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Top 10 Best Supervillain Movie Weapons

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Super villains don't play by any set of rules. Aside from having powers, or least a wicked costume, they like to pack heat. Of course, the greatest super villains don't bother with ordinary weapons, instead opting for unique or specially themed weapons. From Joker's gag killer props to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, these are items you cannot find anywhere else! Just to be clear, we're focusing on the live action movies only, and staying away from vehicles and ordinary firearms. Join as we count down the top 10 supervillain movie weapons.

Top 10 Supervillain Movie Weapons

Just because they’re super, it doesn’t mean that can’t be packing. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 supervillain movie weapons.

Just to be clear, we’re focusing on the live action movies only, and staying away from vehicles and ordinary firearms.

#10: Joker’s Gag Props “Batman” (1989)

Kicking off our list are the deadly gag props used by Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Pulled directly from weapons you’d expect to find in the comics, the Joker makes use of an acid squirting flower, which he uses to scare the object of his affection. He also packs an electric joy buzzer, which he gleefully uses to melt a mob boss. Seriously, why didn’t he use these weapons on batman?

#9: The Penguin’s Trick Umbrellas “Batman Returns” (1992)

Next up is another Batman villain known for his creative weaponry. Incorporating all kinds of deadly instruments within umbrellas, he carries them around unnoticed, and is able to catch opponents unaware. These umbrellas range from those with machine guns, to those that are hypnotic, feature a retractable blade, can release bats, and even become a helicopter. This one counts since he uses it to kill off one of Catwoman’s lives!

#8: Whiplash’s Whips “Iron Man 2” (2010)

These are the signature weapons of this aptly titled super villain. Unlike a standard whip, Whiplash’s weapons are powered by an Arc reactor, electrifying his strikes. This means that he isn’t just capable of dealing massive damage to the Iron Man suit, but can cut through such things as race cars going 200 miles per hour.

#7: Doc Oc’s Tentacles “Spider-Man 2”

Just like the last super villain, this bad guy is just a brain without his signature weapons. The difference is that these four extra tentacle arms were created to help Doctor Otto Octavius conduct scientific experiments. However, an accident fused them to his body and allowed their AI to corrupt his mind. They not only allow his to climb buildings or throw heavy objects, but squash spiders.

#6: Lex Luthor’s Kryptonite “Superman” series (1978-1987/2006)

With a superhero for an enemy, what possible weapon can a super villain make use of? In the case of Lex Luthor he can only distract the man of steel, drawing away his attention, or show that he’s got stones. By stones, we mean this glowing rock which happens to be Superman’s only weakness, leaving him vulnerable to drowning, kicking and stabbing!

#5: Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin “Batman Begins” (2005)

Okay, and now we’re back to Batman villains! Straight out of the comics, Cillian Murphy’s Dr. Jonathan Crane makes use of this mind-altering substance. Having worked in Arkham Asylum, the corrupt doctor developed this gas by practicing on the crazies. Not just powerfully debilitating, when used with his mask, the effects are simply terrifying.

#4: Dr. Freeze’s Freeze Gun “Batman and Robin” (1997)

Say what? This movie is high on a list in a positive light? What can we say; a gun that fires ice is too cool to give the cold the cold shoulder to. Not only freezing targets in place, it allows Freeze to generate puns relentlessly. Interestingly, this weapon, like the suit that keeps Freeze chilled, is powered by diamonds. Wait, why is this cold blooded villain smokin’ a cigar? Strange.

#3: Loki’s Trickster Staff “Thor/Avengers” (2011/2012)

Next up is the staff named for the trickster god who uses it. A dynamic weapon, slash piece of mystical technology, it can be modified and is multi-purpose. Loki uses it to do everything from strike enemies, fire energy blasts, form illusions, alter his appearance and mess with the temperaments of the Avengers team to trigger the Hulk’s transformation, using it against them.

#2: Goblin Gear “Spider-Man” (2002) & Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Once again straight out of the comics and done justice are the menacing gadgets used by this deranged adversary, as well as his son. From his flying glider, which fires bullets and packs blades to his pumpkin bombs and blades, Spider-man is in for a heck of a time trying to survive despite his spider-sense. Seriously, Pumpkin bombs not only explode, but can vaporize targets. Now that’s hard-core!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

#1: Magneto’s Metal “X-Men” series

Taking the top spot on our list is the weapon that is literally anything metal surrounding this powerful mutant! Using metal Magneto can fly, manipulate his surroundings and turn other people’s weapons against them. He gets bonus points for being completely impervious to Wolverine, and able to make the immortal a puppet if he was so inclined.

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10.Jokers Gag Props 9.The Penguin's Trick Umbrellas 8.Whiplash's Whips 7.Dr. Freeze's Freeze Gun 6.Doc Oc's Tentacles 5.Bane's Venom Toxin 4.Loki's Trickster Staff 3.Goblin Gear 2. Lex Luthor's War armor 1.Infinity Gauntlet
10.Joker%u2019s Gag Props 9.The Penguin%u2019s Trick Umbrellas 8.Whiplash%u2019s Whips 7.Dr. Freeze%u2019s Freeze Gun 6.Doc Oc%u2019s Tentacles 5.Bane's Venom Toxin 4.Loki%u2019s Trickster Staff 3.Goblin Gear 2. Lex Luthor's War armor 1.Infinity Gauntlet