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Top 10 Ridiculous Infomercial Products

VO: Rebecca Brayton
They just don’t make infomercials like they used to: kids of the ‘80s and early-‘90s may remember spokespeople like Ron Popeil, that overexcited British guy or that nerdy dude with the Cosby sweaters as the folks who kept us entertained when we were home sick from school. Somehow, they always made their inventions seem awesome and completely necessary. But today, we have products like the UroClub, the Wearable Towel and the Tiddy Bear for our purchasing pleasure, and we can’t help but think they’re a little silly. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 ridiculous infomercial products.

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Top 10 Ridiculous Infomercial Products

They’re Seen-On-TV and silly as can be. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 ridiculous infomercial products.

#10 – Wearable Towel

Such poetry! Ever find yourself trying to get ready but your pesky towel’s getting in the way? The Wearable Towel is perfect for any situation, although we’d suggest NOT leaving the house in it. If you’re feeling especially patriotic, it comes in good old red, white and blue. How will you wear it?

#9 – Tiddy Bear

It may not be the most ridiculous product on our list, but the “Tiddy Bear” wins the prize for the most ridiculous name. So ridiculous, they have to literally spell it out for you just to make sure you’re not thinking exactly what you are thinking. We know that’s our biggest concern when driving. Of cars or of tiddys? That’s t-i-d-d-y! Hi-yo!

#8 – Hawaii Chair

Where do we start with this one? You can’t take the work out of your workout – that’s kinda the point. But for argument’s sake, let’s ignore that: can you imagine your colleagues sitting idly by if you were doing this at work? It’s a chair with a motor and a tropical gimmick, and it’s supposed to give you abs, but apparently all it does it make your butt hot.

#7 – Rejuvenique

Younger-looking skin is only one terrifying mask-wear away! Just get into your silk pyjamas, sit in your favorite fireside chair and enjoy facial toning sessions that send “impulses” from a nine-volt battery directly into your 12 facial zones! And whatever you do, don’t forget your lube. Does this sound to anyone else like shock therapy? Side effects may include redness, burning, memory loss and violent horror film-inspired nightmares.

#6 – Flowbee

We get it: haircuts are expensive. But is there no middle ground between salons and vacuums? Brought to you by inventor Rick Hunt, and yes that is his real name, the Flowbee takes the mess out of home haircuts. But the instruction video is painful, and may or may not feature a time travelling Hillary Swank. This amazing discovery has been around so long, it’s even made its way into some of our favorite movies.

#5 – UroClub

How does this stack up next to the Potty Putter? Invented by a urologist, it looks like your average club. But upon closer examination, golfers who can’t wait till the 18th hole will be relieved – pun intended – to find a hollow reservoir where they can discreetly empty their bladders. However, even with the attached towel, we still don’t think it’s that discreet. Think we’ll ever see this at the Masters?

#4 – GLH-9

That’s Great Looking Hair Formula #9, and it’s hair in a can – at least, you baldies wish it were. Ron Popeil is the king of infomercials: if you were home sick in the ‘90s, you can bet your ass you were begging your parents for a food dehydrator or a pasta maker the minute they walked in the door. But the most ridiculous Ronco product was GLH-9. Think the before-and-afters would be as effective in HD?

#3 – Snuggie

Aren’t blankets the worst? Always restricting us with their excess fabric. Cue the blanket with sleeves – otherwise known as the Snuggie. Stay warm, get close to loved ones and ensure your electricity bill stays where it belongs. Okay you know what? This one looks ridiculous, but it’s actually kinda handy. And unlike some people, we are not ashamed to say that we own one.

#2 – Sham Wow! / Slap Chop / Schticky

For those klutzes who can’t get through a day without dousing their surroundings in gallons upon gallons of liquid comes the ShamWow! We’re not saying this is a ridiculous product per se, but sarcastic spokes-creep Vince brings everything to that next level. Take, for example, the Slap Chop. Or the Schticky. What else can the Schticky do, Vince? Liiiiike when you beat up a hooker.

#1 – Shake Weight

You know what else is a good arm workout? Actually, we’re not even gonna make the joke. Women are always trying to avoid the dreaded Oprah arms, and the Shake Weight is the revolutionary product that exercises your biceps and triceps, while making you look like a complete jackass! And, it’s not just for ladies. Obviously. In just six minutes a day, this little guy will work its magic.

Do you agree with our list? Have you ever bought an infomercial product? For more top 10s about your favorite ridiculous things, be sure to subscribe to

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