13 Reasons Why: 10 Questions We Need Answered in Season 4
13 Reasons Why: 10 Questions We Need Answered in Season 4

13 Reasons Why: 10 Questions We Need Answered in Season 4

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These are the “13 Reasons Why” questions we need answered in Season 4. For this list, we'll be looking at some unanswered questions from Season 3 of this dramatic show and plot points we'd like to see resolved. Our countdown includes where will Ani Fit in, will Nora Walker find closure, could Monty be Alive, and more!

Each new season brings a new mystery, but hopefully the fourth and final season will answer all. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Questions We Need Answered in 13 Reasons Why Season 4.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some unanswered questions from season 3 of this dramatic show and plot points we’d like to see resolved.

#10: Where Will Ani Fit In?

Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why introduced us to a controversial character, Ani. Every other crucial character on the show has been around since the very beginning, so the question last season was, why is she here? She was the narrator to the season and was central in the plot line even though she didn’t know Hannah Baker and wasn’t there for any of the fallout of her death. She was basically used as a plot device to create sympathy for Bryce, and a new love interest for Clay. So the new question is, where will she fit in to the new season? If her character is balanced better instead of being shoved down our throats, there may be a valuable place for her.

#9: Will Justin Foley Conquer His Addiction?

Justin has been struggling with his substance abuse for the last two seasons. Just when you think he has it under control, it’s revealed that he has fallen off the wagon again. If he isn’t able to get the help he really needs, we might be looking at the next character that we lose in season 4. But after finally sharing his truth about what really happened when he was homeless, reaching out to the Jensens for help with his addiction, and opening himself up to his friends, maybe he can finally start moving on from all that. We’re definitely holding out hope for Justin!

#8: Will Nora Walker Find Closure?

It is really easy to completely vilify Bryce Walker with no sympathy whatsoever, and he probably deserves it. But in season three, we got to see him from his mother’s point of view. She struggled with dealing with what her son had done while he was still alive, and tried to help him even though she, too, condemned his actions. And after he died, she tried to find answers. Like any mother would, she wants to know who killed her son. Even though a reasonable scapegoat has been put in place in the form of Monty, we’re confident that Nora will continue in her search for justice. And though Bryce may have gotten what was coming to him, maybe his mother deserves to have some closure.

#7: Will Justin & Jessica Make It?

The romantic relationship between Justin and Jessica is a complicated one. Justin let Bryce assault Jessica, and she had to find out through the tapes that that happened. So the fact that they keep finding their way back to each other is questionable, to say the least. They have both learned and grown together over the course of the show, but the question is, can they really make it? Is their shared trauma exactly what makes them right for each other, or is it the only thing holding them together? Based on their talk after Jessica’s assembly speech, we can also expect that Justin’s addiction, as well as both of their experiences as sexual assault survivors, will continue to always be a presence in their relationship.

#6: What Will Happen To Deputy Standall?

In the season three finale, we see Deputy Standall destroy evidence that incriminates his son Alex in Bryce Walker’s death after Ani pleads with him. Though he was protecting his son, this action involves him in the elaborate cover up. As we said before, Nora Walker doesn’t seem to be finished looking for the truth. And Monty’s secret boyfriend, Winston, was suspicious as well, when Bryce’s murder was pinned on him- but more on that later. Based on the season four trailer, it seems that the kids will be dealing with the fallout from the cover up, but what about Deputy Standall? Could he lose his job over this, or worse?

#5: Will Tony Reunite With His Family?

In season three, Tony’s family was ripped apart when Bryce’s father called ICE on them. His parents were deported, and unable to take care of his little sister, Graciella, by himself, he sent her to Arizona to live with their aunt and uncle. Though in the finale they seemed to be making the distance work as best as they could, we are doubtful that that is the end of it. We’re sure that Tony will continue his mission to get his family back to the U.S. It probably won’t be a major storyline in season four, but we’d like to see a resolution here, and would love more than anything to see Tony reunited with his family.

#4: Will Covering For Tyler Come Back to Bite Clay & Tony?

Much of season 3 dealt with Tyler’s journey from someone who felt so desperate and alone that he brought weapons to a school dance, to someone who produced an art project celebrating the friends that got him through his darkest time. Obviously, Tyler did come out of the whole situation better than ever, which is amazing. But what Clay and Tony did was unquestionably wrong. It is understandable that they wanted to protect him, but Tyler could have exploded again at any moment. Clay and Tony never had to answer for covering for that almost school shooting. Now that the guns they dumped have been found, maybe they will.

#3: How Will Alex Deal With Being A Killer?

It may have seemed like a major shock when it was finally revealed that the person responsible for Bryce’s death was Alex. But when you look back on it, the writing has always been on the wall. While nearly every other character had been growing out of the dark place they were all in after Hannah’s death, Alex continued deeper into the darkness. This latest act of violence is just the culmination of the anger that has been building up inside of him for the last 3 seasons. Will he continue to become more violent or will he finally get the help he so desperately needs? Xref And will the secret stay secret, or will Alex get away with it all?

#2: Could Monty Be Alive?

It may seem completely farfetched to even suggest that Monty isn’t really dead, but this is 13 Reasons Why we’re talking about. There’s always a chance some crazy conspiracy is going on. Maybe there was an attempt on his life and he’s really in protective custody, and they’re just telling people he’s dead. His death did happen off screen, so you never really know. If he is alive, it will definitely cause major drama for the others that framed him for Bryce’s murder. But we’d be more interested in seeing Monty’s emotional arc play out. His father was abusive, and he struggled with his sexuality. Those aren’t excuses for his horrible actions, but we finally started to see why he was such a monster, and it was cut short.

#1: Will Winston Reveal the Truth?

After watching the trailer for season 4, all signs point to yes. Winston is Monty’s alibi for the night of Bryce’s murder, and his appearance in the finale showed us that he is not happy about Monty being framed. With all the witnesses telling the same story, and Deputy Standall having destroyed evidence, it is unlikely that Winston’s story will be enough to clear Monty right away, but it looks like the final season will deal with him trying to uncover the truth and the others trying to keep the secret. Even if Winston doesn’t necessarily go to the police, it definitely seems like he wants to make the others pay.