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Top 10 Hottest Male YouTubers - TopX Ep.32

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Welcome to the thirty-second episode of TopX, the show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: http://WatchMojo.comtopx Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 hottest male YouTubers. Which is why Rebecca is here.

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Top 10 Hottest Male YouTubers

For our ranking we factored in user votes, dated collected from other countdowns, and a decent amount of personal preference to get to our final top 10. The men in question also have to be featured on channels with over 500,000 subscribers or more.

#10: Scott Herman

Kicking off our list is a guy who runs a fitness channel, and he won’t be the last we’ll see today. At #10 is the leader of his very own Nation of Hermanites, Scott Herman.
You may recognize Scott from his appearance on The Real World: Brooklyn, or from his handful of appearances in Men’s Health magazine - which granted him the honor of “Best Abs on the East Coast” in 2010. Not too shabby…
You know how some trainers are like scary buff? Not him. Plus, he seems to have energy for days. In fact, we kinda think of him as the energizer bunny – which can have its perks, eh ladies? But seriously, we mentioned that “Best Abs” thing right? They kinda speak for themselves…

#9: Charles Trippy

Here on TopX, we always say that consistency is key for a great YouTube channel. Well our next pick, Charles Trippy, set a record for consistency, being recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for the most consecutive vlog posts on a YouTube channel. That’s dependability, ladies…
A sort of self-aware Truman show, Charles Trippy’s vlog chronicles a staggering amount of ups and downs. Marriage, cancer, surgery, divorce, it’s all here and in painstaking detail.
And that’s what makes him so attractive to so many people: he lets you in on his life day-to-day, for better or worse. Honesty and self-awareness is hot, what can I say? Plus, he’s laid-back, beardy vibe that’s so popular right now…

#8: Mike Chang

If you’ve ever typed the words “six pack” into YouTube, chances are you’re already familiar with our next pick, Mr. Six Pack Shortcuts himself, Mike Chang.
With all of the enthusiasm and none of the shirts, Mike runs the ludicrously popular sixpackshortcuts YouTube channel. Part personal trainer, part motivational speaker, Mike’s whiteboard seems to be just as important as his washboard abs, as he often breaks down the workout he’s about to do for you in a comprehensive, step by step way.
Like we said, there are going to be an unfair number of trainers on this list, and Mike’s no exception. But we chose Mike not only cause he’s ripped – although he most certainly is – but also because he always seems to be smiling and genuinely sounds like he wants to help you educate yourself and better yourself. Plus, he gives us hope that any guy could turn flab to abs in 12 weeks like he did. One can dream, anyway.

#7: Jack & Finn

Fresh off of last week’s list of the Top 10 British YouTubers, we have the irrepressible Harries twins, Jack and Finn.
The Harries twins essentially run a travel vlog, which documents their various adventures all over the world. However, if you think the brothers are cute and you’re not even into travelling, you’re in luck, because they also do regular vlogs, updates and even host musical sessions in the backyard shed. They’re so deep you guys.
Well, if you’re a sucker for an accent like I am, then you’ll get why these guys are on the list. Plus, they travel, so they know stuff and are cultured and we’re gonna guess a little more mature than your average 22-year-olds. They really are cute though, and their relationship is adorable – who doesn’t love a guy who gets along with his brother? And, spoiler alert, they are not gonna be the last set of twins you see on this list, so stay tuned for more double-trouble…

#6: Jim Chapman

Coming up next is a guy who’s quintessential YouTube, through and through. At #6 is Jim Chapman.
It’s impossible to describe Jim’s channel without describing the YouTube scene in general. He’s one of those YouTubers that does a bit of everything and has been seen everywhere. Not only does he regularly have guests from other popular channels on his show, but he often makes guest appearance on their channels too. If you follow the mainstream british vloggers, there’s no way you haven’t come across him yet.
Also, I hate to disappoint you ladies, but Jim’s currently engaged to Tanya Burr, who some of you may remember from our Makeup Gurus list a few months back.
Aside from his Disney prince jawline and chin, Jim is that adorable awkward British stereotype come to life – like Hugh Grant for a new generation. He lit’rally uses all that brilliant British slang, too, so if you’d like to hear the word “scarpered” used correctly in conversation, this is the hot male YouTuber for you. In 2015, GQmagazine voted him the 17th Best Dressed Man in Britain. Plus, he even gives advice to girls about guys… So if you’ll excuse me, I will go watch a few of those ( Oh, and guess what: he is also a twin! Go figure…

