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Top 10 Hottest Women on YouTube - TopX Ep.23

VO: Dan Paradis
Welcome to the twenty-third episode of TopX, the show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: http://WatchMojo.comtopx Today we’re counting down one of our highest voted suggestions, the top 10 hottest women on YouTube.

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Top 10 Hottest Women on Youtube

Normally when we do these countdowns, we generally look at subscribers numbers first then factor in views, votes from our users and our own personal preference. Today is essentially the same, except this time around we started with our users votes and then weighed them against the other variables. We’re not ranking these ladies based on their looks alone – that would be weird and more than a bit sexist. While looks are obviously a huge factor, the ladies in question also needed to have a strong personality and a minimum of 2 million subscribers.

#10: Bethany Mota

- Kicking off our list is a young lady who started her channel as a means of coping with bullying. I doubt Bethany Mota had this sorta countdown in mind when she started the channel, but this has got be a bonus right?
- Not that she really needs our recognition. You might remember Bethany from our Makeup Guru’s countdown, where she placed 3rd, and it’s safe to say she has not slowed down since. On top of her ludicrously successful channel, she’s launched her own clothing line – Aeropostale – which apparently takes after her own “laid back but girly” style.
- If that wasn’t enough, Bethany also finished 4th on Dancing with the Stars this year – A real life TV show.

#9: Marzia Bisognin - CutiePieMarzia

- Although many know her as the girlfriend to the divisive YouTube Juggernaught PewDiePie, Marzia, aka CutiePie, easily stands tall in her own right. I say this because, aside from the name and the occasional appearance PDP himself, her channel is as far removed from her boyfriend’s as you could get. A girl’s channel through and through, Marzia does vlogs, creepy animations and even cooking – a far cry from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Grand Theft Auto. Also, she really likes pugs.
- One semi random fact that I feel like I need to mention is that Marzia has the greatest name for her fans we’ve ever come across on TopX. Much like Watchmojo fans are Mojoholics, Marzia’s fans are called marzipans. Deliciously brilliant.
- Truth be told, I’m a bit of a sucker for accents and hair, so in that sense her appeal is rather obvious, right?

#8: Grace Helbig

- At #8, we have a real veteran the YouTube seen – Grace Helbig, who’s been publishing videos on the internets for over 8 years.
- We often talk about stars that have transcended YouTube, and Grace is definitely one of those. In fact, her IMDB page is getting pretty impressive in and of itself, with a decent handful of appearances and roles on TV shows and short films.
- On top of being the original queen of the YouTube vlogging, Grace is funny, has a great personality and has really pretty hair…lots to love.

#7: Andrea Brooks - AndreasChoice

- When you’re running a makeup channel, it helps to be crushingly gorgeous, our next pick, or should I say choice, knows all too well.
- Another veteran of TopX Andrea and her channel also showed up on our Makeup Guru’s list. As we mentioned back then, she rose to fame when she caught MTV’s attention with her makeup tutorial based off Katy Perry’s E.T. video…and the rest is YouTube history.
- Since then, other fun facts that we didn’t get to mention last time are that she has her own Vegan nail polish line called Circus by AndreasChoice and has launched a second channel for other fashion vloggers called ThePlatform.
- All of the girls we’re looking at today have great personalities to support their looks, and Andrea is definitely no exception, with a really down to earth demeanor throughout her clips…plus her lips are just so… lippy….

#6: Lilly Singh - IISuperwomanII

- Next up is Lilly Singh, a.k.a. superwoman, who fans of the show will no doubt recognize from our Vloggers countdown which aired a few months ago.
- A Youtube celebrity through and through, Lilly can’t just be contained by her two super popular channels, you’ve also probably already seen her pop up as a guest on other channels as well. As far as YouTube celebrities go, she’s definitely up there with the big ones. And with such a energetic, bombastic personality, it’s easy to see why people love her content so much.
- Although she’s technically Canadian (bonus points), Lilly’s Pujabi heritage is something she discusses and jokes about in a lot her videos. I’m sure that heritage is also the source of her silky black hair and ever so subtle accent, both of which, as we also already discussed, are big pluses.

