Top 10 Most Foul Mouthed Sitcom Characters
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Top 10 Most Foul Mouthed Sitcom Characters

VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Johnny Reynolds
These Sitcom characters really love to indulge their potty mouths. For this list, we'll be looking at our favorite characters across live-action and animated sitcoms who just love to swear. To be fair, we'll try to limit our profane picks to one character per show. Our countdown includes Selina Meyer from “Veep” (2012-19), Maurice the Hormone Monster from “Big Mouth” (2017-), Roy Kent from “Ted Lasso” (2020-), and more!
Script written by Johnny Reynolds

These Sitcom characters really love to indulge their potty mouths. For this list, we’ll be looking at our favorite characters across live-action and animated sitcoms who just love to swear. To be fair, we’ll try to limit our profane picks to one character per show. Our countdown includes Selina Meyer from “Veep” (2012-19), Maurice the Hormone Monster from “Big Mouth” (2017-), Roy Kent from “Ted Lasso” (2020-), and more! Which character’s foul mouth makes you laugh the most? Head to the comments and let us know.

#10: Eleanor Shellstrop

“The Good Place” (2016-20)

The show’s writers came up with a very clever way to let Kristen Bell’s lead character Eleanor on “The Good Place” curse up a storm without the censors putting them all in the bad place. In this afterlife, people aren’t allowed to swear. But that doesn’t stop Eleanor from dropping harsh language. It’s just that we hear her say things like ‘Bench,’ ‘Ashhole,’ and ‘Holy Motherforking Shirtballs’ a lot instead. She also had no problem letting folks know of the explicit exploits she got up to when she was alive. The character’s upbringing and view of life left her with many sharp edges. However, Eleanor’s unique swears were always worthy of a laugh.

#9: Sterling Archer

“Archer” (2009-)

If James Bond didn’t take his job seriously and was constantly screwing up, you’d get something close to Sterling Archer. The superspy is a selfish spy who spent most of the show’s history looking out for himself, drinking and constantly using colorful vocabulary to belittle his co-workers. He’s had countless rants throughout the seasons that would make us laugh even if they weren’t overloaded with swear words. Whenever Archer is on screen, it’s almost a guarantee that the audience will hear a healthy amount of beeps. While it doesn’t make Archer sound that professional, he’s usually able to come through in the end and complete missions. His rude behavior and actor H. Jon Benjamin’s perfect delivery are staples of this hilarious spy show.

#8: Beavis & Butt-Head

“Beavis and Butt-head” (1993-97, 2011)

It’s impossible to think about adult cartoons in the 90’s without a certain two slackers coming to mind. Where Beavis is absolutely unpredictable, Butt-Head is relatively laid back. But they are both profoundly idiotic, oblivious to how normal people should act and have potty mouths. The duo’s sense of toilet humor leads to a lot of dialogue that isn’t exactly high-brow. But honestly, that’s exactly what has made them endure over the years. The two are so inseparable as foul mouthed pop culture icons that it was a no brainer to include them both. Creator Mike Judge did a fantastic job voicing them and bringing them to life. Even nearly 30 years after their introduction, they could both still use some lessons in manners.

#7: Susie Greene

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” (2000-11, 2017-)

While Larry David’s interactions with anyone make us laugh, it’s his dynamic with Susie Greene that we love the most. Although they run into each other a lot because she’s married to Larry’s best friend, the two almost never see eye to eye and are often getting into heated arguments. Susie’s outspoken and opinionated nature leads her to throw tantrums that are littered with filthy language. She especially keeps things fresh by finding creative ways to use a certain four letter f word. Fortunately, the writing pairs wonderfully with Susie Essman’s absurdly hysterical performance. If we were to meet her in real life, we’d do anything to stay on her good side so we can avoid one of her notoriously filthy speeches.

#6: Maurice the Hormone Monster

“Big Mouth” (2017-)

“Big Mouth '' is one of the most awkward shows to tackle the pains of puberty. The cringeworthy journey wouldn’t be complete without the rude and vulgar hormone monster named Maurice. Voiced by Nick Kroll, the character has no problem talking about the physical and very adult urges that the cast has. While it’s hard to guess what’s going to come out of his mouth next, audiences know they’ll either howl with laughter or cringe heavily at his bluntness. Maurice is a character that isn’t afraid to get absolutely disgusting in any episode. He perfectly represents how hormones can make people think of really filthy things.

#5: Selina Meyer

“Veep” (2012-19)

Honestly, we’re not sure if we’d vote for Selina Meyer to represent us in politics in real life due to some of her unprofessional behavior and words. But as a TV character, we couldn’t get enough of her. Played by the brilliant Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Selina begins the show as the underappreciated Vice President of the United States who will curse openly at and in front of staff. Once she attained more power and became president, she didn’t make that much of an effort to soften her tongue. Selina continued to spout profanities and edgy language while stomping on the happiness of her underlings and enemies. Her staff was probably a little wary every time she spoke in public.

#4: Riley Freeman

“The Boondocks” (2005-14)

Back when the edgy “Boondocks” show was in its prime, the great Riley Freeman stood out as a fan favorite character. This third grader who constantly wanted to come off hardcore definitely had a hardcore vocabulary. At any given moment, Riley might just let off a stream of words that wouldn’t be allowed in most elementary schools. Like many foul-mouthed children before him, we couldn’t help but laugh whenever he cursed. The notion of such profane language coming out of such an adorable looking and sounding character was hilarious. However, we have to admit people like Santa have learned that Riley’s actions can be just as hardcore as his words.

#3: Roy Kent

“Ted Lasso” (2020-)

Brett Goldstein’s Roy Kent has become one of our favorites in a show packed with lovable characters. While this at times abrasive coach is very quotable, we’d definitely think twice before repeating any of his lines in polite company. Fueled by anger and profanity, Roy can intimidate just about anyone he comes across with his words alone. He’s so prone to cursing that even his niece Phoebe picked up on his filthy language. As Roy continues to grow into more than just a rage-filled character, we pray he’ll never forget the power of a well-placed swear. Because the show simply wouldn’t be the same without his harsh mouth.

#2: Rick Sanchez

“Rick and Morty” (2013-)

This mad scientist has quickly become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in recent memory. His wild behavior, irate rants and his heavy use of swears has made sure of that. Rick can’t help but flex his superior intellect while throwing in a handful of low class words along the way. While the show does bleep out a fair share of his more extreme swears, there are uncensored versions of his adventures that we’ll make any intergalactic traveler blush. And he’s also not shy in the slightest about talking about his x-rated adventures in front of his daughter or grandchildren. Rick’s negative views of the universe have made him unable to care about both his numerous acts of violence or censoring himself at all.

#1: Eric Cartman

“South Park” (1997-)

Is there an animated or live-action sitcom character more dedicated to profanity than Eric Cartman? For over 20 years and counting, this vile little boy has made us cry tears of laughter while also making us grateful we don’t have a kid like him. Insensitive, crass, greedy, and sometimes prone to immense brutality, it’s remarkable that the other kids haven’t completely shunned him. Not that it would matter to him as he seems to derive extreme pleasure from damaging the well-being of others with his actions and words. With every passing season, “South Park” finds new ways to let Cartman dive further into depravity. And we couldn’t be more thankful that they’ve given this foul-mouthed character such a big spotlight.