Top 10 Disney Fan Theories We Want To Be True



Top 10 Disney Fan Theories We Want To Be True

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We want these Disney theories to be true so badly! For this list, we'll be looking at the most alluring ideas thought up by the fans that we'd gladly accept into the Disney canon. Our countdown includes "Encanto," "Tarzan," "Aladdin," and more!

Top 10 Disney Fan Theories We Want to Be True

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disney Fan Theories We Want To Be True.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most alluring ideas thought up by the fans that we’d gladly accept into the Disney canon.

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#10: Mabel Is Anton Ego’s Mom
“Ratatouille” (2007)

Just in case you’re wondering, Mabel’s the old lady who lives in the house where Remy and the other rats reside. If you look closely at her humble abode and compare it to the one in Ego’s food-induced regression, you’ll notice plenty of similarities. The theory, thought up by Reddit user RileyRichard, goes on to explain that this might also be why Anton is so overwhelmed by his meal. We’re shown that his mom loved to cook, but little did she know that she had a furry little apprentice watching her this whole time. Remy successfully and precisely recreates her recipe when he visits the restaurant, thus evoking a huge reaction from the ordinarily poker-faced critic.

#9: Mary Poppins Worked for the Ministry of Magic
“Mary Poppins” (1964)

We’re crossing universes for this one, but stay with us. Inspired by Reddit user ProfFrizzo, fellow user BiggsyBig proposed the idea that Mary, a natural Ravenclaw, and Ministry of Magic employee, was tasked with familiarizing muggle-borns and their parents with the wizarding world. She also teaches them that they must never reveal their magic to muggles. BiggsyBig explains that Bert was a Squib, so his and Mary’s implied romance would have been considered taboo. The very comprehensive theory even clarifies why Mary’s never mentioned in the magical franchise. She meets a tragic end during the First Wizarding War, but lives on in the hearts of all the young witches and wizards she helped over the years.

#8: Jane Porter Is Belle & the Prince’s Descendant
“Tarzan” (1999)

You might be familiar with the Frozen co-director-confirmed theory that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s long-lost younger brother. But have you heard the one suggesting that Jane’s a descendant of Disney royalty too? As well as a relative likeness, Belle and Jane share some other similarities. They’re both adventurous, have eccentric fathers and look good wearing yellow. They also share a taste in “wild” men, who both try to tame incidentally. It would also explain how the formerly anthropomorphic tea set, seen during “Trashin’ the Camp,” came into Jane’s possession. A theory with this much merit that connects three of our favorite Disney films totally has our approval.

#7: Vanessa Was Someone Ursula Knew
“The Little Mermaid” (1989)

Ursula’s backstory has been explored in-depth, whether that’s through film, theater, literature, or fan theories. Some believe that she used to be Vanessa, the human she embodies after acquiring Ariel’s voice, while others think that she simply looks similar enough to the red-headed princess to convince Eric that she’s the girl who saved him. But we prefer this story that suggests Vanessa was someone Ursula once knew and loved. Yes, we know that the character tried to sabotage Ariel’s love story. But wouldn’t it be weirdly romantic if Ursula had channeled someone who once made her feel cherished to do so? Well, they do say that love makes you do crazy things.

#6: “Aladdin” Takes Place in the Future
“Aladdin” (1992)

As someone who's been trapped in a lamp for 10,000 years, Genie’s very well-versed in contemporary popular culture and trends. Considering he describes his home as an “Itty-bitty living space” that left him with “a crick in the neck,” we’re not sure how he was keeping up with the modern age. But what if “Aladdin” actually took place in some distant future post-apocalyptic society, featuring technological relics that they deemed magical? It would make Genie’s references super outdated, but at least that would make more sense. It would also explain why The Merchant’s selling a “rare” Tupperware. This is a clear and well-thought-out idea that we can totally get behind!

