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Top 10 Memorable Scenes in Bad Movies

VO: Rebecca Brayton
They're diamonds in the rough: just because a movie is disappointing doesn't mean it's forgettable. Sure, a lot of the time the movies are notable because they're so bad; but every so often, one of these movies surprises us with a great and memorable scene. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 memorable scenes from bad movies. For this list, we're focusing on scenes that are memorable 'cause they're that much better than the rest of the movie. Also, we're not necessarily saying we think these movies are bad, but, well, you get it. Special thanks to our users Eric Hall and Andy Roehl for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Memorable Scenes in Bad Movies

They’re diamonds in the rough. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 memorable scenes from bad movies.

For this list, we’re focusing on scenes that are memorable ‘cause they’re that much better than the rest of the movie. Also, we’re not necessarily saying we think these movies are bad, but, well, you get it.

#10: Bruce & Alfred’s Fireside Chats
“Batman & Robin” (1997)

We’ve said enough about the quality of this movie. But between all those terrible puns are a few gems: the quiet scenes between Bruce Wayne and his longtime butler and confidante Alfred Pennyworth almost make this movie worthwhile. Almost. With Alfred dying of a mysterious disease, he and Bruce discuss mortality and the true meaning of Batman, making for the most honest and emotional moments in the entire film.

#9: The One vs. The Many
“The One” (2001)

Evil Jet Li tries to eliminate all of the multiverse’s other Jet Lis so he can become the strongest Jet Li. Of course, good-guy Jet Li gets in his way. Spoiler alert: the bad-guy gets what’s coming to him, but it’s the flick’s most badass scene: he’s sent to some distant prison planet, where all the grizzled inmates want a piece of him. But he’s having none of that.

#8: The Best of a Bad Line
“The Room” (2003)

With gaping plot holes, badly dubbed audio and acting that’d be subpar in a porno, Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” has been called “the ‘Citizen Kane’ of bad movies.” Of its many so-bad-they’re-awesome scenes, one stands out: paranoid protagonist Johnny is convinced his fiancée, Lisa, is cheating, so he attempts a heart-to-heart. But all he manages to do is push her a few times, laugh inappropriately and scream hysterically.

#7: The Curse of Sam Jackson
“Snakes on a Plane” (2006)

With a premise like that; no wonder internet nerds latched onto this film even before it was released. In fact, it generated so much buzz, they shot additional scenes to make sure fans would be satisfied. Bringing it from a PG-13 to an R-rating, these reshoots incorporated Samuel L. Jackson’s trademark curse word – to hilarious effect. And that, my friends, is where this movie’s most famous line came from.

#6: Dance with the Devil, Get Burned
“Ghost Rider” (2007)

Compared to other recent comic book adaptations, this is a fiery mess – but it does have its moments. By inadvertently becoming the Devil’s bounty hunter, Johnny Blaze transforms into Ghost Rider. And what a painful transformation it is. Incinerating everything that crosses his path, this motorcycle-riding superhero screams his way from flesh to bone with just enough Nicolas Cage crazy to make it work.

#5: An Angel Keeps His Wings
“X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006)

By the third film, this movie and this cast had grown tired and clichéd. However, there were exceptions to that rule, and Ben Foster’s one of them. Portraying Warren Worthington III, better known as Angel, he’s the mutant son of a rich entrepreneur who creates a mutant cure. And it’s in the movie’s most memorable scene that Angel refuses the inoculation, spreads his wings and flies away.

#4: Fight Club
“Alien vs. Predator” (2004)

While this movie is alright, it’s by no means as cool as it could’ve been – save for one scene. The one the movie’s named after. That’s right: after building for what seems like eternity, Alien and Predator finally get down to business. It’s a ball of rage and slimy tentacles, where walls get crushed, acid gets spit and somebody gets tossed. We still can’t believe we rooted for Predator…

#3: Take a Bite Outta Sam
“Deep Blue Sea” (1999)

They’re genetically-mutated sharks out for human blood – and that didn’t win any Oscars? But seriously folks, mutant sharks are awesome, and who better to deal with that kind of awesomeness than our buddy Sam Jackson? As the movie’s biggest star, he gets the best scene: right as he’s rallying the troops about how he and his fellow shark-bait are not going to die… Yeeeah, we shoulda seen that coming.

#2: The Birth of Venom
“Spider-Man 3” (2007)

Who knew people would be so against emo Spider-Man? This franchise’s third installment has some seriously memorable moments – but most are so ridiculous we’re still wondering how they made the final cut. However, the origin of his latest nemesis isn’t one of them: when Peter Parker finally breaks his bond with a personality-changing symbiote, it unexpectedly latches onto Eddie Brock, Peter’s competitor – and thus dawns the era of Venom.

#1: A Double-Edged Sword
“Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” (1999)

The pod-racing’s also cool; but our favorite scene from this bad movie has gotta be the Darth Maul lightsaber battle. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi gear up for the fight of a lifetime with this horned, red-faced goon. But we bet they weren’t expecting this. That double-edged lightsaber’s a game-changer, slicing twice the Jedi at half the price. They do put up a good fight, until… And scene.

Do you agree with our list? What are your favorite scenes from bad movies? For more top 10s about your favorite films, be sure to subscribe to

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