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Tips for Sleeping Better on Vacation

Travel is notorious for disrupting sleep schedules. Jumping on a plane can cause serious jetlag and requires adjusting to a new time zone, and the overall lack of familiarity with your new sleeping arrangement can make getting a good night’s sleep difficult. Feeling drowsy on your vacation can ruin your fun plans and even present dangers, such as a lack of awareness in a foreign area or driving drowsy on a road trip. Following these tips for sleeping better on vacation, will help keep you alert and ready for the trip ahead of you.

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Plan Ahead 

If you know you are traveling to a location in a different time zone, start preparing a few days before your trip. Try to adjust your sleep schedule by one hour every night. As you get closer to the trip, you will be closer to sleeping on a similar schedule, making the adjustment less drastic when you arrive. Wearable devices such as the Amazon Halo Band makes it super easy to analyze patterns like how often you wake up during the night.

Follow the Locals 

Whether you are flying or driving to your location, it can be tempting to keep your regular daily schedule. Instead, follow what the locals do. If you arrive in the afternoon when everyone is awake, avoid going back to sleep, as this can keep you up all night and interfere with your ability to regulate your sleep schedule for the rest of the trip.

Your Bedtime Rituals 

Sleeping in a new location can be a hard adjustment for your body. Mimicking your bedtime rituals from home can help you fall asleep more easily. Follow your same nightly routine, such as sleeping on the same side of the bed and turning the thermostat to a familiar temperature.


If your trip includes plenty of on-the-go activities, you likely won’t need to add any extra exercise to your itinerary. On the other hand, if your vacation is full of relaxation and lounging by the pool, try to do something active during the day. Too much relaxation can make it difficult to fall asleep at the end of the night. Going for a walk during the day or no more than two hours before you plan to sleep can get your blood flowing and your body ready for better sleep.

Traveling to new locations, whether they are in a different time zone or just an unfamiliar location, can make sleeping seem impossible. Following these tips for sleeping better on vacation will make sure you stay fully rested on your trip. 

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