Top 10 UFO Sightings Confirmed by the Government
Trivia Top 10 UFO Sightings Confirmed by the Government



Top 10 UFO Sightings Confirmed by the Government

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Tori Serpico
If these videos are legit, then we're definitely not alone in the universe. For this list, we'll be looking at the most intriguing times that people reported seeing unidentified flying objects, verified by American government officials. Our countdown includes Roswell Incident, Rendlesham Forest Incident, GIMBAL & GOFAST, and more!

Top 10 UFO Sightings Confirmed by the Government

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 UFO Sightings Confirmed by the Government.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most intriguing times that people reported seeing unidentified flying objects, verified by American government officials.

Do you think aliens are behind any of these sightings? Let us know in the comments which occurrence seems the most extraterrestrial!

#10: Roswell Incident

In the summer of 1947, rancher W.W. Brazel found mysterious debris on his New Mexico property. After he brought these materials to the authorities, the United States Air Force released a statement claiming that they’d recovered a “flying disc” in Roswell. This description set off a resurgence of interest decades later in the 1970s, with conspiracy theorists claiming the object had really been a crashed spaceship. It was now also claimed that extraterrestrial bodies had been found at the site. Authorities admitted in 1994 that the object had really been a top secret nuclear test surveillance balloon. Some are still convinced however that the real explanation … is aliens!

#9: Lubbock Lights

On a summer night in 1951, three professors from Texas Technological College were sitting outside when they saw something they couldn’t explain. Flying over Lubbock were circular, blue-green lights arranged in a V-formation. The lights reappeared again after the first sighting, and other people besides the professors spotted them. One witness, freshman Carl Hart, Jr., even snapped a photo. But what was it? United States Air Force officer Edward J. Ruppelt, who investigated as part of Project Blue Book, concluded that it was an “explainable natural phenomenon.” He elaborated that a scientist had found the answer, but that he couldn’t divulge it, as the scientist had requested anonymity. It was, at best, a frustratingly vague explanation.

#8: Little Green Men

What do you think of when you hear the word “alien?” For many, it’s a diminutive green humanoid with eyes too big for its head. That depiction was popularized by a sighting near Kelly and Hopkinsville in Kentucky. One summer evening in 1955, the Sutton family burst into the police station claiming that their farm was under siege by small aliens. They’d been shooting at them for hours through windows and door screens. The United States Air Force looked into the incident as part of Project Blue Book, and concluded it was a hoax. Some have theorized that the Suttons were shooting at owls. On the other hand, many ufologists are convinced the Suttons fought off an alien attack in Kentucky!

#7: Flying Saucer

Just weeks before the Roswell Incident in 1947, private pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his plane in Washington state when he witnessed a bright flashing light above Mt. Rainer. Arnold described what he saw as a diagonally arranged formation of objects that “[weaved]” and “[darted]” around like saucers skipping across water. This description is what coined the phrase “flying saucer”! There have been many theories attempting to explain what Arnold saw. Publicly, the Air Force declared the sighting to be a “mirage.” However, the Air Force and FBI continued to investigate, concluding that the saucers had been real, and not due to natural phenomena. Eventually, this led to a larger investigation that evolved into the famous Project Blue Book.

#6: Rendlesham Forest Incident

In December 1980, a security patrol at an airbase in Suffolk, England, witnessed glowing lights descending into Rendlesham Forest. When servicemen tried to get a closer look, the object moved through the trees. Deputy base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, went on record claiming that the event was extraterrestrial, and believed it was covered up. Today, the forest is home to a “UFO Trail,” and a monument shaped like the curious craft spotted there. The 2020 documentary “Codename Rendlesham “ described it as a legend as mysterious as the Loch Ness monster.

#5: Levelland UFO Case

Remember this scene from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” After being enveloped by a strange light, Roy’s car begins to experience strange malfunctions caused by an overhead UFO. What you may not have known was that this moment was inspired by a real life event that took place in Texas in 1957. Dozens of residents in the area claim to have had experiences similar to that in the film over the course of one evening. The US Air Force investigated and concluded the cause was an electrical storm or ball lighting. Ufologists contested whether there was a storm that night, claiming otherwise before a committee of the US House of Representatives in 1968.

#4: Spherical UFO

We can thank ufologist and filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell for releasing this clip of a spherical craft. Allegedly, it was filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha on July 15, 2019. The UFO is seen flying through the air, then dips down into the water– proving that it can travel through various elements. By the end of the footage, the craft disappears into the ocean. The Pentagon confirmed that the footage was captured by the US Navy. According to Corbell, a submarine search was conducted, but found nothing.

#3: Triangular Craft

Corbell has also released footage of mysterious triangular craft filmed by US Navy personnel. The night vision clip was filmed from the destroyer USS Russell in 2019 and leaked by Corbell in 2021. According to Corbell, the government’s “classified briefing” states that the alleged crafts in the footage are not owned by the United States or a foreign military. In addition, the objects were behaving in unexpected ways. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force hasn’t been able to determine what these crafts are. The video has been confirmed as real by a Department of Defense spokesperson.


From 2014-2015, fighter pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt recorded incredible footage of UAPs: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, which is what the government prefers to call UFOS. The pilots sighted the mysterious objects off the East Coast of the United States. The videos were leaked online, and later confirmed as genuine by the Pentagon with their official release in 2020. You can hear from the excitement in the pilots’ voices that they really believe they were seeing something incredible.

#1: FLIR

Off the coast of San Diego in 2004, Navy fighter pilot Commander David Fravor of the USS Nimitz Carrier was asked to investigate radar indications of a potential target. Apparently, the missile cruiser USS Princeton had been monitoring an unusual object for two weeks. Fravor saw a white, oval object hovering over the ocean. Another pilot recorded footage of the object, and the video, known as FLIR, was leaked to the media over a decade later with GOFAST and GIMBAL. As in the case of those videos, the Pentagon has confirmed that the video is authentic - making it serious evidence when it comes to UFOs.