Top 10 Shocking Reveals in Romance Movies



Top 10 Shocking Reveals in Romance Movies

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We weren't prepared for these romance movie reveals. For this list, we'll be looking at the most jaw-dropping moments in films all about love! Our countdown includes "Palm Springs," "Down with Love," "A Walk to Remember," and more!

Top 10 Shocking Reveals in Romance Movies

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shocking Reveals in Romance Movies.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most jaw-dropping moments in films all about love! Please be advised that this tunnel of love isn’t spoiler-free. Climb aboard at your own risk!

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#10: Finch Drowns
“All the Bright Places” (2020)

Violet, a teenager suffering from survivor's guilt, meets the school’s outcast, Finch, on the same bridge where Violet’s sister died in a car crash less than a year before. The two begin to bond and strike up a friendship as they explore their state for a school project. One day while swimming at the Blue Hole, Violet breaks down when Finch stays underwater for too long. His behavior is explained after he confides in Violet about his abusive father and an absent mother. Unfortunately, Finch continues to struggle with his mental health, and eventually drowns himself. Don’t mind the sobbing, that’s just us.

#9: Nyles’ Lie
“Palm Springs” (2020)

When Sarah first gets stuck in the time loop, Nyles explains the basic rules and regulations of how the day works. When Sarah asks about his hookups, Nyles mentions his intimate encounters but denies ever getting with Sarah. As the two spend more time together, they form a close bond, which eventually leads to a sensual night in a tent. The next day, Sarah and Nyles argue about if their actions affect anyone or if their lives matter anymore. Due to his frustration, Nyles reveals that he’s hooked up with Sarah many times before. He just didn’t want to tell her. Sarah, understandably upset, jumps in front of a car to reset the day. Suffice to say, our jaws were on the floor!

#8: Tim Chooses His Daughter Over His Father
“About Time” (2013)

When Tim turns 21, he learns from his father, James, that the men in his family are able to travel back in time and relive past moments. After attempting to improve his love life, Tim eventually meets and falls in love with Mary. Unfortunately, James contracts terminal cancer, something not even time travel can cure. Luckily, after James’ death, Tim is still able to travel back in time to see him. It’s when Mary decides she wants to a third child that things get complicated. Tim knows another birth means he won’t be able to see his father again. This is one of those lose-lose situations, but Tim ultimately visits his father one last time, before choosing to have another child, a baby girl.

#7: Barbara Novak’s Identity
“Down with Love” (2003)

Catcher Block sets out to prove author Barbara Novak wrong. To do so, he spends the movie trying to trick her into believing he’s someone else. However, after one of Catcher’s lovers reveals that he is, in fact, not the astronaut named Zip Martin he claims to be, he comes clean about his identity. The bigger twist comes with Barbara. Apparently, she’s not who she says she is either! Meet Nancy Brown, one of Catcher’s former secretaries who fell in love with him at Know Magazine. However, Nancy refused to just be one of Catcher’s many flings; she wanted to make Catcher fall in love with her. After a hilarious 3-minute monologue, both Catcher and we, the audience, were left staring with our mouths agape!

#6: Ria's Past & Aditi’s Affair
“Monsoon Wedding” (2001)

Movie weddings always bring out family secrets, both good and bad, and the Verma Wedding is no different. Ria, cousin to the bride, witnesses Tej, an extended family member, inappropriately groom 10-year-old Aliya. This is an emotional trigger for Ria, one that we learn more about later on. The secrets don’t stop there: Aditi admits to her future husband, Hemant, that she’s slept with her former boss only a few days before her wedding. Though initially disappointed, Hemant forgives his bride and appreciates her honesty. The moment serves as a benchmark in their relationship as the couple realizes they can be happy together. The sheer drama of this film had us on the edge of our seats the entire time!

#5: Maude Decides to Overdose
“Harold and Maude” (1971)

After obsessing over death for most of his young life, 19-year-old Harold finally understands what it’s like to fall in love when he begins a romantic relationship with 79-year-old Maude. Harold announces his intention to marry Maude as her 80th birthday approaches, but when Harold throws her a surprise party, he learns that Maude does not plan on living past 80. Maude reveals to Harold that she overdosed on sleeping pills and will be gone by midnight. Despite rushing her to the hospital and declaring his love, Maude is at peace with her decision and passes away at the hospital. This whole movie is a whirlwind of emotions, but Maude’s reveal definitely did a number on us.

#4: Briony Imagines a Happy Ending
“Atonement” (2007)

Cecilia Tallis and Robbie Turner fall in love with each other on the precipice of World War II. After Briony, Cecilia’s younger sister walks in on them making love, she thinks Robbie is hurting her. Later that night, Briony incorrectly identifies Robbie as the man who has sexually assaulted her cousin, Lola, and he’s taken away to prison. Years pass and Briony visits Cecilia, who is happily living with Robbie, and apologizes for her mistake, promising to do whatever it takes to overturn his conviction. The big twist comes from the fact that this meeting never actually happens. It’s merely a chapter of a book Briony authored. Cecilia and Robbie both passed away during the war and never rekindled their relationship.

#3: Hannah is Cal's Daughter
“Crazy, Stupid, Love” (2011)

After regaining his confidence, Cal Weaver sets out to win back his wife, Emily, whom he separated from after she had an affair with a co-worker. He forms an alliance of sorts with Jacob Palmer, a veritable Casanova who teaches Cal how to pick up women. Even with his womanizing ways, he has recently been rejected by someone–a certain young lady named Hannah. Unbeknown to Jacob, Hannah is Cal’s daughter and, unbeknown to Cal, his daughter’s been dating Jacob. The climax of the movie, of course, comes with this twist and the awkward encounter leads Cal to demand the two break up. If there’s one thing we love in movies, it’s a full circle moment!

#2: Jamie Has Leukemia
“A Walk to Remember” (2002)

Bad boy Landon and good girl Jamie are complete opposites of each other. However, as Jamie helps Landon out with the school play, they begin to see the good inside of each other. This leads to a first date and a first kiss as the two high schoolers fall for one another. However, their courtship hits a huge roadblock after Jamie shares the devastating news of her leukemia. To make matters worse, Jamie is not responding to treatment so her time remaining is very limited. The young couple marries, but Jamie passes away soon after, absolutely wrecking our hearts in the process.

#1: Gus' Cancer Returns
“The Fault in Our Stars” (2014)

Hey, can you pass us the tissues? We’re going to need ‘em for this entry. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a teen battling thyroid cancer, while Gus Waters is in remission from bone cancer. They fall in love, slowly, then all at once. (Sorry! We had to!) Unfortunately, the harsh reality sets in when Gus confesses that his cancer has returned, and it’s terminal. He spends his remaining days with Hazel until he succumbs to the awful disease. It’s definitely not the storybook ending we had hoped for, and Gus’ shocking death tears at our heartstrings every single time!