#5: sWooZie

Just past the halfway point on our countdown we have the first channel that’s not entirely centered on its host...or at least, not visually. Our #5 pick is Swoozie.
Swoozie is a storyteller at heart, one who shakes up the general vlogging formula by illustrating most of his anecdotes with cartoons. He’s also really funny and engaged with his fans, meaning subscribers feel more of a connection to him and his channel than they do with other similar channels.
As if that weren’t enough, dude is funny and I dunno about you but a sense of humor is key when finding someone attractive. We can also appreciate how observant he is in his comedy. His nerd cred is solid, AND he’s a Gryffindor (! Hello? That means he’s brave AND friends with Harry Potter. But seriously… His Facebook profile says he’s a freelance ninja and professional cuddler, and we’d have to admit those are two very attractive attributes in a guy.

#4: Hudson and Brandon White, a.k.a. The Buff Dudes

We hope you like beards and biceps, because coming up next are the Buff Dudes. They basically look like Thor stunt doubles...
Buff is actually not just a less-than-clever name: it’s a relatively clever acronym for Better Understanding of Food and Fitness. That should give you a pretty good idea of what they do on their channel.
Surprisingly, the brothers actually tone down the douche factor pretty hard, which is pretty remarkable for a workout channel. They mix in a fair amount of humor and self-awareness into their videos, something which definitely makes them seem a lot more friendly and likeable than some of their competitors.
Like we said: biceps, tank tops, comedy, learning: this channel has it all! Hudson and Brandon White are clearly knowledgeable, and are all about getting bigger, the natural way. We can appreciate that. And their videos are well made and easy to understand too. But also, they’re clearly very good looking men. I mean, do I REALLY have to explain this?

#3: Joey Graceffa

If you’re into stereotypes, you wouldn’t think that someone so handsome would spend so much time playing videogames, but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover… number 3 on today’s countdown is Joey Graceffa.
If you were to find Joey’s vlog channel first, you might never realize that his Minecraft channel is run by the same guy, as the two are vastly different in style. That is, except for the thumbnail pictures, which all still feature him shirtless...
Not just a pretty face on YouTube, Joey has started his own web series separate from his vlog, released a music video, appeared on the Amazing Race and released a memoir. Not bad for a kid under 25.
Joey recently came out as gay online (, and overall the news – while not shocking – was received well by his fans. So ladies, you may be outta the running for this one, but fellas you may in luck! He’s funny, he’s got great hair, dreamy eyes, and we just love that smile though. Awwwwww.

#2: Anthony Padilla

Now, if you’re into YouTube, you’ve probably heard of Smosh, and if you haven’t, well that’s just too much to get into in this short entry. But suffice to say that Smosh is really big, and Anthony Padilla co-created Smosh, so there ya’ go.
While he does have his own channel that’s just devoted to him, that channel really hasn’t seen all that much love lately. The Smosh main channel is the best place to catch his content, content which ranges from bat-shit crazy skits to interviews with A-list celebrities (Chris Pratt Interviews).
Success is sexy, funny is sexy, and this guy’s got both in spades. He’s definitely grown into his own since the Smosh boys started, so I’d suggest looking at their more recent stuff if you really want to see Padilla at his best. Also, they’ve got a movie coming out. So he’s about to be a really REALLY big deal.

#1: The Hodge Twins

We’re sorta cheating with our Number one pick, since there’s technically two of them, but since you probably can’t tell em’ apart as it is, we figure it doesn’t really matter. At #1 on today’s countdown are Keith and Kevin Hodge.
The Hodge twins essentially have a vlog where they answer workout questions and sometimes eat ridiculous amounts of food. They’re bit boisterous, but their blue eyes and dark complexion are undeniably attractive.
Interested in making people laugh and helping them lead healthier lives, these twins are making all kinds of gains in the gym and on YouTube. And, while we love to see them in the gym, we gotta admit their food challenges are some of our favorites. They dial the douche up to 11, but it works for ‘em, and we have a feeling at least some of it is a persona. And they’ve got the goods to back it up.

That's all for our countdown. Be sure to vote on upcoming episodes on our suggest page, check us out on instagram, facebook and twitter, and for more great top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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