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Top 10 South Park Plot Holes You Never Noticed

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating
Considering how long this show has been on the air, there were bound to be a few South Park plot holes you never noticed. We’ll be looking at the plot holes, inconsistencies, and continuity errors that show up in this beloved adult animation. We won't be including Kenny's many deaths and resurrections, whether they were noticed or not, as it's been established by his "Mysterion" alter-ego that it's just his unlucky lot in life. WatchMojo ranks the biggest South Park plot holes you never noticed. Are there any plot holes we overlooked? Let us know in the comments!

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When a show has been running this long, there are sure to be a couple holes or two. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10South Park Plot Holes You Never Noticed.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the plot holes, inconsistencies, and continuity errors that show up in this beloved adult animation. We won't be including Kenny's many deaths and resurrections, whether they were noticed or not, as it's been established by his "Mysterion" alter-ego that it's just his unlucky lot in life.

#10: Butters' Dad's Changing Name

Father to Butters, the most innocent of the lead characters, Stephen Stotch first appeared early in season two. But it wouldn’t be for another two seasons before he first got a speaking role and became a series regular. Even still, despite being an established character, right into season five he’s sometimes referred to as Chris by both his wife, Linda, and non-family members. He’s not using this other name for his extra-marital excursions, and no explanation has ever been given for the sudden name change. Is Chris his middle name, perhaps? Nope, it’s Willis! Geez, dude, pick a name already!

#9: Should Have Bought a Calendar

In a world without internet, who can keep track of the days anyway? On the first day of No Internet, first the Marshes and then the Broflovskis can’t log onto the web. Kyle mentions that he has to log on before school as a panic begins to spread across town. However, in the next scene a title card says that it is “Monday: Eight Days Without Internet.” If you count back eight days from Monday, you’re on a Sunday, not a school day. If only they’d had some analog way of keeping track of the days! Maybe something on paper, that hangs from a wall, maybe with pictures of cats all over it …

#8: Self-Cleaning Vomit

From the very first episode, you can almost forgive the creators this oversight as they were working with some pretty rudimentary materials. In this early running gag, Stan vomits whenever he speaks to Wendy, a little girl he has a crush on and later dates. On two separate occasions in the pilot episode, he actually gets vomit ON her. Good thing Wendy is apparently coated in Teflon, as the puke instantly slides right off of her. It’s just too bad that she seems to lose this special ability in later episodes.

#7: Changing Poster

Back again to the premiere episode, this time not for puke-repellant characters, but for set pieces changing of their own accord. This sort of thing happens in later seasons as well, with Kenny’s mom making a crazy-fast wardrobe change mid-scene, but the first one to catch viewers’ eyes was in the classroom. In the background, you can see a poster of The Laughing Cavalier, but in the final shot we see that the poster has changed to that of an astronaut. What are we to believe, that this is some sort of magic poster, or something?

#6: Cartman's Cashflow

Cartman’s petty and senseless rivalry against Kyle is one of the shows most longest-running gags. After inheriting one million dollars from his grandmother, he’s even more obnoxious than ever and promptly spends all of his money on an amusement park all for himself. Afterwards, he seems to have an unending cashflow, as he’s still able to run the park and TV ads just to torment Kyle and Stan. When he hires a security guard and tries to pay him in free rides, he explains that he spent all his money buying the park. So where did the money for the commercials come from?

#5: When Is Christmas?

In this tale of cuddly Satanic critters looking to raise the anti-Christ on Christmas (THAT old chestnut), viewers are treated to a Christmas special the likes of which only South Park can provide. Following a blood orgy, the forest creatures decorate their unholy manger on “Christmas Eve Morn” – i.e. the 24th. But when the cubs of the mountain lion who normally dispatches the anti-Christ go to the abortionist to learn how to get rid of the Beast before it’s born, the doctor says it’s three days until Christmas. Maybe satanic woodland animals celebrate anti-Christmas a couple of days earlier?

#4: The Brown Noise

It goes by many names – the brown noise, sound, or note – but ultimately it’s the same thing: a hypothetical frequency so low it makes you involuntarily lose bowel control. Of COURSE, Cartman was interested. He becomes obsessed in one episode, and even discovered that it is, according to him, “92 cents below the lowest octave of E flat.” But when Cartman tries to employ this sonic weapon on a rival school by altering the sheet music, he just writes in a regular E flat. ALSO, it’s an E flat for the treble clef, not the bass, making the note he wrote just a tone and a half above the very regular middle C.

#3: Shooting Kenny

While the boys are on a hunting trip with Jimbo and Ned, the town is threatened by rising volcanic activity. Returning home from their trip, they’re confronted by Scuzzlebutt – a bigfoot like creature who weaves baskets and has Patrick Duffy for a leg. In a panic, Ned tries to shoot him, but is out of ammo. As lava from the volcano nears, Scuzzlebutt helps them to safety. Kenny – who was already killed once by a volcanic rock – returns, only to be accidentally shot by Ned when he throws down his gun. But . . . wasn’t Ned out of ammo? And we know that Kenny always comes back, but TWO fake outs in one episode?

#2: Clyde's Mom Back from the Dead

Mysterious resurrections are not uncommon in South Park … if you’re Kenny. However, one character makes an improbable full recovery after having her intestines sucked out and dying on the toilet. Clyde’s mother Betsy suffers this gruesome fate in the first episode of season 16. However, she’s back just three episodes later, and has another appearance in season 19. Classic parenting mistake: lack of follow through. If you’re not going to stay dead, Betsy, how will Clyde ever learn the importance of putting the toilet seat down?

#1: Recording Without a Camera

In one of the most notorious episodes in the entire series, Cartman butts heads with older kid Scott Tenorman. For once, Cartman is on the receiving end of the bullying. After Scott sells him pubes, Cartman wants his money back. Scott says he’ll only do it if Cartman sings that he’s a pig. We see Cartman do the song and Scott getting a kick out of it. Later, Scott uses a recording of the song to torment him. Only thing is, during the scene, there was no recording device. Scott was clever enough to figure out cameraless recording, apparently. Too bad he wasn’t clever enough not to push Cartman too far . . .

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