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Top 10 South Park Plot Holes You Never Noticed

  • 5 0 1Kenny dies and was cremated yet shows up alive - Red Sleigh Down
  • 4 0 2Scott Tenorman recorded Cartmans piggy stunt but did not have a camera in his hands - Scott Tenorman Must Die
  • 3 0 3Clydes Mom dies from a toilet accident yet shows up alive in the Easter week - Jewpacabra
  • 3 0 4Butters gets his eye injured with a ninja star yet could still see out of it
  • 3 0 5Chef dies and is reanimated as a Darth Vader spoof yet shows up later as a zombie - South Park The Stick Of Truth
  • 3 0 6Cartman converts to Judaism yet still berates Kyle for being Jewish
  • 3 0 7Liane Cartman is a hermaphrodite yet she gave birth to Eric
  • 2 0 8Kenny is poor yet could afford a PSP
  • 1 0 9Cartman And Kyle get cured of AIDS through being injected with cash (which is not scientifically possible)
  • 0 0 10Mrs. Cartman was said to be a hermaphrodite, and all/most of the men in south park should've seen if she was or not

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