#5: Carli Bybel

- Coming up next, we have another young lady who appeared on our Top 10 Makeup Guru’s episode, and I highly doubt she’ll be the last. At #5 it’s Carly Bybel with enormous eyes and lips.
- One thing that I admire about the way Carli runs her channel is her heavy focus on audience interaction. While she may not have the in-your-face personaof the some of the other women we’ll see today, the fact that you can always find her responding to her fans in the comments section – lending credence to her really sweet demeanor and down to earth personality.

#4: Zoe Sugg - Zoella

- Shifting gears from a smoky raven look to bubbly charm, we have yet another huge
YouTube celebrity, Zeolla.
- Zoella’s accolades are almost too many to list. She has a best selling novel, was named National Citizen Services ambassador for the UK and regularly tops lists of YouTube’s best fashion bloggers, ours included.
- Zoella’s just has an infectiously cheerful personality. It’s kinda hard to find a video of hers where she isn’t smiling and laughing – even the stills for her videos are undeniably cute. Again, the accent doesn’t hurt her cause either.

#3: Michelle Phan

- Okay so we had one fitness channel and now we’re right back to the makeup guru’s – this time with the current queen of them all, Michelle Phan.
- When talking about people who have found success outside of the YouTube realm, there’s arguably no one who’s found more success than Michelle. Whether it’s TV appearances or her own makeup line by L’Oreal, Michelle’s huge presence on YouTube is just the tip of the iceberg.
- Being the queen of YouTube Makeup guru’s, Michelle is obviously pretty good with her makeup. What’s most impressive though is the diversity of looks in her repertoire. One minute she looks like a bad girl, one minute she’s sailor moon – it’s crazy how different Michelle can make herself appear and still look so pretty every time.

#2: Justine Ezarik – iJustine

- Originally gaining YouTube fame as the girl with the 300 page iphone bill Justine, or iJustine is a sort of Jack of all trades on youtube. She does vlogs, she does tech, she does cooking, and she does gaming. A simpler list would be to go through all the things she doesn’t do.
- For someone who looks this good, she’s actually got so rather series nerd cred. For example, she has a weekly tech series where she unboxes or reviews about new gadgets and tech – covering a demographic that’s really underrepresented for women. If that wasn’t enough, she’s got a whole separate channel devoted to gaming – she’s a big fan of Call of Duty.
- K so, just in case you weren’t paying attention. Here we have young lady who’s funny, knows tech, knows how to cook and plays video games. And she looks like this. I think you can all do the math here.

There are so many lovely women on YouTube, it’s impossible to give them all the credit they deserve, so here are a few honorable mentions.

Before we get to our #1 pick, we should mention that the overwhelming choice for #1 was our own Rebecca Brayton. Rebecca is flattered by her inclusion in your votes, but we thought it would be a bit unfair to put her at the top of our own countdown. We love ya Becky.

HM1: Jennifer “Jeana” Smith

HM2: Barbara Dunkleman – Rooster Teeth

HM3: Dulce Candy Ruiz

HM4: Blair Fowler

HM5: Jessica Nigri

#1: Jenna N. Mourey - Jenna Marbles

- There’s a common, sexist misconception that women aren’t as funny as men, and another says that good looking girls need not have a strong personality to be successful. Well, here to shatter both of those gender stereotypes is our #1 pick and my personal favorite, Jenna Marbles.
- Jenna gained popularity on Youtube by spitting hot truth, in hilarious form. Part of what makes her so funny is that she clearly “gets” the whole “guy humor” thing, while still offering a rather insightful, woman’s perspective. If you’re big into YouTube culture, you’ve no doubt seen Jenna pop up not on from her own videos, but from the dozens of other channels she’s appeared on as a guest.
- It’s just that simple, Jenna consistently makes us laugh and looks great doing it – she was an obvious pick for #1. Jenna please call me.

That’s it for our countdown, please try to remain gentlemanly in the comments. Be sure to check us our on twitter, Instagram and Facebook, vote for new lists on our suggest page, and for more sexy top tens published everyday, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo

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