Top 10 Moments in Kids Anime That Were So Wrong



Top 10 Moments in Kids Anime That Were So Wrong

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman
That actually made the cut?! Join Ashley as we look over the scenes in anime aimed at a younger audience that were clearly adult-oriented, as seen in series such as "Dragon Ball", "Digimon", "Pokemon", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Inappropriate Moments in Kids Anime

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Inappropriate Moments in Kids Anime

For this list, we’re looking at the times where anime aimed at a younger audience snuck in a scene that would have made most parents go ballistic, whether due to violence or general crudeness. Think we missed an accidental anime innuendo? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Parco Folgore's Song

“Zatch Bell” (2003-06)

Ah, retro shonen, there’s nothing quite like it. While frequent with its flashy fights and occasional crotch shot sense of humor, there’s such a light-heartedness to Zatch’s adventures that you’d never think to associate it with anything overly lewd. And then Parco Folgore showed up. Instead of engaging in a typical Mamodo showdown, Folgore takes the opportunity to drop his mixtape. Which includes a song comprised entirely out of the phrase “groping breasts”. Combine that with a suspiciously familiar gesture, and this scene spills right on over into WTF territory.

#9: Sailor Senshi Deaths

“Sailor Moon” (1992-97)

For those that succeeded in watching this shoujo powerhouse in its uncut form, congratulations, because this scene probably scarred you senseless as a child. Sure, there’s no blood, but it still involves Sailor Moon watching as each of her friends give their lives one after another, each perishing in some insane manner in order to clear a path for Usagi to reach Queen Beryl. Even by today’s standards, this is pretty upsetting for a series about tiara boomerangs and masked hunks in top hats!

#8: Risque Rouge

“Sonic X” (2003-06)

We always had our suspicions that Rouge was a freak in the bedroom, but now we’ve got confirmation. Caught out by Agent Topaz, Rouge is arrested on the spot without any resistance, though can’t help but get in a quick quip before she gets handcuffed. In the dub, she simply made a jab at Topaz’ age. In the Japanese version…let’s just say her kinky side slipped out. For a fandom with a raging hentai problem, this show didn’t exactly help the issue.

#7: Saving Tea

“Yu-Gi-Oh!” (2000-04)

The flashback to the time Yugi saved Tea from meeting a grim fate was but one of many moments that were censored to death by 4Kids. Though in this instance…dare we say they were right to do so? Sure, getting drugged and nearly robbed by a creep is already pushing it for a kid’s show – but the original had her attacker be said creep with a camera, who seemed to have every vile intention you could imagine. Yeah, probably best to stick to talking about the shadow realm. If they had gone any further we would have needed Chris Hansen to walk in and challenge the perp to a duel!

#6: Random Driver Picks Up Sora and Mimi

“Digimon Adventure” (1999-2000)

Once again, the dub comes in clutch to undo what made for a very uncomfortable moment in the original. Many of you might remember this moment when Sora’s cousin Duana picked up her and the other Digidestined to take on a road trip. The only problem is – Duane is a LIE! Yep, he was entirely made up for the dub. Why? Because the Japanese version had some randomer try to pick up Sora and Mimi because he liked the look of them. Which is every kind of gross, very much illegal, and once again sets fire to our childhood.

#5: Frog Love

“Sgt. Frog” (2004-11)

Because what could be weird about an anthropomorphic frog soldier having a crush on a young human girl? Growing dangerously close to Natsumi, Giroro gets in way over his head when he believes that she’s about to confess her feelings. This leads to a wholly uncomfortable scene where the two end up in her room, and the tension keeps on building. Sure, it ends on a gag, but given how much Giroro is obviously infatuated with the adolescent, it’s clear that this anime was moments away from committing a crime against nature.

#4: Beating Up Kids

“Beyblade G-Revolution” (2003)

You’d think between the spirits of ancient monsters being trapped in spinning tops, cheesy character moments, and tournament arcs that somehow always end up causing bank-breaking collateral damage, this anime wouldn’t have time to focus on actual drama – like athlete abuse. Desperate to have his team win under any circumstances, Barthez lets Miguel and Matilda know that if they don’t start cheating, they’re in for a beating. Case and point, when he beats and discards them like a forgotten V-Force plotline.

#3: Everything that Happens to Bulma

“Dragon Ball” (1986-89)

Oh Bulma. You may not have nearly been beaten to death like Goku and the rest, but you sure as hell experienced your fair share of shame. To the extent we’re surprised she didn’t try to ask Shenron to undo all these little moments from the timeline. Whether it’s Goku misunderstandings of her anatomy, getting her top pulled down to help win a fight, Oolong posing as her play bunny duplicate, and of course, that one time she unknowingly flashed Master Roshi. Poor girl has had it rough!

#2: The Butt Exam

“Crayon Shin-chan” (1992-)

It’s not always easy going for a check-up, especially if it’s for something to do with your back door, even more so when your wife and kid decide to make a spectacle of it. Going in to have his prostate checked out, Hiroshi; Shin-chan’s father, not only finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having several nurses investigating his rear window, but then Shin-chan arrives on the scene to make everything worse. How are they not banned from the hospital? Furthermore, how was this allowed to air?!

#1: James’ Beach Outfit

“Pokémon” (1997-)

Look, if James wants to walk around the beach and strut his stuff, then good for him – it’s just that parading around as a woman with an inflatable chest with barely anything covering it up seems like a step over the line, don’t you think? Seriously, those Master Balls he’s rocking might just be the biggest ever animated across the whole franchise. There’s a reason why the whole episode was banned in the west. Kids were already having to deal with Jynx, this would have just pushed things over the edge.