Top 10 Video Game Remakes



Top 10 Video Game Remakes

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Video game remakes are when you completely rebuild the game using similar levels and story, though vastly different to the original game. Games that start the series again with different gameplay are considered Reboots, those games are another list for another day. To qualify for this list not only does the game have to be faithful to the original game, but also needs to have been better received than the original. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Remakes. Special thanks to our users "David NM" and "Jean-Ne Da Silva" for suggesting this topic on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

Top 10 Video Game Remakes

These games got it done better the 2nd time around, Welcome to and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game remakes.

Just so there’s no confusion: Remakes are games that stayed mostly true to the original storyline and gameplay, while making technological improvements with advancements available hardware. Games like XCom: Enemy Unknown and 2013’s Tomb Raider are considered Reboots, and games like Super Mario 64 and GTA 3 are 3D transitional games. Those categories are for their own lists.

We’re also excluding games that used the same code, and just upscaled the game to HD and only improved the textures, those are remasters. If you don't see a remake on this list, its probably because it didn't live up to the original game.

#10: “Pac Man: Championship Edition” (2007)

We’re staring things off with the famous yellow chomper in his iconic return to the gaming scene. Eating all the dots in the maze, avoiding the ghosts and eating giant palettes to eat them? That’s all still there. What different is that now when you clear one half of the screen that side changes layout in this intense score rush game. Also worth noting the game’s DX edition, which has you chased by dozens of ghosts.

#9: “Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes” (2004)

Hideo Kojima’s original PS1 classic got a complete makeover on the Gamecube, finally giving the character’s faces, and includes new gameplay elements such as better enemy AI, bodies that no longer disappear, and the ability to now aim and shoot in first person view. It places a bit low on this list given the controversial decision to give the characters Matrix moves, but it still balanced accessibility with reverence for its source material nicely.

#8: “Punch Out” (2009)

This was Little Mac’s glorious comeback run, and the game that got him an invitation into the latest Smash Smash Bros on Wii U and 3DS. Punch Out for the Wii retains the addictive gameplay and characters of the original NES game, while giving the characters hilarious over the top personalities, and a sweet multiplayer mode. Plus you can choose to use either the classic NES layout, or go true boxer with Wii’s Motion controls.

#7: “The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition” (2009)

The original point and click adventure is considered a classic, but sadly the game hadn’t aged very well. Enter the special edition, where the graphics were completely redrawn, and, along with an orchestral soundtrack, the characters now have voice acting that really captures the writing’s original humor. Most importantly, the interface received a much need redesign, allowing for a more streamlined experience.

#6: "NBA Jam" (2010)

The game that set a new standard for Sports games got a new lease on life in 2010 with much more fluent and hilarious animation and more off the wall commentary. The Wii version of the game also included the remix tour with hilarious powerups, new camera angles and boss battles in the form of one on one’s. There’s a lot to cover with this game, so we recommend checking it out.

#5: Tomb Raider: Anniversary (2007)

The original Tomb Raider was groundbreaking but suffered from stiff gameplay, which kept it off our top PS1 list. Thankfully the much needed remake revamped the original using the engine from Tomb Raider: Legend. Lara is now much more acrobatic and the combat system is more intense as well. Taking the story and levels of the original, with vastly improved controls, it’s a good entry point if you’ve never played a Tomb Raider game before.

#4: Bionic Commando Rearmed (2008)

No … not the 3D version with one of the most absurd plot twists in video game history, We’re talking about the 2D tribute to the original NES game. Retaining the epic hookshot arm swinging gameplay from the original and set to the theme of a hilarious 80’s action movie, Rearmed also boasted brand new weaponry and Co-op play, all of which are guaranteed to get you hooked on the experience.

#3: “Metroid: Zero Mission” (2004)

Nintendo’s revisit to Samus’s first mission is one that was really needed, refining the combat to feel similar to Metroid Fusion, as well as the inclusion of waypoints, an in game map, and a proper save system instead of passwords. Oh and a brand new stealth section to change up the gameplay. While a bit shorter compared to other entries in the series, the new features and levels in this game make it almost unrecognizable to its original counterpart, faithful though it remains.

#2: “Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver” (2009)

Gold and Silver remain the quintessential games in the Pokemon series, boasting twice as much content and introducing more new mechanics than any other game in the series. The only Pokemon game that can be compared to Gold and Silver, is Heart Gold & Soul Silver. Utilizing the Diamond and Pearl’s engine and having an vast amount of post game content that not even the 3DS’s X & Y can compare to, These game were the complete package and then some.

Before we get to the all glorious #1 slot, lets see what else we enjoyed a second time around.

#1: “Resident Evil” (2002)

The original was great but had terrible voice acting, and not very atmospheric. This Gamecube remake was completely rebuilt from the ground up and is the prime example of true survival horror. Much improved visuals that still look amazing today, rewritten dialogue, and the inclusion of even more chilling monsters and story archs, this game comes highly recommended.

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