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Top 10 Anime Characters We Would Want In An All Star Anime Smash Bros Game

No limits. Anything goes. The entire history of anime.
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    1Edward Elric

  • 2Goku

  • 3Monkey D. Luffy suggested byBrett Leise
    Ironic since he's in Smash Flash 2

  • 4Agumon suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 5Sailor Moon

  • 6Kirito suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 7Saitama suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85
    Too OP lol

  • 8Natsu Dragneel suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 9Yuki Yuna suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 10Cutey Honey suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 11Maka Albern with Soul Eater suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 12Gon freecs - hunter x hunter suggested byTomas González

  • 13Mew Ichigo
    ^ It would be Ichigo in the game but quite frankly I would have the same voice actress
    Mew Zoey

  • 14Ichigo Kurosaki

  • 15Pikachu suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 16Drago suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 17Lief suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 18Tenchu Masaki suggested bySam Abbott III

  • 19Celty Sturluson suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 20Levi Akerman - atack on titan suggested byTomas González

  • 21Mikasa Akerman - Atack on titan suggested byTomas González

  • 22Killua zoldick - hunter x hunter suggested byTomas González

  • 23Sakura Avalon suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 24Madoka Kaname suggested byJenna Rizzo

  • 25Yoh Asakura and Amidamaru-Shaman King suggested byStrider Xanthos

  • 26soma - shougueki no soma suggested byTomas González

  • 27Homura akemi - puella magi madoka magica suggested byTomas González

  • 28Simon - tengen toppa gurren lagan suggested byTomas González

  • 29Mosobi

  • 30Holo

  • 31Speed Racer

  • 32Shizuo suggested byjilf1

  • 33Tyson Granger-Beyblade suggested byStrider Xanthos

  • 34Taiga aisaka - toradora suggested byTomas González

  • 35EVA Unit 01 suggested byAnonymous

  • 36Cure Black-Futari Wa Pretty Cure suggested byStrider Xanthos


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