Top 10 Video Game Worlds We Wish Were Real



Top 10 Video Game Worlds We Wish Were Real

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Script written by Jamie Leslie.

Video games help us escape to a world that isn't our own, but we still can't help but wonder what it could be if they actually existed. So join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Worlds We Wish Were Real. From the most brilliant fantasy lands to fully explorable galaxies and worlds we can craft and create, these are the places we wish were real and could go to and explore in real life. For this list we are excluding places like San Andreas that are based of real life locations.

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Script written by Jamie Leslie.

Top 10 Video Game Worlds We Wish Were Real

Video games help us escape to a world that isn't our own, but we still can't help but wonder what it could be if they actually existed. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 Video Game Worlds We Wish Were Real.
For this list, we’ll be checking out the worlds we’d love to explore in real life, excluding places like San Andreas that are based of real life locations.

#10: Minecraft World
“Minecraft” (2009)

The simple allure to this video game world is its ability to only be limited by your own imagination. With an assortment of customizable blocks, players can outfit their world into snowy tundras, open forests, arid savannas, and more. