Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Plot Holes You Never Noticed



Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Plot Holes You Never Noticed

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Victoria Toltesi
Even if you've seen every episode, we're sure there are many Grey's Anatomy plot holes you never noticed.
After 16 seasons of drama there are bound to be some holes. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Grey’s Anatomy plot holes you never noticed.

For this list, we’ll be looking at inconsistencies and things that don't make sense in the hit medical drama.

#10: Jo’s Name Change

Let’s start with the mysterious case of Jo Wilson, aka Jo Karev, aka Brooke Stadler. We knew pretty quickly that she had a dark past, which is how she and Alex first bonded, but we didn’t know just how dark until Alex proposed. After that she drunkenly shares that she’s already married but ran away when her ex became abusive and changed her name to hide from him. The mystery is whether or not she changed it legally. She says she can’t testify in court because then her husband could find her; but if it’s a legal name change, that shouldn’t be a problem. And if it’s not . . . does she have a fake name on her medical license? Because that’s also an issue . . .

#9: Izzie: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

There was a lot of ugliness surrounding Katherine Heigl’s departure from “Grey’s Anatomy”. It started when she shunned the Emmy race in 2008, criticizing how her character was written, and only got worse from there. After reportedly failing to show up for work in 2010, she was abruptly written out of season six. However, this created a situation that made no sense within the world of the show. Izzie was always everyone’s friend, and when she was diagnosed with cancer everyone surrounded her and fought to save her life. Yet after she left Alex . . . no one ever reached out to her. This might have been reasonable for Alex . . . but for everyone else to turn their backs on her? It just doesn’t make sense!

#8: Apparently Lions Grow New Teeth

According to “Grey’s Anatomy: lions not only regrow their teeth, but do so instantly. Richard and Jackson are treating an unfortunate patient who got bitten by a lion, and has the fang left in the wound to prove it. Problem is that when Meredith, Derek and Zola saw the lion on their way to work, after the attack, he still had a full set of chompers. We understand, there’s not a lot of lions looking for acting work, let alone one that’s missing a fang, but could this not have been edited, or shot more carefully? Also, how hard was this patient’s leg that it took out a tooth?!

#7: How Alex Dealt with Izzie’s Debt

As we mentioned, Izzie’s departure from the show was ugly and confusing. The plot gets even thicker when Alex is told to pay her massive medical bills from her cancer treatments. It’s a huge issue for Alex but it’s never resolved in the show. There is no way he could afford to pay it himself, even with his brief stint working at a private practice. Of course there are a few fan theories like after the divorce the debt went back to Izzie, or she simply paid them off with her remaining inheritance from Denny Duquette. As plausible as these theories are, they’re just that, theories. We just want closure!

#6: The Way Meredith Disappears after Derek Dies

After Derek’s death a lot of us needed a little break from reality, but looking back does Meredith’s reaction make sense? Obviously, losing the love of her life is extremely traumatic, but to leave everyone she knows and the family she made without a word? She disappears for an entire secret-pregnancy, and the only reason she’s found is because she has complications during labor. This would make sense for the Meredith we met at the beginning of the show, but she’s worked hard on her self-made family at the hospital - it doesn’t make sense for her to leave it with just a simple note.

#5: Meredith’s Age

It might be a bit taboo to ask a woman her age but in this case we weren’t the ones to bring it up. When a show constantly introduces surprise family members they’re bound to mix-up a few details, and in this case it’s Meredith’s age. When her sister Maggie is born in 1983 Meredith is 5. Doing the math that means she was born in 1978, but the pilot script mentions her birth year as 1975. Since the year 1975 wasn’t aired many have decided that it isn’t part of the Grey’s Anatomy gospel but the proof is in the script!

#4: Derek's Bad Memory

Derek’s nickname may be McDreamy but in this case he’s just McDreaming. Derek and Meredith haven’t been together since Addison’s return, but after Mer survives an explosion Derek decides to visit. As he’s leaving, Meredith says she doesn’t remember the last time they kissed, and Derek’s response is vivid, romantic . . . and baloney! The last time they kissed was in the rain, Meredith was crying and broke up with him! Who knows, maybe Derek is trying to leave Meredith with a nice memory, since she did just survive something traumatic. But somehow, Meredith seems to remember it too!

#3: Maggie Pierce’s Career Timeline

The show makes it clear that Maggie has always been a prodigy of medicine, due in part to her parents being Ellis Grey and Richard Webber. What it doesn’t explain is how she managed to do so much at such a young age. Apparently she started her fellowship at 25 and became head of cardiothoracic surgery at 27, so far it’s somewhat believable unless you consider that she would have finished med school at 19 and her bachelor’s degree at the tender age of 15. If that is her actual timeline than we’re REALLY impressed. Stranger things have happened, we guess?

#2: Drinking After Donating a Liver

We’re not saying that Meredith is an alcoholic, but she definitely likes to drink. Most of the time she’s a social drinker, other times she just wants to numb herself. This isn’t a problem until she makes the decision to donate part of her liver to her father. When donating your liver it’s advised that you avoid too much alcohol after the surgery, but that just isn’t Meredith’s style. After all the tequila isn’t going to drink itself. It would be fine if she just drank a little here and there, but when she drinks she drinks hard!

#1: Meredith Winning the Harper Avery Award

When Cristina was nominated for a Harper Avery, she wasn’t allowed to win, even though she had the votes. Since the hospital was co-owned by the Harper Avery foundation, there was a clear conflict of interest. She still went to the awards and we had to watch the disappointment when she didn’t win. It sucked but we tried to accept it . . . until Meredith was nominated. For some reason, the conflict of interest didn’t seem to matter anymore and she won the award. We’re really happy that Meredith won, don’t get us wrong. We’re just saying that Cristina was robbed, ROBBED!