Top 10 Action Movie Mistakes Spotted By the Fans
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Top 10 Action Movie Mistakes Spotted By the Fans

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
You won't be able to unsee these action movie mistakes! For this list, we'll be looking at fun and silly mistakes that have been spotted in beloved action flicks. Our countdown includes “Fast & Furious 6”, "Die Hard", “Die Another Day”, and more!

Top 10 Action Movie Mistakes Spotted by the Fans

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Action Movie Mistakes Spotted by the Fans.

For this list, we’ll be looking at fun and silly mistakes that have been spotted in beloved action flicks.

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#10: Dwayne Johnson's Goatee

“Fast & Furious 6” (2013)
Beginning in “Fast Five,” Dwayne Johnson started playing Luke Hobbs, an agent of the Diplomatic Security Service who shares a rocky relationship with Dom Toretto. Hobbs has a few distinguishing physical characteristics, including his massive muscles and goatee. But for just one scene in the sixth film, this goatee mysteriously disappears. While Hobbs is driving and speaking to Tej on the phone, Hobbs is completely clean-shaven. Yet in the very next scene, the goatee has reappeared. This scene was likely filmed during a reshoot when Johnson had already shaved the goatee for another role. You better believe that the muscles are still poppin’, though.

#9: The Self-Repairing Porsche

“Commando” (1985)
One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most gloriously ‘80s movies, “Commando” sees the icon playing John Matrix, who seeks to rescue his kidnapped daughter from Captain Bennett. In one of the movie’s key scenes, Matrix chases a man named Sully, who is driving a yellow Porsche. It’s a beautiful car, but it’s totaled when Matrix bashes his vehicle into the driver’s side door. After dropping Sully off a cliff, Matrix climbs into the visibly destroyed car. But just seconds later, Matrix drives away and the door is completely repaired. In fact, the Porsche looks like it’s fresh off the showroom floor. There’s not a dent or even a speck of dirt on her.

#8: The Sudden Name Change

“Die Hard” (1988)
This action classic is praised for its realism (well, you know, its relative realism). John McClane is not some action hero a la Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a flawed and normal guy who is going through a relationship hurdle with his wife, Holly. Holly invites John out to L.A. with the hopes of a reconciliation, but John is quick to notice on the office computer that Holly is now going by her maiden name, Holly Gennero. When John first sees the name, “Gennero” is spelled with an a. But after he presses the screen, it suddenly changes to the correct spelling with an e. Poor Holly just can’t land on a name.

#7: Where Are We?

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” (2014)
One of the climactic fights in “Age of Extinction” takes place in Hong Kong. Yet, eagle-eyed viewers noticed a particularly famous skyline in the background - and it certainly wasn’t Hong Kong’s. As Tessa runs towards Optimus Prime, the Willis Tower (or Sears Tower for the locals) can be clearly seen in the background. This towering black skyscraper is the most famous building in Chicago, and it has been ever since its completion in the mid-'70s. In fact, the filmmakers never actually set foot in China. Detroit was used as Hong Kong, and other scenes were filmed in a Chicago convention center called McCormick Place.

#6: The Self-Repairing Windshield

“Twister” (1996)
Apparently, movie land is filled with self-repairing vehicles. If only the real world worked that way. During a sensational tornado sequence, various pieces of debris - including enormous pieces of farming machinery - are thrown into the path of Bill and Jo. A combine harvester lands right in front of them, and its arm punches a hole straight through the passenger-side windshield. The camera then immediately cuts away, and the windshield is completely repaired. It’s possible that the shattered windshield was a genuine accident that made its way into the movie. Unfortunately, it resulted in a glaring continuity mistake.

#5: That’s a Slow Countdown!

“Armageddon” (1998)
As if the prospect of an asteroid barreling towards Earth wasn’t exciting enough, “Armageddon” added a literal countdown to the mix. It’s called the “Zero Barrier,” and once it’s crossed, Earth is doomed. One of many glimpses shows the Zero Barrier being five hours and twelve minutes away. A few minutes later, an Air Force Sergeant commandeers a NASA terminal. As he’s doing so, the clock in the background clearly reads six hours and forty-nine minutes. Six hours is still cutting it close, but at least the asteroid was nice enough to suck itself back through spacetime!

#4: Schwarzenegger’s Double

“True Lies” (1994)
As tough as Arnold Schwarzenegger is, even he needs a body double for the more extreme stunts. Unfortunately, this stunt double is glaringly obvious throughout much of “True Lies.” Usually, stunt doubles are hidden through camera angles, editing, and a vague resemblance to the actor. But not this one. This double is often seen in full view, and he looks absolutely nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is especially obvious during the opening shootout in the snow and when Harry is riding on a horse in front of the hotel. Thankfully, these shots only last a second. But they are some very distracting seconds.

#3: The Stomach Scratch

“Die Another Day” (2002)
This entire film is a fun mess, and that extends to the continuity mistakes. The movie’s climax sees agent Jinx Johnson take part in a sword fight with Miranda Frost. During the fight, Frost slices through Jinx’s tank top and makes a bloody gash on her stomach. This moment is even shown in slow motion, just to draw the point home. And then we get to the ending. It contains one of the greatest puns in Bond history, and also one of its worst continuity oopsies. Bond is playing with diamonds on Jinx’s belly, yet there is no sign of a recent slash - or even a scar.

#2: Tran’s Shirt

“The Fast and the Furious” (2001)
Johnny Tran only appears in the first “Fast and Furious” movie, serving as a rival of Dom Toretto. One race has Tran facing off against Jesse in his Honda S2000. After pulling up next to Jesse, Tran lowers his window and can clearly be seen wearing a black, sleeved shirt. We get various glimpses of Tran from this camera angle, which makes the sudden mistake all the more jarring. When the camera switches to the front of the car and shows Tran through his windshield, he is wearing a thin tank top. He wears this tank top throughout the remainder of the race.

#1: The Camera Operator

“Speed” (1994)
This movie is famous for containing its action to a city bus, but it also contains a few other set pieces, including a subway fight and the elevator hostage crisis that opens the film. To help save the hostages, SWAT members Jack Traven and Harry Temple make their way to the building’s roof. As Jack runs past a pane of glass, a camera operator can be seen reflected in the pane. The glimpse is over in a millisecond, so it’s amazing that someone noticed it in the first place. But there they are, standing behind the camera and clearly filming Keanu Reeves as he runs. And this is why filming with glass is an extremely tricky undertaking.