Top 10 Most Iconic Freddie Mercury Looks
Top 10 Most Iconic Freddie Mercury Looks

Top 10 Most Iconic Freddie Mercury Looks

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The girls and boys go crazy for a sharp dressed man! For this list, we'll be breaking down the coolest, wildest and most classic looks from Queen frontman and style icon Freddie Mercury. From his legendary Fashion Aid 1985 look to his iconic deep neckline bodysuits, WatchMojo is counting down the most showstopping Freddie Mercury looks.

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Script written by Spencer Sher

Top 10 Most Iconic Freddie Mercury Looks

The girls and boys go crazy for a sharp dressed man! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Freddie Mercury Looks.

For this list, we’ll be breaking down the coolest, wildest and most classic looks from Queen frontman and style icon Freddie Mercury.

#10: Red Pants, Red Tie, No Shirt

There aren’t many musicians with the confidence, bravado, and balls to pull off a look like this. Freddie Mercury rocked the outfit during a gig at the Rosemont Horizon - now called the Allstate Arena - in Illinois back in 1980. Strutting around on stage in nothing more than a pair of red leather pants and matching tie and wristband combo takes courage, something Freddie Mercury clearly had in abundance. With his mane of chest hair on full display, Mercury lost himself on stage while putting on one of his trademark epic performances.

#9: A Snazzy Suit

Yes, even international rock stars clean themselves up from time to time. Freddie Mercury never shied away from an opportunity to dress up in his Sunday best, be it at an awards show, black tie event or during a duet with renowned opera singer Montserrat Caballé. In his later years Freddie proved that when it came to style, he was more than just outlandish and charismatic, by donning a variety of blazers, bow ties, tuxes and double-breasted suits. Honestly, the man could’ve worn a burlap sack and people still would have lost their minds!

#8: This Awesome Kimono

Freddie rocked this Japanese-inspired look during a show at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The band was on their 1977 A Day at the Races Tour and Mercury clearly felt it was the perfect time to bust out a kimono. While a lesser showman might have been put on blast for the over-the-top and to be honest pretty random choice, Freddie Mercury embraced the ridiculousness of the outfit to maximum effect! The band had previously travelled to Japan in 1975 so perhaps that’s where Freddie got the idea for this funky look.

#7: The Shirtless Suspenders Look

Arguably one of Freddie Mercury’s racier looks, this little number must have had fans going bananas when the singer busted it out at a concert in New York City. Playing at Madison Square Garden, Mercury chose to perform wearing a pair of candy cane striped shorts supported by a pair of red suspenders … and nothing else. The guy wasn’t even wearing shoes! Mercury and suspenders go together like peanut butter and jam, but the shorts were truly what made this special. There’s suave, there’s stylish, and then there’s Queen frontman Freddie Mercury!

#6: The Fashion Aid 1985 Look

Following up on Live Aid, Fashion Aid was a multi-venue benefit concert that sought to end famine in Ethiopia. Whereas Live Aid took place in various locations all across the globe, Fashion Aid was a one-off event held at London’s Royal Albert Hall. It brought together artists, politicians, actors and musicians and served as a showcase for fashion designers. In attendance were A-listers of every type, including Freddie Mercury. In true Freddie fashion he wore a re-purposed military jacket, complete with a shiny medal, and of course no shirt. Because why wear a shirt when you’re Freddie Mercury?

#5: The White Bat Wings

Freddie rocked this flamboyant number in 1974 back when Queen was just beginning to make a name for themselves on the rock scene. Dolled up in a pair of white pants and a white flowing shirt – one that gave him the full range of motion necessary to pull of his iconic stage moves – Mercury looks like he’s having a ball. His high cheekbones, long black locks, and bat-like outfit gives him an almost vampirish look, but one with enough largesse and energy to put on a hell of a show.

#4: Deep Neckline Bodysuits

If there’s one thing we can say for certain about Freddie Mercury’s wardrobe, it’s that it wasn’t lacking in bodysuits. The suits in question typically included a neckline that dipped well below his navel, showing off his trademark black chest hair. The often skin-tight bodysuits came in all shapes, sizes and colors; from bedazzled red and silver to a checkered, Harley Quinn-like pattern that actually predates the DC character. It takes a lot of audacity to prance around in outfits like these in front of thousands of screaming fans, but as we’ve already noted courage is not something Freddie Mercury ever lacked!

#3: The White Tank Top

Queen’s set at the 1985 Live Aid benefit concert at London’s Wembley Stadium is widely considered to be the peak of the band’s fame, not to mention the greatest live rock gig ever played according to a 2005 industry poll. Freddie’s outfit on the other hand was surprisingly understated; just a pair of blue jeans, a white tank top and a studded armband and belt. Maybe he wanted to let the music speak for itself. Or perhaps he didn’t want to overshadow the real reason he was there: to raise funds for Ethiopia. Either way the look is now considered one of Mercury’s most iconic.

#2: The King Costume

1986’s The Magic Tour was the last tour to feature Freddie Mercury on vocals. It was also when the indomitable lead singer started appearing on stage clad in a replica of the Queen of England’s crown jewels and cloak. The look is as majestic as it is bold. Mercury would bust it out at the end of Queen’s live shows, accompanied by a rendition of the UK’s national anthem “God Save the Queen”. It’s seems only right that during Mercury’s last tour as a member of Queen he got to dress as royalty!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

This Colorful Getup

Leather Jacket / Red Pants

Floral Jacket

#1: The Yellow Jacket

Military jackets were kind of Mercury’s thing. It was a look he trotted out on numerous occasions. However, the most famous is without a doubt the yellow one he wore near the tail end of his career. Having already made his mark with skin tight bodysuits and funky kimonos, he could now opt for simpler, more refined outfits and still make a splash - looks that in retrospect are now easily his most recognizable. Many of rock’s greatest stars, from Hendrix to Bowie, cultivated looks that were completely their own and Freddie Mercury may have outdone them all!