Top 10 Cyberpunk Video Games

Script written by Nick Williams Dystopian futures, intrepid hackers and crazy hair. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Cyberpunk Video Games. For this list, we’ve picked the top 10 video games taking place in cyberpunk settings. For the sake of this video, we used the official definition of cyberpunk: as a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology. Special Thanks to our users "zendaddy621" "Roger Frandoloso" & "Margaret Rd" for suggesting this topic on our Suggestion Tool WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Cyberpunk Video Games

Dystopian futures, intrepid hackers and crazy hair. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Cyberpunk Video Games.

For this list, we’ve picked the top 10 video games taking place in cyberpunk settings. For the sake of this video, we used the official definition of cyberpunk: as a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.

#10: “Anachronox” (2001)

A relative rarity at the time, “Anachronox” is a Japanese style turned-based RPG that was created for the PC by a Western developer. This was pretty novel, because at the time, the lines were pretty clearly drawn: turn-based JRPGs belonged to consoles, and ‘western’ RPGS belonged to the PC. Trying to break this mould, “Anachronox” is a sci-fi RPG with a real sense of humor. You’re not controlling all-powerful warriors; you’re controlling a rag-tag band of has-beens and losers, headed by Sly Boots, a past-his-prime detective. With fun combat and a hilarious cyberpunk infused story, “Anachronox” is a hidden RPG gem.

#9: “Watch Dogs” (2014)

The hype for Ubisoft’s action-adventure was through the roof: “Watch Dogs” was supposed to be the first game to truly showcase the power of next-gen consoles. While this may not have been the case, it was still a worthy sandbox with some strong cyberpunk themes. For example Aiden Pierce’s main weapon is a hallmark of cyberpunk fiction: the ability to hack and manipulate the world around him. The ability to access an almost endless stream of information in a super-connected near future Chicago is pretty neat, and the mayhem you can cause it’s genuinely exciting.

#8: “Snatcher” (1994)

Before releasing the critically-adored “Metal Gear Solid” games, Hideo Kojima developed a little known cyberpunk adventure game that drew inspiration from classic films like “Blade Runner” and “Terminator.” Though the influences are pretty obvious, “Snatcher” does an amazing job of combining them all and creating one of the most memorable and well-written stories in the history of gaming. Basically an interactive novel, “Snatcher” also includes some relatively primitive action sequences – but the real star here is the great writing, interesting characters, and beautiful anime sprites and worlds.

#7: “Syndicate” (1993)

In a fictional universe that actually seems to parallel our current state of affairs pretty closely, the world of Syndicate is controlled by all-powerful private companies and corporations. These corporations employ armies, known as ‘syndicates,’ of cybernetically enhanced super-soldiers to maintain their strangleholds over the population and to engage in warfare with rival companies. “Syndicate” mixes an engaging premise and story with fun tactical combat and cool customization. Although the recent reboot completely did away with any and all tactical elements, a spiritual successor entitled Satellite Regin is making it’s what through Steam Early access with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

#6: “Flashback” (1992)

What’s worse than being trapped on a mysterious and dangerous alien planet? How about getting your entire memory erased first? That’s the plight in which Conrad Hart, an intergalactic agent, who finds himself in the atmospheric platforming adventure game “Flashback.” Conrad must slowly regain his memory while thwarting the plans of an evil alien race known as the ‘Morphs,’ who plan to invade Earth. The graphics, atmosphere and style in “Flashback” are amazing, even by today’s standards, and though the gameplay can be a bit clunky, this is a true sci-fi gaming classic.

#5: “Perfect Dark” (2000)

It was a tough task to follow in the footsteps of the all-time classic FPS, “Goldeneye,” but Rare managed to do so successfully while weaving their own intricate cyberpunk universe and storyline. “Perfect Dark” follows Joanna Dark, a secret agent tasked with infiltrating mega-corporation DataDyne and uncovering an evil plot involving advanced technologies and alien cover-ups. “Perfect Dark” expands amazingly on “Goldeneye,” with cool graphics, a sprawling storyline, a huge assortment of intense weaponry, and perhaps most importantly, a super robust multiplayer mode.

#4: “System Shock” (1994)

In the early 90s, developers were trying desperately to cash in on the success of FPS legends like “Doom” and “Wolfenstein,” leading to dozens of uninspired carbon copy clones. Then, “System Shock” came out. Combining the best elements of RPGs, first-person-shooters, and narrative-driven adventure games, “System Shock” was groundbreaking. The game follows a hacker who must stop the artificial intelligence known as SHODAN, which has taken over a space station and mutated its inhabitants. With tense, scary atmosphere and a cool story, “System Shock” is a memorable, if challenging, cyberpunk experience.

#3: “Blade Runner” (1997)

Pretty much every piece of cyberpunk fiction, whether it is in film or gaming, can trace its influences back to the iconic “Blade Runner” film released in 1982. The film’s influence is vast, but perhaps nowhere is it more obvious than in 1997’s “Blade Runner” adventure game. Following Ray McCoy, a rookie blade runner on the trail of several rogue replicants, “Blade Runner” does an amazing job of capturing the atmosphere and feel of the legendary film, while incorporating new dynamics and ideas that allow it to stand on its own as an adventure game classic.

#2: “Shadowrun” (1994)

Based on a pen & paper RPG by the same name, “Shadowrun” was one of the first truly gritty and memorable cyber punk experiences for home consoles. The Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo versions are both solid, but the Genesis one is better. “Shadowrun” was one of the first open-world games, allowing you to explore a dystopian Seattle while upgrading your protagonist, amassing wealth, and slowly unraveling the mystery of your brother’s death. A game way ahead of it’s time, the Shadowrun name lives on thanks to, you’ll never guess, a successful kickstarter campaing which produced Shadowrun Returns and it’s stand alone spin off, Shadowrun Dragonfall.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Fear Effect 2” (2001)
“Oni” (2001)
“Rise of the Dragon” (1990)
“Remember Me” (2013)
“I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” (1995)

#1: “Deus Ex” (2000)

As one of the greatest games ever made, it makes sense that “Deus Ex” would top the list of best cyberpunk games. The newest entry, “Human Revolution,” is an awesome modern experience, but it still doesn’t stand up to the original, which blended an intricate, complicated storyline with some of the deepest non linear free form gameplay we’ve ever seen. The freedom to choose how you want to approach a mission was ground breaking, especially now that another decade has gone by and we’re still trying to top it. JC Denton is one of the most wooden protagonists of all time, but leading him through a bleak, dystopian future is an unforgettable experience.

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