, they also support each other and lift each other up. And while they may fight with each other, they also fight together. We just wish they’d gotten more time together.

#7: T’Challa & Okoye

The king of Wakanda is the perfect comedic straight man. We do love seeing him opposite his little sister Shuri. But his dynamic with his right-hand woman, Okoye, is even better. There is a degree of mutual respect there that goes beyond a king and the head of his personal guard. As much as Okoye is loyal to Wakanda, first and foremost, her personal loyalty to T’Challa is nearly equal. And while Okoye isn’t royalty like her king, she is a queen of sass, and seeing her direct it towards her monarch is amazing.

#6: Rocket & Groot

These characters are unique in the galaxy - something that extends to their friendship. There are a lot of layers to their relationship, especially over the course of Groot’s life cycle. Although Rocket can be caustic, his genuine affection for Groot isn’t buried far beneath the surface. Groot reciprocates, willing to lay it all on the line for his friend. Just as entertaining to watch is Rocket’s exasperated pseudo-parenthood as Groot grows from an infant to an adolescent. Whenever these two are together, there’s bound to be something chaotic, heartwarming, or hilarious happening – sometimes all three at once.

#5: Tony & Peter

This is the match-up that MCU fans didn’t know they wanted until we got it. Tony Stark is the ultimate mentor figure, doling out opportunities and tough love in equal measure; while Peter Parker is an excitable puppy running to catch up. Their father/son-like dynamic is sweet and heartwarming, as Tony helps show Peter what it takes to be a hero, while Peter inadvertently prepares Tony for fatherhood. At the same time, Tony and Peter’s comedic timing is absolute gold. In addition to all the horrible things Thanos did, we hate the Mad Titan for depriving us of more Tony and Peter moments.

#4: Thor & Loki

Loki may be adopted, but he and Thor are brothers through and through. They tease, they fight, they prank. They just do it in a much bigger and more destructive way than most brothers. Even though Loki is deceitful and murderous, it’s clear that Thor loves him - and that, deep down, Loki loves him back. Losing Loki clearly affects Thor every time. Whether these princes of Asgard are at each other’s throats or working together, they keep us glued to our screens. We might be laughing, we might be crying, but we’re definitely watching!

#3: Wanda & Vision

A witch and an android don’t sound like a great pairing, but Marvel once again proved us wrong! Wanda Maximoff and Vision form an unlikely friendship, and later romance, that’s so strange it works. Neither one of them truly fits in, but they fit each other perfectly. While we see snippets of them in the films, they aren’t the focus, at least until Vision’s tragic death. Then, in “WandaVision” their relationship takes center stage. Together, the pair of them manage to juggle comedy, romance, and heartbreak both together and apart. Seriously, we’d watch every single version of their sitcom. All of them!

#2: Natasha & Clint

Natasha and her adoptive sister Yelena are a blast to watch, with Yelena stealing scenes thanks to her great sense of humor. But for this entry, we had to go with Natasha and her brother-in-arms Clint Barton. Both expert assassins, Clint and Natasha are partners in every sense but one. Their shared history is rarely delved into, but their bond is strong. Hawkeye and Black Widow are so close that they’re usually on the same page, and when they’re not, they still find common ground eventually. They even fight for the right to sacrifice themselves for each other. Now that’s friendship!

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Scott & Hope
He Drives Her Crazy & It Drives Us Crazy How Good They Are Together

Thor & Hulk
Like Smoldering Fire & Raging Fire

Peter & Ned
These Two Are Absolutely Friend Goals

Tony & Rhodey
Big Bro Energy Here

Dr. Strange & Wong
There’s True Magic Here

#1: Steve & Bucky

We began our list with Captain America and the Winter Soldier and we’ll end it with them too. Just a different Captain America. We love seeing Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson together. But they don’t have the history that Steve and Bucky do. The duo have been friends since they were kids in Brooklyn. They went to war together and fought countless battles side by side. Even 70 years of brainwashing and a deep freeze couldn’t stop their bromance! That’s the kind of friendship that doesn’t come along often, and it’s what makes them such an amazing duo.