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Top 10 Video Game Sequels

VO: Dan
Sometime's it's better the second time around, and that certainly applies to video games. Video game sequels frequently seek to perfect what made their predecessors popular and at times become the definitive versions of their franchises. Many games only became "good" with their second iterations, while others still are distilled into perfection or built into monumental franchises that eclipse their humble beginnings. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game sequels of all time.

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Top 10 Video Game Sequels

Sometimes it’s better the second time around. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks of the Top 10 Video Game Sequels.

Because reboots are all the rage these days, to keep things fair and consistent, we’ve decided to only focus on direct sequels from the same generation as their predecessors. Sorry Ocarina of Time, that means you’re out…

#10: GTA: Vice City

Kicking off our list is the one pick that’s technically more of a spinoff than a sequel.
After GTA3 arrived on the scene and ran over everyone’s expectations as to what could be done in a game, it was hard to imagine any more drastic improvements. Then came Vice City, which sweetened the deal. A likeable main character, a vivid and distinct setting, and small but important tweaks to core gameplay all came together to make the tightest GTA game ever. Sorry San Andreas, you’re too fat…

#9: Street Fight 2

Everyone played Street Fighter. Just kidding, nobody did. What I meant to say was, everyone played Street Fighter 2. Almost all the sequels on this list surpassed their predecessors, but Street Fighter 2 erased the original from the map. Combos, grapples moves and 8 playable characters each with their own unique fighting style; SF2 basically invented everything you take for granted in modern tournament fighters today.

#8: Dune 2

This game completely eclipsed the original (which nobody really played) and laid the groundwork for the genre as we know it today. Sounds familiar I know, but it’s true. While Dune 2 was technically not the first Real Time Strategy game, it’s widely considered to be the first one that matters. Unique factions, Resources Gathering, tech tree dependency, you name it, Dune 2 did it first.

#7: Diablo 2

After essentially creating it’s own genre with Diablo, Blizzard delivered the quintessential action RPG experience with Diablo 2. Those looking for proof in it’s lasting success need only to log into battlenet to the see the thousands of players still grinding away a decade after it’s initial release. Just, don’t ask any of them how they like Diablo 3…

#6: Mario 3

With the North American version of Mario Brothers 2 being a full-on port of a completely different game, western audiences had waited a long time for a true successor to the console legend. While almost every game on this list is famous for having created iconic gameplay elements, the most lasting piece of SMB3’s legacy is the art style and characters that have now become inseparable from the Nintendo brand.

#5: Warcraft 2

Blizzard doesn’t really innovate per-say. They refine, they perfect. So while Westwood can be credited with essentially defining the RTS genre with Dune 2, Blizzard gets the nod for truly popularizing it. Bright, colourful graphics and hilarious voice acting brought the strong characters and story to life, and easy online play made competitive multiplayer a must-have feature for every strategy game to follow.

#4: Mass Effect 2

It’s tough to find someone who started Mass Effect 2 and didn’t finish it.
While Mass Effect was widely praised and clearly laid the groundwork for the series as a whole, it was lacking something. However, the sequel hooked you from the very beginning with an gripping narrative and a white knuckle combat system, offering a healthy dose of everything that was lacking in the original.

#3: Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight

While Dark Forces gave players a decent chunk of fans service, there was one key element of the Star Wars mythos that was sorely lacking; the force. Jedi Knight decided to tackle this shortcomings head on, and gave players the definitive force fueled experience. Lightsaber duels, live action cutscenes and an ambitious array of force powers and weapons, Dark Forces 2 allowed players to live out their very nerdiest desires…

#2: Silent Hill 2

Like the other entries on this list, Silent Hill 2 stands as a pillar of its genre. While it could certainly have been a bit more refined in the control department, the game’s use of psychological horror and subtle metaphor created an experience so memorable that it stays at the top of most critics top 10 lists to this day. Why can’t new survival horror games be more like Silent Hill 2…

#1: Half-Life 2

Rounding out our list is a cliché but necessary pick. Half-life 2 is the perfect example of new technology being used to its full potential. The powerful source engine was used create puzzles that made practical sense, enemies with truly organic behavior, and a game bursting with natural responsiveness. From barrels that bobbed in the water to faces that smiled with genuine human warmth, everything was so new and amazing because it was all so convincingly close to real life. Still waiting on Episode 3 by the way…

Agree with our picks. We’re sure we left out some of your favorites, so be sure to calmly and politely let us know it the comments section. And for more rage fueling top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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