Top 10 Hilarious Movie Scenes You Can Never Unsee

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Clear your mind, count to 10, and try your best to forget about these crazy movie scenes! For this list, we're focusing specifically on funny but absurd or shocking scenes from feature films that stay with you long after the final frame. Our countdown includes "Borat", "The Hangover", "Spider-Man 3", and more!

Top 10 Hilarious Movie Scenes You Can Never Unsee

Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Movie Scenes You Can Never Unsee.

For this list, we’re focusing specifically on funny but absurd or shocking scenes from feature films that stay with you long after the final frame, and are excluding stunts as seen in the “Jackass” series.

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#10: Bart’s Nude Skateboarding

“The Simpsons Movie” (2007)
By now we’re all more than familiar with The Simpsons opening sequence, but when the movie dropped in 2007, Matt Groening and co. switched up Bart’s iconic skateboarding scene just a little. Thanks to some conveniently placed construction equipment, dandelions and Agnes Skinner’s finger, we are spared a clear shot of Bart’s junk...until we aren’t. Everything leading up to this reveal felt like the animators would deliberately keep this hidden, so it was that much more surprising. Of course, the big takeaway from this scene however was Ralph’s sudden romantic realization.

#9: Bat Nipples

“Batman & Robin” (1997)

Suit-up scenes are always an enjoyable trope when it comes to Batman and other superhero movies. With each film there seems to be interesting new tech and gadgetry incorporated into them, but this one from “Batman & Robin” felt a bit different. First we get a standard shot of the Bat logo, but quickly after that we’re shown a close up of some high-tech bat nipples and a particularly gratuitous zoom-in on Bats’s behind. Why the filmmakers felt it was necessary to highlight this among the various weapons and fancy equipment is unclear, but regardless, George Clooney fans were satisfied.

#8: An Unfortunate Bump

“Hercules” (1997)

If you look closely enough at some Disney properties, there are x-rated images to be found. For example, ever tried zooming in on the castle on the VHS cover of “The Little Mermaid”? But maybe one of the more hilarious examples of this exists in “Hercules”. When a river guardian gets hit with a horseshoe, a bump forms on his forehead in a particularly vertical manner. Pair that with the shape of his swelling eyebrows, you get an image that adult viewers likely would not forget.

#7: Drum Set

“Step Brothers” (2008)
What’s the worst thing you can do to a self-involved, 40-year old man that lives with his parents and loves to play the drums? Well, when you’re that man’s equally troubled stepbrother, you can drop your pants, step into his beat laboratory and play a, well, unique kind of drum solo. Such was the case with Dale Doback and Brennan Huff, as the self-proclaimed “Nighthawk” lost his patience when “Dragon” could tell someone messed with his beat lab. Of course, Dale had, in fact, played the drum set, and he was about to play even more music with his own kit.

#6: Bathroom Stall Attack

“Scary Movie” (2000)
Nobody expects to pass away a young age, and certainly nobody expects to be killed like this. Unfortunately for Ray Wilkins, a cute little game of tickle-tickle effectively ended his screening of “Shakespeare in Love” after he was surprised by a mystery guest’s hardware. All is fair in love and war, but this man forgot the golden rule that you never play around in a public bathroom stall. This scene would certainly make for an interesting autopsy report, and his death will unfortunately always remain in our minds.

#5: Dunkaccino

“Jack and Jill” (2011)
In perhaps the most horrible movie ever made, the one and only Al Pacino stars as himself, a man fully enraptured by the luscious Jill. To please the “woman,” Pacino agrees to work for her twin brother’s ad agency, which leads to a most dreadful coffee promo known as “Dunkaccino.” Somehow, this scene not only has Pacino rhyming about a new brew, but it also has Pacino performing his best Broadway moves to a hip-hop beat. In the end, he recognizes the brutal truth and subsequently puts out a hit on all existing footage. It was a clever gimmick for the plot, yet it was a cruel move to force the experience on innocent moviegoers.

#4: Dark Peter

“Spider-Man 3” (2007)
For years, moviegoers of all ages have identified with the unassuming ways of Peter Parker, but that all changed in 2007 thanks to a devastating sequence of events that will forever taint our perception of Spider-Man. Under the influence of a symbiote, Peter’s behavior changes noticeably as he transforms into a jolly street-dancing goofball; part ladies man and part emo punk. Much like Al Pacino in “Jack and Jill,” Peter succumbed to faux white man funk - albeit through no fault of his own. And for a brief moment in time, the world stopped as we all wondered if Peter might actually be a serial killer.

#3: Zipper Fail

“There’s Something About Mary” (1998)
Just a mere four years after Harry Dunne’s had a graphic accident in in “Dumb and Dumber,” the Farrelly Brothers produced yet another iconic movie moment - one that is painful to watch, especially for the fellas. Dressed to impress for his high school prom, Ted experiences a bit of a snafu when putting on his pants, frightening not only poor Charlie but also moviegoers as they wait for the inevitable zipper shot. Once it arrived, nobody would ever be the same, and both men and women alike could feel this man’s inner turmoil and physical pain, even if it was exceptionally entertaining.

#2: Pastry Surprise

“National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” (2002)

When a frat boy named “Dick” Bagg gets in the way of Van Wilder’s love life, well, it results in a surprise for the members of Sigma Theta Upsilon. In this scene, we see these men enjoy pastry treats with seemingly tasty insides, and then we see these men realize that Van Wilder punked them good by replacing the actual sweets with a special ingredient courtesy of an English bulldog named Colossus. It’s simply not possible to watch this scene without puking a bit inside, as both the visuals and sound design produce an unforgettable effect.

#1: Sexy Time?

“Borat” (2006)
When Sacha Baron Cohen’s infamous mockumentary hit theaters, nobody was surprised by the outrageous antics of the fictional journalist Borat Sagdiyev. However, we don’t think anyone expected to witness a nude wrestling match between him and his equally hairy producer Azamat. Unfortunately for everybody, the extended sequence featured the two men in positions you’ll never be able to unsee, whether it be a sweaty ass-plant to the face or your classic crotch grab. By the end, Borat high-tailed it down the hallway with a comically large censor bar following him the whole way. And then, it started all over again.