#5: Frozone Is Elsa’s Descendant
“The Incredibles” franchise (2004-) & “Frozen” franchise (2013-)

You’ve heard of the Pixar Universe theory? Well, what if it included other Disney films too? Before we met “Frozen”’s Elsa, there was one other Disney character with ice-related powers — Frozone from “The Incredibles.” This led one Reddit user to speculate that the two might be related. Cooler still — yes, pun intended — Elsa and her powers helped create a more tolerant society for those with super abilities. Arendelle even became a haven for Supers, who felt like outsiders elsewhere. With her help, Superheroes became approved, and valuable members of society, and their contributions were often celebrated. Well, that’s until some mishaps got them banished by the government.

#4: Anna’s Nature-Powered Magic
“Frozen” franchise (2013-)

In “Frozen II,” we learn that Elsa’s magic was a reward for her mom’s selflessness after she saves the future king of Arendelle. But what if the gift extended to both her daughters? The sisters represent opposing forces, so many assume that Anna would have fire powers. But Reddit user acidityregulator thinks that her gift might be more earthy. Like Elsa’s blue color palette represents ice, Anna tends to wear a lot of green and floral embellishments, hinting perhaps at her relationship with nature. Maybe since her memory was wiped of all magic, she didn’t even know she possessed powers until after the events of the first movie.

#3: Bing Bong Works at Monsters, Inc.
“Inside Out” (2015)

A part cat, part elephant, part dolphin, but mostly cotton candy-like creature is certainly something only a child could dream up. But what if Bing Bong was more of a memory than an imaginary friend? We learn that Bing Bong would often make little Riley laugh. So, what if actually, he was an employee from Monsters, Inc, collecting laughter energy? This theory explains that she found him less entertaining as she grew up, so eventually, he stopped visiting altogether. His story arc had such a sad ending that we really want this to be true. We’d love to know that he’s still out there bringing happiness to other children.

#2: Pedro’s Soul Brought the Casita to Life
“Encanto” (2021)

Think you've shed enough tears over "Encanto"? Think again. This compelling theory suggests that Pedro never left his family; rather, his spirit powers the magic, and he is the Casita. Let's look at the facts. Firstly, Pedro's sacrifice was the catalyst for the miracle. Secondly, the Casita shares his playful personality, but is also fiercely protective of its loved ones. Also, Pedro is symbolized by a yellow butterfly, which features on the magic candle. Some fans believe that the Casita shares a tight bond with Mirabel since she'll someday become the miracle's keeper. We're totally enamored with the idea that Pedro was always there for his family and had an active role in their lives.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Lilo & Nani’s Parents Worked for the CIA, “Lilo & Stitch” (2001)
Why Else Would Cobra Bubbles Make Such a Drastic Career Change?

Violet & Dash’s Powers Were Evident from Birth, “The Incredibles” franchise (2004-)
It Would Explain Why Jack-Jack’s Powers Came as Such a Surprise

Geppetto Is a Grown-up Dopey, “Pinocchio” (1940)
The Pair Share Likeness & What If Dopey Was Actually a Small Child?

Boo from “Monsters, Inc.” Grew up to Be the Witch from “Brave”, “Brave” (2012)
She Was Trying to Rebuild a Portal to Reunite with Her “Kitty”

Heihei Is Also a Demigod, “Moana” (2016)
In His Own Special Way, He’s Always Around at the Right Time

#1: Jessie Once Belonged to Andy’s Mom
“Toy Story 2” (1999)

Hats off to Pixar Universe theorist Jon Negroni, who also brought to light this adorable theory. To quote him, “It all started with a hat.” Andy’s hat, to be precise. You’ll notice that it’s more similar to Jessie’s than Woody’s, and it’s practically identical to the one on Emily’s bed. Negroni speculated that, like Woody, perhaps it was also a hand-me-down, and just maybe, Andy’s mom’s is Emily. After all, we don’t know her first name, and we never see Emily’s face. Pixar said they have their own theory on this subject, but we can’t see how it could top this one. It’s so cute and brings things in a satisfying full circle.