Top 10 Smash Bros Guest Characters



Top 10 Smash Bros Guest Characters

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Smash Bros Ultimate is truly a celebration of gaming with characters spanning across the entire industry! For this list, we're looking at the best and most exciting guest characters to appear in the “Super Smash Bros.” series. Our countdown includes Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cloud Strife, Solid Snake, Banjo & Kazooie and more!
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Top 10 Smash Bros. Guest Characters

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Smash Bros. Guest Characters!

For this list, we’re looking at the best and most exciting guest characters to appear in the “Super Smash Bros.” series. Do note we’re only counting those that are playable, so don’t expect any assist trophies. Which guest character had you bouncing off the walls? Share with us in the comments below!

#10: Mega Man

After the surprise appearances of two certain characters in “Brawl”, it was only a matter of time before we saw what other third-party character would make a guest appearance in the subsequent sequel. The fourth “Smash Bros.” game would deliver by introducing Capcom’s own Blue Bomber - super fighting robot, MEGA MAN!! His inclusion made perfect sense given how many unique abilities he’s picked up from the several dozen robot masters he’s defeated. Just seeing him moving around the battlefield is a dream come true, and his odd array of projectiles make him an interesting ranged fighter.

#9: Ryu

Shockingly enough, Mega Man would not be the only Capcom rep to be introduced in “Smash 4”. Ryu made his debut as one of “Smash 4’s” handful of DLC fighters, and it was a pretty big deal at the time. This was a character originating from a more traditional fighting game franchise, one that played drastically different than “Smash Bros.” As expected, series director Masahiro Sakurai and his team delivered a fighter that mixed things up a bit and even let us access classic moves by inputting their respective commands. Ryu would, more or less, lay the groundwork for the inclusion of more fighting game characters as we’ll see later on.

#8: Pac-Man

Knowing that Bandai Namco was developing “Smash 4”, it was almost an expectation to see Pac-Man get thrown into “Smash”. Though, one question remained - how exactly would he play? What we got was one of the strangest characters on the roster. Our pellet-munching pal came equipped with a fair amount of his own attacks and a butt-ton of Namco references. “Mappy”, “Galaga”, and “Pac-Land” are just a few titles die-hard Namco fans and arcade babies will recognize. Whether or not you liked his awkward abilities and wacky style, one can’t help cracking a smile just from seeing the grandfather mascots of gaming under one roof.

#7: Terry Bogard

SNK may not be as big as some of the other IPs and studios being represented in “Smash Bros”, but their history within the fighting game genre is just as important. What better way to commemorate their work than by squeezing in a rep from “The King of Fighters”? Much like Ryu, Terry comes with moves that can be used with the same inputs featured in his games. Just from seeing Terry in action, it’s easy to tell that Sakurai is a huge fan of fighting games, and his inclusion in “Ultimate” was enough to make us go and replay the older “King of Fighters” and “Capcom vs. SNK” games. (Thank heaven he didn’t bring God Rugal with him!)

#6: Joker

Given that “Persona 5” only released on PlayStation 3 and 4, one could argue we have a PlayStation rep on our hands. Regardless of how you’d like to spin it, Joker’s inclusion was (and still is) a big deal. Before Joker, every “Smash” character had at least one game on a Nintendo platform. This was a fighter hailing from a game that had almost nothing to do with the company! (Well, excluding “Persona Q2” on 3DS...) He also came with a set of skills that were fitting of his cool nature, and his unique mechanic with Arsene made him an excellent addition to the roster.

#5: Steve

For years, we memed about Steve being in “Smash Bros”, and in 2020, the meme turned into a prophecy. Somehow, this blocky dude managed to build his way into Smash, and he is one of the most interesting fighters on the roster. We really don’t see any characters focused on literally using and manipulating the stage, and the aspect of building around the environment was so crucial to Steve’s playstyle that Sakurai and his team had to go and rework every single stage in “Ultimate”!

#4: Cloud Strife

Though Joker’s inclusion certainly raised eyebrows, he was not the first unofficial PlayStation representative. Originating on the original PlayStation with “Final Fantasy VII”, just about every gaming fan was freaking about Cloud’s inclusion in “Smash 4”. Fans had spent years and years hoping the spiky-haired soldier would get put in Nintendo’s all-star brawler, so much so that various “Smash” fan games featured Cloud on their rosters. Not only was this a dream come true, but our favorite bad boy played about as well as we expected. Even to this day, it’s still hard to believe this is real.

#3: Solid Snake

There are a handful of characters we would have expected to become the first guest fighter in “Smash Bros.” history. Admittedly, Snake was nowhere near the top of our list. That didn’t make his reveal any less exciting, though! Seeing someone as realistic as Snake standing next to the likes of Mario and Pikachu is downright hilarious, more so when you see him lobbing explosives around the battlefield. Sure, he was a bit clunky to control in “Brawl”, but the tweaks in “Ultimate” have made him exceptionally fun to play even if we’re just coating the area with grenades, rockets, and C4.

#2: Banjo & Kazooie

This had been a long time coming. Banjo & Kazooie were originally going to be in “Melee”, but the distance between Nintendo HQ and Rare made it hard to establish a reliable communication. And so, they never made it in. Imagine the wicked grin on our faces when the bear and bird were announced as DLC fighters back at E3 2019. This wasn’t just a new guest fighter on the team. This was an old friend coming back with a new look, and more importantly, it was an Xbox IP in a Nintendo game. The excitement around the duo’s reveal was so loud that even Xbox’s Phil Spencer noted how many folks were showing their love and nostalgia for the “Banjo-Kazooie” franchise.

Before we reveal the ultimate “Smash Bros.” guest character, here are a few Honorable Mentions...

Kazuya Mishima

This Guy is Infamous For Chucking People Off Cliffs

Simon Belmont

Finally, the NES Franchises Are Reunited


Because Who Else is Going to Destroy An Entire Planet Just to Win a 2-Minute Match?

#1: Sonic the Hedgehog

For years, Nintendo and SEGA had viewed each other as enemies, competitors in a market that sought to dominate anyone and everyone. Though we would see Mario and Sonic compete in the Olympics a couple of months before “Brawl” launched, Sonic’s reveal in October 2007 was enough to break the internet. Nintendo featuring their rival’s mascot in one of their own games!? What kind of crazy alternate dimension had we woken up in? What’s even more wild is that Sonic has been featured in both “Smash 4” and “Ultimate” since his debut. Considering their rocky rivalry, it’s still crazy to see Nintendo and SEGA fostering a healthy friendship with each other.
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