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Top 10 Greatest Marvel Supervillains

VO: Dan Paradis
These villains aren’t just bad, they’re super bad. No comic book series is complete without a compelling villain to face off against the heroes. Throughout the long history of Marvel comics, there have been many memorable foes. The ones who stood out have been the ones who were the most powerful, insane, intelligent and complex. Join as we count down the top 10 greatest Marvel supervillains.

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Top 10 Greatest Marvel Supervillains

These villains aren’t just bad, they’re super bad. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 greatest Marvel supervillains.

Just to be clear, out focus is on not just on the fan favorites, but the characters who are iconic, the most interesting and complex.

#10: Thanos

Kicking off our list is the Infinity Gauntlet wearing mad Titan, who viewers got a glimpse of at the very end of 2012’s Avengers movie. With appearances reaching back to 1973, this member of an ancient alien race of immortal deviants is a godlike being. What makes him especially menacing is his fascination with death. That’s right, Thanos doesn’t want to rule the universe, he wants to make it completely lifeless in order to win over lady death herself.

#9: Venom

After a brief trip to space, Spider returned with a shiny black costume, that just so happened to be a evil symbiotic alien. After it’s evil influence over him was thwarted, the enraged creature found its way to disgruntled ex-journalist Eddie Brock. Sharing a mutual grudge against Spiderman and Peter parker, Brock and the suit joined to form Venom in 1988’s issue #299, serving as an evil doppelganger that knows all of Spiderman’s weaknesses.

#8: Apocalypse

A monstrous Tyrant hailing from ancient Egypt, he is the oldest and most powerful mutant in the X-Men universe. Having used alien technology to transform and evolve, he possesses pretty much any power he wants. He fights with the belief that only the strongest should be permitted to exist, a definition that generally does not include humans or even other mutants.

#7: Kingpin

Next up is the greatest human crime lord in the Marvel universe. Originally causing problems for Spider-Man, he has since played archenemy to Daredevil. Wilson Fisk’s been the dominant New York King Pin since 1967’s Amazing Spider-Man #50. Interestingly, despite his massive frame, this ruthless behemoth is no easy match in a fight, possessing both skill and strength.

#6: Doctor Octopus

This super intelligent eight-limbed villain arrived back in 1963’s The Amazing Spider-Man #3. Once a brilliant mind in atomic research, Dr. Otto Octavius’ life of scientific discovery ended when his mechanical harness invention unexpectedly bonded to his skeleton and warped his brain. As a brilliant mind and master planner, Doc Oc was responsible for recruiting other super villains into his Sinister Six, proving that even those with 8 limps can use a hand sometimes.

#5: Galactus

As close as a super villain can get to godlike, Galactus is one of the greatest threats the Marvel comic book universe has ever seen. First appearing in 1966’s Fantastic Four #48, he is a villain fuelled by an insatiable hunger, instead of a lust for power or revenge. Problem is, what he’s hungry for are planets, and Earth looks so tasty in his eyes. So far, he’s made one unrecognizable movie appearance alongside his surfboard-riding minion.

#4: Loki

Thanks to the recent live action films, and stellar portrayal by Tom Hiddleston, this trickster god and half-brother of Thor has gained major respect. The primary foe of Thor and the Avengers, he has actually been causing trouble since 1962. Loki’s power involves using magic to create illusions, and his motivations revolve around usurping Thor to take control of the Nine Realms.

#3: Doctor Doom

Arriving in 1962’s Fantastic Four #5, Victor Von Doom is the archenemy of the title team. With a goal of world domination, he’s managed to run into various Marvel heroes. While the live action films tarnished his reputation with fans, Doom’s legacy trumps this momentary lapse. Considered the smartest villain in the Marvel universe and Stan Lee’s personal favorite, his mastery of science and magic make him the poster boy for calculated evil.

#2: The Green Goblin

Next up is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Joker. Cackling his way into Spidey’s World, Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin arrived in 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man #14. A millionaire with unlimited resources and the father of Peter Parker’s best friend, Osborn’s Goblin was the result of an experiment gone wrong, causing him to become insane and super strong. Not only that, but his son eventually follows in his footsteps, striking way too close to home for Peter Parker’s comfort. Topping it all off, he caused the death of Spidey’s first girlfriend, delivering one of the most shocking moments in comic history.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

#1: Magneto

Taking the top spot is the ex-best friend of Charles Xavier, who’s vying for mutant supremacy. A complex and dynamic villain, the helmet-wearing Magneto leads the brotherhood of evil mutants, regularly coming head on with the X-Men, who hope for species co-existence. A holocaust survivor who has seen the effects of prejudice and segregation first hand, the master of magnetism has been the Marvel point man for intolerance since 1963’s Uncanny X-Men #1.

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