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Top 10 Best Crossover Video Games

VO: Dan Paradis
If there's one thing better than your beloved gaming franchise, it's a game that meshes it with your other favorite! From Nintendo's mascots throwing it down together, to Marvel taking on Capcom and the world of Disney mixed in with Final Fantasy, there have been countless such games made for the fans. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Crossovers in Video Games.

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Top 10 Crossover Video Games

These are the games that were oozing with Fan service, Welcome to WatchMojo.Com and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Crossovers in Video Games

For this list, we’re focusing on games where the crossover is the main focus, and not relegated to minor cameos. We’re also excluding fan made games and mods, due to the simple fact that they’re not official, doesn’t mean that they’re bad though.

#10: “Robocop VS Terminator (Genesis version)” (1993)

Kicking off our list is the crossover film buffs have been demanding for decades, but Hollywood never delivers on. We’re only highlighting the Genesis version as the SNES one … wasn’t very good. But what Sega owners did get was a great sidescrolling shooter with lots of violence and insane difficulty. Simply put: taking out Terminators isn’t a simple stop and frisk.

#9: “Poker Night at the Inventory” series (2010)

This is perhaps the most unusual crossover on our list, I mean who on earth came up with the idea of Tycho, Max, The Heavy and Strong Bad playing Texas Hold ‘em Poker in an underground bar? Regardless, the onscreen banter between these characters are what really sell the game. Although, Poker night is a bit bittersweet seeing as this game was one of Strong Bad’s final onscreen appearance before the Homestar Runner website stopped updating. … sigh.

#8: “Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team” (1993)

Two of biggest Beat ‘em up franchises of the 90’s teaming up together? How do you make something like that even more epic? Well how about setting the game in space? Epic enough? The Gameplay mainly comes from the Battletoads series carrying over some of replling and Hoverbike sequences from that series. Hope you got a friend handy for this one.

#7: “King of Fighters series” (1994-)

This is one series that actually dissolved the original franchises it was crossing over, what with Fatal Fury, The Art of Fighting and Samurai Showdown now pretty much non-existent. But their legacies live on in this tournament fighter favorite. Since there are over 15 different titles with frequent roster update we just can’t narrow down a single title, so we’re going to cover them all as a whole.

#6: “Alien VS Predator (Arcade version)” (1994)

While the First Person Shooter games may be the more popular choice, the best as to what this crossover has to offer lies in the arcade. Developed by Capcom and capable of supporting up to 3 player and tons of enemies on screen at a time, you’re guaranteed to have a better experience with this game than with the 2 AVP films.

#5: “Project X Zone” (2013)

This is best described as a crossover game on crack: a Tactical RPG comprising of over 200 characters from multiple franchises belonging to Capcom, Sega and Namco Bandai. If you don’t know who most these characters are, don’t worry you’re not alone. All you need to know it that there are a lot of flashy combos to smack down here.

#4: “Sonic & All Star Racing: Transformed” (2012)

While Mario Kart is still pretty much an exclusive club for the Mario universe, Sega pulled out all the stops for their own kart racing epic. Bringing in characters and tracks from the all their franchises including Sonic, Skies of Arcadia, Shinobi and as you might of guessed from this epic tune playing: Golden Axe. Topping it off, the game also included 3rd party appearances from Wreak It-Ralph and …(pause) Danica Patrick?

#3: “Kingdom Hearts” (2002-)

Who knew combining Disney and Final Fantasy characters would prove to be a winning formula? Not just a shameless mash-up, its also carried by a nice overarching story, as well as some of the best combat we’ve seen in an action RPG. Kingdom hearts falls just short of the top spots on our list since there’s more than double the amount of spinoff titles as there are main entries series entries. Come on, Let’s Have King Hearts 3 already.

#2: “Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3” (2011)

Now this is a series that just keeps getting better and better: Starting off with just X-Men and Street fighter characters, eventually both companies brought in their entire portfolio to the talbe. The first game was nice and balanced but had a short roster, while the 2nd one has a humungous roster but was greatly unbalanced. Thus Ultimate resolved all those issues, but still left one more: Where the hell was Megaman?

Before we get to our top pick, Here are a few team ups worth mentioning while this tune makes anything better.

#1: “Super Smash Bros Brawl” (2008)

Taking the top spot is the Nintendo Party that created a whole new sub-genre of fighting games. Initially starting off as a side project, it became one of Nintendo’s biggest IP’s next to Mario and Zelda. Brawl gets the nod here for bringing in unconventional characters like Snake, and Mario’s biggest rival: Sonic the Hedgehog. Thus 90’s gaming fans finally got to see these 2 face off after 17 years, Ahh so that’s where Megaman’s been hiding.

Agree with our list? Which crossover games had you screaming with excitement? For more entertaining Top 10 lists published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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