Top 10 Worst Zombie Movies



Top 10 Worst Zombie Movies

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Fans of the genre can't get enough. Unfortunately, this means quickly having to scrape the bottom of the barrel with countless low budget and poor quality films about the undead. For this list, we're looking at those zombie movies that leave us wondering what the film's creators were even thinking. There's a fine line between the frightening and the absurd, and it seems as though this line was left in the dust a long time ago with these cinematic gems. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 worst zombie movies.
Written by Tiffany Ezuma:

Top 10 Worst Zombie Movies

They’re supposed to make us afraid, but we’re really scared by how bad they are. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 worst zombie movies.

For this list, we’re looking at those zombie movies that leave us wondering what the film’s creators were even thinking. There’s a fine line between the frightening and the absurd, and it seems as though this line was left in the dust a long time ago with these cinematic gems.

#10: “Resident Evil: Afterlife” (2010)

The first “Resident Evil” movie had the novelty of being based off of the popular video game, but after that, sequels started popping out left and right. By the time we reach the fourth installment, we’re dealing with clones, axe-wielding monsters and even more evil corporation conspiracies. It’s less about zombies and more getting those big 3D bucks.

#9: “Nazis at the Center of the Earth” (2012)

Anything with Jake Busey is an automatic must-see. If you thought this movie was going to be about anything other than literal Nazis at the center of the Earth, then you will be sadly mistaken. This bizarro-fest features a robot Hitler, along with some very patient Nazi zombies who have been biding their time at the Earth’s core, waiting for their moment to strike. Thankfully, they do so in a straight-to-DVD clunker.

#8: “Zombie Nightmare” (1986)

The ‘80s gave us a lot of great things, but this zombie movie isn’t one of them. The obviously low budget and abysmal acting would normally make for one of those “so bad it’s good” movie situations, but this is just genuinely bad – even with Tia Carrere and Adam West. Even better, this Canadian flick’s lone zombie doesn’t make an appearance until the second half of the film, so we have to wonder why the filmmakers even bothered at all.

#7: “Zombie Night” (2003)

Canada strikes again with another low-budget zombie vehicle, but this time there are no pseudo celebs to keep you entertained. After nuclear fallout from World War III spawns an epidemic of the living dead, a group must do whatever they can to survive the zombies and a vengeful enemy. Sounds pretty standard, but the story doesn’t hold together nearly as well as that – but what it lacks in storytelling, it makes up for in cheap, cheap carnage.

#6: “Zombie 5: Killing Birds” (1988)

You’d think by the title that this movie would be about zombie birds that fly around killing people, but you’d be wrong. So wrong. Instead, we’re not quite sure what this movie is supposed to be about. Sure, there are zombies, but there’s also a murderer who’s not in jail for some reason and apparently a haunted house. It’s clear the movie is just about as confused as its audience.

#5: “Gangs of the Dead” [aka “Last Rites”] (2006)

What’s funny about this movie is….um…everything. Which probably isn’t the best quality when you’re actually going for “terrifying.” It’s a zombie film with an “urban” setting; and done without skill, it leads to some painfully cringe-worthy moments. You can thank a meteorite strike for the creation of the homeless zombie hoard, and then you can thank everyone involved in this movie for making it so awful.

#4: “Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave from the Grave” (2005)

You would think that after four movies, the dangerous chemicals that cause the dead to reanimate would’ve been destroyed. By why do that when you can try to synthesize a drug out of it and sell it to high school students? Nothing could possibly go wrong, but everything does, and unfortunately a lot of teens who just wanted to party hard end up dying miserably.

#3: “Zombie Strippers” (2008)

It’s fairly clear that this movie was just an excuse to give former Freddie Krueger, Robert Englund, and porn star turned “serious” actress, Jenna Jameson, something to do. While zombies and strippers might be delightful on their own, they make for a less than satisfactory combination in this movie. And let’s be honest, if you’re getting out-danced by a zombie, it’s time to rethink what you’re doing with your life.

#2: “Redneck Zombies” (1987)

What we can learn from this film is that rednecks love moonshine so much they don’t care what it’s made out of. Even if it’s nuclear waste. Of course, these rednecks didn’t know they were cooking up sour mash that would turn them into flesh-eating living dead. And, of course, their targets are the city-folk camping nearby. And, of course, deodorant is the only way to keep these zombie rednecks at bay.

Before we bring our top pick back from the afterlife, here are a few honorable mentions.
- “Zombie Prom” (2006)
- “Resident Evil: Extinction” (2007)
- “Night of the Living Dead 3D” (2006)
- “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (1959)
- “Survival of the Dead” (2009)
- “Osombie” (2012)

#1: “House of the Dead” (2003)

It’s an Uwe Boll flick, so you know you’re in for a treat. For whatever reason, college kids just can’t have a good time without things trying to kill them. When they attempt to go to a rave on an island, they’re attacked by a swarm of zombies doing the bidding of an immortal Spanish priest. It’s awful in so many ways that there are too many to name in this clip.

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The Italian zombie classic "Burial Ground" should have been added to the list.