Top 10 Weirdest Smash Bros Characters Ever



Top 10 Weirdest Smash Bros Characters Ever

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
The Smash Bros. roster has grown immensely over the years! For this list, we're looking at the most bizarre and absurd fighters to have made playable appearances in “Smash Bros.” Our countdown includes Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, Piranha Plant, Snake, Wii Fit Trainer and more!
Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Weirdest Smash Bros. Characters

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Smash Bros. Characters!

For this list, we’re looking at the most bizarre and absurd fighters to have made playable appearances in “Smash Bros”.

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#10: R.O.B.

R.O.B.’s inclusion as a fighter makes sense these days, what with him being a piece of Nintendo hardware history. However, when he was first revealed in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”, many of us had question marks above our heads. Why was an old toy from the ‘80s in charge of encasing the world in subspace? Not only that, but R.O.B. can also fire laser beams from his eyes and charge up Gyromites before launching them at opponents. At this point, we’ve come to accept R.O.B. as Nintendo’s very own Transformer.

#9: Min Min

Don’t get us wrong - Min Min does make sense as a “Smash Bros.” fighter. Actually, any of the “ARMS” characters would be logical additions to the roster! What gets her on the list, though, is how inputs are tied to her arms. While assigning buttons to individual limbs is nothing new to fighting games, it’s mostly foreign to “Smash Bros” as no one else on the roster fights like this. In a way, it’s made Min Min’s moves somewhat simplified, but for players who aren’t familiar with traditional fighting games, Min Min might be tough to grasp.

#8: Wario

When it comes to Nintendo characters, Wario is practically the epitome of weird. The gluttonous goon revels in his own ego and occasional potty humor, and that carries over into “Smash Bros”. In hindsight, we should be thanking Wario for gracing us with his presence. How else could we humiliate our friends with explosive farts? No one else does that! And now, we don’t have to keep picking Kirby just to eat our foes; Wario’s chompers are more devastating and can heal him with every bite inflicted. Really, the only thing that’s missing is a move that involves a bit of nose-picking.

#7: Duck Hunt

While iconic in gaming history, “Duck Hunt” hasn’t had much relevance in the modern gaming landscape. As such, the inclusion of the dog and duck characters in “Smash 4” caught many people off guard. What we got out of this duo was one of the strangest projectile-based fighters in the franchise’s history. Together, they can delay shots on explosive cans or even summon an enemy from “Wild Gunman”. By comparison, the inclusion of Duck Hunt makes R.O.B. seem like a logical addition to the franchise, but hey, the more the merrier!

#6: Mr. Game & Watch

When you hail from a whole other plane of existence than everyone else, you more than earn your place on this list. Back in the days of “Melee”, many young players probably wondered why Nintendo put a stick figure in their fighting game. Of course, those familiar with Nintendo’s history know he comes from a line of handheld games in the ‘80s. Still, you have to be very familiar with the “Game & Watch” titles in order to understand the references in his moveset. Even if you aren’t though, you can still take pleasure in angering your friends by spamming his Chef attack. Or landing a grade-9 hit with Judge! Mr. Game & Watch will turn your opponent into “Mr. Rage & Quit”!

#5: Bayonetta

She may not be the first character from an M-rated game to appear in “Smash Bros.”. But the reputation of Bayonetta’s series alone threw everyone for a loop when she was revealed as the last DLC character for “Smash 4”. This lady hails from a franchise known for its insane violence, partial nudity and generally provocative style. How in the hell did she not get “Smash Bros.” to a T-rating??? Well, Sakurai simply made her moves less-revealing, only showing her arms and nothing above the knees. If that’s all you need to do to keep “Smash” at an E or E10+ rating, so be it!

#4: Piranha Plant

“Smash Bros” has often reserved slots for major, minor, and sometimes, supporting characters. Most of the cast you see were either the heroes, villains, or somewhere in between in their respective franchises. So, to see a basic enemy like the Piranha Plant debut as a playable fighter was...well, it was something! A common “Mario” enemy is now waddling around the battlefield and trading blows with the likes of Link, Ridley, and Little Mac. That fact alone is specifically why Piranha Plant made it so high on this list! At least it has served as a good excuse to bring Petey Piranha back.

#3: Snake

Before Snake debuted in “Brawl”, “Smash Bros” had a more cartoonish appearance with only the “Zelda” and “Fire Emblem” characters getting close to realistic appearances. Then, we saw Snake and had our minds boggled. Here we had a very human, military man standing next to a pink blob, electric rat, elf swordsman, and a rotund plumber with a thick moustache! How does any of this make sense!? As if that wasn’t weird enough, he’s throwing grenades and launching rockets all over the damn stage! Where is he keeping all of this firepower? You know what? We’d rather not know.

#2: Wii Fit Trainer

Anyone who has played “Smash 4” or “Ultimate” knows why the Wii Fit Trainer makes it close to the top. This lady (or dude, if you chose him) attacks with yoga poses. That’s right - YOGA is the ultimate source of her power! It’s one thing to get beaned by her volleyballs or hula-hoops, but the second you see her praising the sun or preparing to strike a pose, best keep your distance. So, stretch those legs, keep a good posture, and get ready for the yoga beating of a lifetime! Hey, you gotta love a franchise that isn’t afraid to get a little weird.

Before we get to our strangest top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…


Axe Murderer with Innocent Hobbies


Space Coward Who Uses Other Creatures as Weapons

Banjo & Kazooie

A Rare Sight in the Works Since Melee


Because Who Else Fights with Obscure Namco References?

#1: Steve

For years, the thought of Steve being a “Smash Bros.” character has been nothing more than an ironic meme. Well, in October 2020, Nintendo did the unthinkable and added “Minecraft’s” default star to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”. And holy crap, is it ever weird seeing him standing next to the likes of Mario, Ryu, Pac-Man, and...well, everyone else! To make things even more bizarre, his moveset is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Steve doesn’t have much potential for building combos, his neutral special is assigned to three passive abilities, and he can basically defy gravity by placing a dirt block down. He’s all kinds of WTF, which makes him (alongside Alex, Zombie, and Enderman) the weirdest “Smash Bros.” character ever.
I thought it was stupid adding Steve
I think Sora is the weirdest character in smash because he was owned by Disney
I think the weirdest Smash bros Ultimate characters in my opinion is Pyra and Mythra, Steve, Corrin, Sora, Pac-Man, Min Min, Wii fit trainer, and Byleth.