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Top 10 Ridiculous Horror Movie Creatures

VO: Dan
These are the last types of monsters and killers that you'd expect to run away from in terror! From a Leprechaun to Killer Klowns, Trolls and even Santa Claus, the hilarity trumps the fright. For a good laugh and a chance to see the things you wouldn't ordinarily see. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 most ridiculous horror movie creatures.

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Top 10 Ridiculous Horror Movie Creatures

These aren’t the living nightmares that you’d normally expect to fear. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 most ridiculous horror movie creatures.

Please be advised, this video contains mature content.

#10- Killer Tomatoes “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”

Kicking off our list is the most famous and some would say lazy horror ‘creaturization’ of all time! Created to parody the B-movie filled horror genre, these tomatoes aren’t the harmless garden variety you’re used to. They’re sentient and have a serious hate on for humanity! You can run, but you can’t hide.

#9- Leprechaun “Leprechaun”

He wants his gold, and he’s happy to molest Jennifer Aniston to get it! This unusual, magical and doubloon obsessed monster tries to be funny and scary at the same time. But let’s be honest, how scary is a three-foot midget on a tricycle? Not to mention that he’s vulnerable to a laundry list of charms, including four-leaf clovers.

#8- The Ape Man “Night of the Bloody Apes”

This meshing of man and ape is the result of a mad scientist trying to cure his son of Leukemia by performing the first ever ape to man heart transplant. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the kid’s head mutates into that of a hairy ape. Apparently ape head is the leading cause of the insatiable urge to tear men apart, and remove women’s clothes.

#7- Killer Klowns “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”

As if clowns weren’t already scary already! These aliens prey on our fear of the makeup wearing performers by arriving in a circus tent and trapping innocents in cotton candy for later consumption. Not goofy enough? They also use popcorn guns and acid filled pies to carry out their unique invasion.

#6- Belial Bradley “Basket Case”

Okay, this dude may be ridiculous, but he’s honestly terrifying! Just look at this fleshy and misshapen creature! It has sharp teeth and is more than just another tumor with a face!

This freak had been surgically removed from his brother’s side and kept hidden in a basket. Of course, this makes Basket Case jealous of others, and causes him to take out his rage through murder and sniffing women’s panties.

#5- Nilbogs “Troll 2”

The stars of a cheap Italian knock off horror flick with no connection to the original film, it doesn’t even star trolls! Instead it features the Nilbog, which is simply Goblin spelled backwards. These forest dwelling creatures disguise themselves as humans and transform their prey into green goo dripping plants. And boy do they like corn on the cob!

#4- Ass Weasels “Dream Catcher”

These aliens are pretty much long fingers that eventually grow into Roswell grays. They originally start out as mere extraterrestrial spores before becoming kind of like the Xenomophs from Aliens. However, they prefer to grow inside your bum, razor sharp teeth and all!

#3- Santa Claus “Santa’s Slay”

This Santa isn’t the kind old gift giver you recognize! He’s a bearded demon that lost a bet with an angel and has been forced to deliver presents for 1000 years. Now that he’s free, Santa is out to kill everyone on his list, naughty or nice. As if the beloved children’s icon wasn’t already an unusual choice for a horror movie monster, this bearded destroyer is played by former wrestler Bill Goldberg.

#2- Jack Frost “Jack Frost”

Move over Santa, the world’s best-known snowman is in town for some cold-blooded murder. In this spin on the children’s holiday classic, a serial killer named Jack Frost is transformed when his prison truck crashes into a genetics truck, fusing his body with snow from the ground. Obviously, this gives him the urge to ruin everyone’s Christmas and, well…other things!

#1- The Gingerdead Man “The Gingerdead Man”

Taking the top spot on our list is the crazed killer Millard Findlemayer, who gets sentenced to death in an electric chair. After his ashes are sent to his mother, who happens to be a witch, she avenges her son’s death by combining him with gingerbread mix, thus unleashing a tiny foul mouthed and blood thirsty bow-tie wearing cookie. Unsurprisingly, he’s played by equally ridiculous and hard to take seriously actor Gary Busey!

Agree with our list? Which horror creature do you think is the most ridiculous? For more entertaining Top 10 lists, be sure to subscribe to

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