The Hulk Vs The Thing



The Hulk Vs The Thing

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Summer is a great time to catch some rays, but watch out for those of the cosmic or gamma variety. For this showdown we are pitting Marvel's biggest and most popular radiation filled super heroes against each other! That's right, we're pitting the Hulk versus the Thing in a showdown to see how they measure up overall. The five rounds will consist of comparing their origins and motivations, powers, alter egos, villains and team-ups. Join and today we'll see what happens when Bruce Banner meets Ben Grimm in an all out super-powered brawl. Special thanks to our user Roxy for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

*Script written by Max Lett

The Hulk Vs The Thing

Summer is a great time to catch some rays, but watch out for those of the cosmic or gamma variety. Welcome to, and today we’ll see what happens when Bruce Banner meets Ben Grimm in an all out super-powered brawl.

For this showdown, we’re pitting the Hulk versus the Thing based on specific categories to see how they measure up overall.

Round 1: Origin and Motivation

When super scientist Reed Richards brings Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and best friend Ben Grimm into space for an experimental mission, the four companions are pelted with cosmic rays until they become super-powered heroes. Ben Grimm gets the short end of that stick when he is mutated into a giant orange rock monster. Where most people would become evil super-villains following a transformation like that, Ben instead joins his newly powered teammates to fight crime.

Scientist Bruce Banner is bombarded with insane amounts of gamma radiation when he jumps in to save the life of a young teenager who has wandered on to a nuclear testing site. Whenever Banner is angry thereafter, he transforms into a monstrous green man with superhuman abilities, including strength and invulnerability.

While both are foolhardy adventurers who were forever changed by the risks they took, The Thing was in space when it happened, which is just a little cooler; he also doesn’t have to be angry or under emotional distress to be able to use his powers.

Winner: The Thing 1 / The Hulk 0

Round 2: Powers

While turning into a horrible orange rock monster does have its downsides, it also comes with a few perks. As the Thing, Ben Grimm can perform feats of superhuman strength. His orange rock hide is nearly impenetrable giving him enhanced durability – and, unlike the Hulk on most days, Ben retains his intelligence as the Thing and can think quickly in a fight.

Bruce Banner has a genius-level intellect, but it’s usually completely useless when he becomes the Hulk. So let’s focus on what the Hulk can do. Let’s start with the fact that everything he does is “super.” So, super-strength, super-speed, super-durability, super-reflexes… etc. All that is increased the angrier he gets, and even then, it doesn’t take a whole lot to pull that hair-trigger.

While Bruce Banner wouldn’t fare too well in a fight, the Hulk could take on just about anybody in the Marvel universe.

Winner: The Thing 1 / The Hulk 1

Round 3: Alter Ego

When he’s fighting the likes of Victor Von Doom, Ben Grimm is the mighty Thing: a giant rock monster with super strength. When he’s at home eating cereal, Ben Grimm is… well, he’s also a giant rock monster with super strength. Yeah, wherever he goes, Ben is always gonna be the Thing no matter how hard he tries to hide it.

You won’t like him when he’s angry. But for most of the hours in a day, Bruce Banner is a mild-mannered scientist who hides his alter ego pretty well by not being a giant green rage-filled monster. This comes in real handy when he wants to keep his life of super-heroism secret from those he loves.

The Hulk wins this one by default, sorry Ben.

Winner: The Thing 1 / The Hulk 2

Round 4: Villains

The Fantastic Four have an impressive roster of super-foes. The Thing gets to tangle with all of them for the most part and because he’s the muscle of the group, he’s not afraid to throw a few punches. Victor Von Doom is the group’s main antagonist and you’ll usually find the ruler of Latveria trying to take over the world with his evil Doombots. While Ben Grimm will probably never outwit the nefarious Doom, he can certainly pack a hell of a wallop.

When you’re a giant radiation monster, the list of your bad guys probably won’t include card-carrying Mensa members. While the Hulk does have his share of brainy baddies, you’ll usually find him battling other behemoths like The Abomination, the Leader, Red Hulk or The Absorbing Man. A particularly interesting Hulk story arc is found in “World War Hulk,” where he takes on most of the Marvel superheroes in a gladiatorial fashion.

While the Hulk has big bad bruisers to throw down with, The Thing’s villains are a little more refined.

Winner: The Thing 2 / The Hulk 2

Round 5: Team-Up

The Thing and the Fantastic Four are usually mentioned in the same breath, and there’s a good reason for that; they’re one of Marvel’s oldest super-hero teams. And while they’ve had rotating members every now and then, the core group stays pretty much the same. Working together to fight crime has brought Ben Grimm and the Fantastic Four so close that they’re practically inseparable.

It doesn’t take much to be an Avenger, if you have a super-power or even if you aim really well and want to fight for good, then you’ve probably already gotten an invitation. But the Hulk is one of the founding members of Marvel’s most popular super-group, and as such he’s usually called on in times of extreme crisis. Okay sure, there was that time that Iron Man, along with a few other Marvel notables, decided to send Bruce Banner into space for being a bit of a dick, but that’s all water under the bridge now.

While the Fantastic Four are a close-knit crime fighting team, blue isn’t everyone’s color. By contrast, The Avengers have a pretty laid-back costume policy: a minimum of ripped up shorts will do nicely – and whether you’re human, mutant, robot, alien, supernatural, or even a former bad guy-turned-good – you can still be part of the team. Avengers Assemble!

Winner: The Thing 2 / The Hulk 3

The Thing was a really close second, but Bruce Banner can be a real pain when he doesn’t get his way. So by a score of 3 to 2, we’ve got to give it to The Hulk for the win… if only so we can avoid being caught in a Hulk smash!

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