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Top 10 Cheesiest Video Game Songs

VO: Dan Paradis
There are songs in video games that are so corny and hilarious that we can't stop running them on our iPods. We're not saying these songs are bad, but rather their corny writing is so entertaining we can't get enough of them. Be it a Village People Disco inspired song about a female firefighter saving the world, or a rap song about Monkey's that are going to kick your butt. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Cheesiest songs in Video Games.

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Top 10 Cheesy Videogame Songs

Corny writing in videogames isn’t just reserved for dialogue. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Cheesy video game songs.

Just to be clear, we’re not saying these songs are bad. But more that they’re hilarious lyrics won’t get them on any all time lists, which is why Portal’s Still Alive is out. Also the song has to have lyrics, and we’re excluding licensed songs, so Bayonetta’s Fly Me to the Moon is out, thank god. Check out our lists for Top 10 Retro and Modern Videogame themes for the good ones by the way.

#10: Zombies On Your Lawn, by Laura Shigihara
“Plants VS Zombies” (2009)

Starting things off is the charming ballad sung by a sunflower, about how a backyard garden of deadly plants defend their lawn against zombies. And how Zombies protect themselves against said plants.(There’s butter on my head) If Laura’s cute singing voice doesn’t get you in the mood for undead horticultural defence, nothing else will. Also Fun Fact: Laura also did this song in Japanese.

#9: "I’m The Wind" by Cynthia Harrell
Castlevania, Symphony of the Night

Finally beating a game who’s soundtrack has been a constant theme of energetic motivation, you’re rewarded with this (“Drifiting high up in the sky that never ends”) , the sky does end Cyndy, it’s called space. Ok the song doesn’t really make a lot of sense but hey, it’s a Japanese game what do you want. The vocals are really good though. Sadly this song was removed from later versions of the game since Cynthia was now a signed artist.

#8: "Following Stanley" by Blake Robinson
The Stanley Parable (2013)

We had a bit of a debate in the Watchmojo office on weather “dah da dahhh dumm” counts as lyrics. We came to a conclusion that for regular songs: No it doesn’t. For cheesy songs: Yes it does. This surprisingly motivating song, suddenly bursts out while following an “adventure line” because … errmm … Narrator, could you help us out here (Look at this fern) not what we meant.

#7: You Are Dead
Total Distortion (1995)

We couldn’t find who composed this one, but none the less, its a classic. (You are dead, dead, dead.) In case you aren’t able to figure out what happens to you if you fail a challenge or run out of lifeforce, the game gives you a good hint in the form of song. (Your heart has stopped and your brain is cold, you so so dead). Show of hand in the comments, who wants to have this played at their funeral?

#6: "Clayfighter"
Clayfighter (1994) (SNES Version)

Songs with lyrics on 16-bit systems are extremely rare, nevertheless Clayfighter ended up pioneering the trend with their song about … Clayfighter. Add into the song some sweet 16-bit guitar shredding and you get the great intro tune to start off your game. Yes the lyrics are pretty limited, but considering it’s the SNES it’s forgivable.

#5: "Rescue Girl" By Jake Kaufman

Mighty Switch Force 2 (2013)

What better way to celebrate saving the world then by dancing tune that sounds like a mix of The Village People and some 90’s boyband. It’s rather fitting, as the game is set on a burning planet, with a female protagonist who’s a firefighter and rescues babies by kicking them. … Wait what? Anyways a disco song paying tribute to her well … color us amused.

#4: "DK Rap" By Grant Kirkhope

Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

The intro to the game starts out with the Kong family breakin’ out with Cranky as the DJ with some imfamously terrible lyrics. ("His coconut gun. can fire in spurts, if he shoots ya, its gonna hurt") Grant stated on his website that he originally wrote the DK rap as a joke. Of that we can all be sure, but the question remains if we’re laughing at him, or with him.

#3: "A Pirate I Was Meant To Be" by Michael Land

The Curse of Monkey Island (1997)

Just is the life of Guybrush Threepwood. After losing the map to Blood Island to Rottingham because his crew were sidetracked by the sight of a breaching whale. Said crew figure there’s only one way to get motivated. What makes this song great is that the player can choose what lyrics come next … even if that’s not what Guybrush is intending. The best part’s when Guybrush unintentionally contributes

#2: "Katimari on the Rocks" by Yu Miyake and Masayuiki Tanaka

Katamari damacy (2004)

While pretty much all of the songs on the Katamari soundtrack is eligible of making this list, our personal favorite is Katamari on the Rocks. Already the game itself is pretty weird, so adding a kooky Japanese Song with a few breakout English lines pretty much takes the cake. Honestly we don’t think this needs any further description, just watch and judge for yourself.

Before we get to Number 1, here’s a few more kooky songs that had us bemused as well.

Buckity Buck Bumble - Buck Bumble
Eternity - Blue Dragon
Deadpool Theme - Marvel VS Capcom 3
Operation Midway - Freaky Flyers
Awesomenauts - Leon Chameleon's Theme

#1: "Night Trap", by Sunny BlueSkyes

Night Trap (1992)

Taking the top spot is the song that is not only one of the cheesiest songs ever, it could also easily pass as a cheesy B-Movie song. Guitar Tennis Racket and all. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the result of game companies in the 90’s experimenting with CD technology in videogames. By the way those blips you keep hearing isn’t a glitch, its actually the game telling you “Hey you missed an enemy why aren’t you watching the empty hallways in the house?”

Do you agree with our list, which cringeworthy game song did you keep on your iPod. For more catchy Top 10’s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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