Top 10 Annoying Sections in Video Games



Top 10 Annoying Sections in Video Games

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Script Written by Allen-Michael Harber

“Awww I HATE this part!”. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 annoying sections in Video Games.

For this list we are looking at sections in video games that drove us nuts whether it was due to level design or game mechanics. We aren't focusing on specific sections or levels in a single game, instead doing an overall sweep of those sections that annoy us everytime.

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Top 10 Annoying Sections in Video Games

“Awww I HATE this part!”. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top 10annoying sections in video games.

For this list we are looking at sections in video games that drove us nuts whether it was due to level design or game mechanics. We aren’t focusing on specific sections or levels in a single game, instead doing an overall sweep of those sections that annoy us everytime.

#10: Platforming in Non-Platforming Games

At one time Platforming games were the most popular, so it’s understandable that a lot of games incorporate some key elements into their games. There are however some games that don’t need these platforming sections, and we’re mainly talking about First Person Shooters. We can understand the need to hop over a ledge or something, but when we are jumping on small platforms and can barely see our feet things get a little frustrating. This is probably made worse by the fact that most real 3D platformers allow you to correct your trajectory mid jump, whereas shooters and RPGs rarely incorporate this feature.

#9: Filler Fetch Quests

You see them in almost every RPG. An NPC will stand around waiting for the you, the hero, to show up so they can give you the difficult task of retrieving their lost necklace, or their lost pet, or the ever popular collection of rare herds. These types of quests are pretty much there to stretch out the game. Sure games like Skyrim boast many side quests, but most of them equate to “Hey, I know you’re supposed to save the world today, but can you run a quick errand for me because I’m lazy.” Also, anyone who’s played Monster Hunter will know what I mean when I say “Egg Quest” (shudder).

#8: Sewer Levels

Sewers are dark, dank and smelly places, so why would we want to experience this in any form. These types of levels have you traversing maze-like environments, often pushing switches to open new sections while fighting off rats, bats and other rodents. Sewer levels are also a chance for game designers to abuse their copy and paste button, since most of these levels tend to look the same. As a result, these sections often mirror their real life counterparts and end up being pretty shitty.

#7: Vehicle Sections

You need to get to your next destination or the bad guys are getting away, how would we go about getting there or catching up. How about we go for a nice drive. There’s nothing wrong with driving, unless the drive is boring or you don’t know what you’re doing. We were all to happy killing bad guys the old fashioned way, but now we have to get used to a new set of controls and parade down what appears to be a linear corridor made to LOOK . Plus, now that you’ve learned to drive that fancy new tank or whatever, say goodbye cause you’ll never see it again.

#6: Stealth Sections

Sneaking around is fun if your Solid Snake, Sam Fischer or a Ninja, but when we have an arsenal of devastating weapons in our hands, stealth is the last thing on our mind. Stealth based missions can be fun, if it’s offered as one way of beating the level, not the only way. Most of the time, in types of missions if you’re spotted you pretty much have to start over. When you’ve spent the whole game charging headlong into every room guns blazing, this sort of thing ends up being less of a break from the action and more of a genuine deal breaker.

#5: Life Force Doors

Earning it’s name from Jet Force Gemini, Life Force Doors are obstacles that block your path until you kill all the enemies in the area. Waves of enemies will attack you all at once usually in a small enclosed area making it difficult to pull off attacks. What makes these sections all the more annoying is when you have to defeat the enemies using a certain power or attack in able for it to count. We want to kill bad guys because we want to, not because we have to. Also, where’s the logic in this, from the badguy’s perspective? Let’s make sure he can kill EVERYONE I throw at him before opening the next door so he can get to me. Seems legit.

#4: Time Limit Sections

We understand that sometimes you need to make decisions fast in video games, but that still doesn’t mean we like being put on the spot. Making us hurry only makes us nervous and prone to rage quit when we don’t finish a section in a certain amount of time. Usually this involves a game over and we have to redo everything all over again. Then there are some games that make your whole premise around a time limit. Although some games do this right, like Majora’s mask, others do not. Yes we’re talking about you Lightning …

#3: Escort Missions

Trying to keep yourself alive in a game is one thing, but when you add an idiot in the mix who can’t fight for themselves, that’s a whole new ballgame. Pointing out a certain blonde girl and a bevy of infected villagers as our main offender, these missions often have you escorting a character through innumerable hazards without getting them killed. The only problem is that their A.I. is usually moronic and we constantly have to save them from themselves, essentially. Even if they can technically fight for themselves, they usually prove to be ineffectual in combat.

#2: Water Levels

To most children of the 80s and 90s gamers, these levels are the worst. Water levels are extremely annoying not because their inherently difficult, but because of the physics of water itself. You will normally find yourself swimming around, which sounds like fun, but combine that with the slow pace, disorienting camera and in some cases the air meter and you have a recipe for disaster. How do you ruin something as timeless as the Ninja Turtles? Water levels, dude.

Before we reluctantly trek through our top pick let’s take a look at some honorable or in this case dishonorable mentions.

Ice Levels
Auto Scroll Levels

#1: Quick Time Events

This seemed like such a good idea the first time we saw it. Quick time events are there to keep you on your feet by having you press the right button or sequence of buttons to interact with the game….if they’re done right. Unfortunately, they aren’t always used correctly or are placed in areas where they shouldn’t be. For example you could be watching and enjoying a cutscene and out of nowhere get hit with a QTE and you can’t react fast enough, and you’re dead. These did work way back in the 80s for Dragon’s Lair, but nowadays they’re essentially used to make you feel like you’re “playing” a cutscene – but you’re not. It’s like watching a movie that you have to keep unpausing every 2 seconds or it’ll restart on you.

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