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The Darkness 2: Everything You Should Know

VO: Dan
Jackie is back! In this sequel, the cursed mafia hit-man has become the head of the Franchetti crime family. This is the result of an ancient demonic force, known as the Darkness, having given him unstoppable power. Despite thinking that he could contain the creature, it has once again emerged in order to save itself from the Brotherhood, a organization wishing to steal its power for themselves. Join as we fill you in on everything you should know about The Darkness 2.

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The Darkness 2: Everything You Should Know

You may have to change your definition of “over the top”. Welcome to, and today we’re filling you in on everything you should know about The Darkness 2. Hope you didn’t eat a big lunch…

Published and developed by 2K Games and Digital Extremes respectively, this sequel takes place 2 years after the events of the first game.

In it, its main character Jackie, a hitman for the mafia, has emerged as the head of the Franchetti crime family after avenging the death of his former girlfriend and eliminating his former employers.

The ancient demonic force that he used to do so, known as the Darkness, is still living inside of him, but has been kept under control. That is, until he is attacked by a secret society called the Brotherhood. They want to steal the power of the Darkness to hatch a diabolical plan. In order to survive, Jackie allows himself to be absorbed by the its terrible powers once again.

As you can tell, the aesthetic of the series has changed considerably. That’s because the Darkness 2 uses cel-shading in order to achieve a graphic noir feel of its original comic book series.

Taking place in New York, this game makes Jackie’s high-rise home your base of operations. From there, you can gather Intel from your lackeys and choose locations to explore. Going out into the world, players will quickly get acquainted to the game’s highly toted feature, the ability to quad wield. This means that you can use the darkness at the exact same time as firearms.

The Darkness itself is made of tendrils and allows you to control two “Darklings” that roam independently. One of these autonomous creatures leads you to waypoints and can interact with the environment. Meanwhile, the tendrils can slash, grab, throw objects and tear enemies apart. Did I forget to mention that you can also urinate acid on them as well?

In this sequel, the series has also become more akin to an action-rpg, with players collecting Darkness residue to upgrade their abilities. These include the power to stun multiple enemies at once, create black holes and summon swarms of flies.

As its gameplay is based on a dark vs light motif, exposure to light results in blurred vision and a high-pitched ringing noise. You are one with the Darkness after all, so it’s fitting that Light should be your weakness.

The first game in the series had an online mod that was very poorly received, and as such this game forgoes a traditional online deathmatch mode. Instead, it includes a secondary 4-player co-op campaign called “Vendettas.” It stars four new characters that possess subsets of Jackie’s powers. Designed as a dark comedy, it threads in and out of the single player campaign, and has you contend with an abundance of light sources that block your way.

Available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, The Darkness II ups the ante and improves upon nearly everything you loved about the original. Just keep in mind; it is not for the squeamish or faint of heart.

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