Top 10 Ensemble Comedy Movie Casts
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Top 10 Ensemble Comedy Movie Casts

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It takes more than a funny script to create an enduring comedy classic. The actors are the most important factor. The actors have to be able to play off of each other and have hilarious and authentic on-screen chemistry. Join as we count down our top 10 favorite ensemble comedy movie casts. To clarify, an ensemble film is one that gives its main actors equal importance and similar screen time.

Top 10 Ensemble Comedy Movie Casts

The formulas for these movies wouldn’t work without the great chemistry of their actors. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our top 10 favorite ensemble comedy movie casts.

To clarify, an ensemble film is one that gives its main actors equal importance and similar screen time.

#10 – “Tropic Thunder” (2008)

Kicking off our list is the satire about Hollywood divas who stumble into a warzone. Ben Stiller is the dimwitted action star looking for his comeback, Robert Downey Jr. is an Oscar-winning Australian method actor in blackface, Jack Black is a doped-up comedian, and even Tom Cruise shows up as a pissed-off film exec. Every scene is hysterical and everyone works together to make each other’s lines that much funnier.

#9 – “Cannonball Run” (1981)

This racing comedy features some of the biggest stars of the era. Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise team up to drive an ambulance, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. rip it up as scotch-drinking, sports car driving catholic priests, Jackie Chan pilots futuristic Japanese technology, and even James Bond actor Roger Moore plays a nut-bag who thinks he’s Roger Moore! The strange sense of camaraderie can be summed up by their reactions to Reynolds’ infectious laugh.

#8 – “The Hangover” (2009)

After one wild night together, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zack Galifianakis struggle to find out what went wrong during their pal’s bachelor party. In real life, the three actors apparently already had chemistry, and this translates onto the screen. This allows them to let loose and casually work their back-and-fourths with unforgettably hilarious results.

#7 – “Airplane!” (1980)

Deadpan on a plane: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Leslie Nielsen, Peter Graves, and Lloyd Bridges deliver some of the genre’s most outrageous scenes by maintaining a serious demeanor throughout escalating levels of absurdity. Craving some dry situational humor? This is the ensemble cast for you.

#6 – “Spaceballs” (1987)

May the Schwartz be with you! While taking jabs at “Star Wars,” the cast members of this Mel Brooks farce manage to make their specific parodies outrageously compelling and unique. Bill Pullman and John Candy give a hilarious spin on Han and Chewy, Daphne Zuniga and Joan Rivers play the Druish princess and her droid, while Rick Moranis and Mel Brooks rip on Darth Vader, the Emperor and Yoda. It’s lines like this that convey their chemistry!

#5 – “Caddyshack” (1980)

Featuring some legendary comedians, this sports comedy is a true ensemble romp as there is no main character. Instead, it consists of the outrageous antics of Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Michael O’Keefe, and the gofer hunting, stoned-to-the-bejesus Bill Murray. What sets this comedy apart from others is the obvious freedom the actors were given to do whatever the hell they wanted.

#4 – “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (1963)

Another epic comedy that brings together the biggest stars of its era is this film about complete strangers chasing $350 thousand in stolen cash. Created as the comedy to end all comedies, it’s almost impossible to single out any of its players as each brings their own special dose of fun to the romp. However, you may happen to recognize such Golden Age film stars as Spencer Tracey, Mickey Rooney, and Phil Silvers!

#3 – “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (2004)

This strange and nonsensical comedy is a classic due to Will Ferrell’s egomaniacal Ron Burgundy and his team of bizarre and dimwitted reporter friends. These include Paul Rudd as the cologne wearing, fashion loving field reporter, David Koechner as the Texan sportscaster, and Steve Carell as the “legally retarded” meteorologist with access to explosives.

#2 – “Ghostbusters” (1984)

“Who you gonna call?” Magic happens when these guys appear on screen together. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson each bring a distinct personality to the team, while Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis fill in the gaps as the love interest and the geeky accountant. Half subtle and dry, half over-the-top sci-fi farce, even an elevator ride in this movie is unforgettable.

#1 – “Ocean’s 11” (2001)

Taking the top spot on our list is the remake of the Rat Pack crime caper that stars a dozen memorable con artists out for the score of a lifetime. Among these are the smooth talking Clooney, his hungry pal Pitt, and the young and awkward pickpocket Damon. Their banter is almost too comfortable, which brings many of the laughs, and clashes perfectly with Andy Garcia as the casino owner and Julia Roberts as the icy hot love interest.

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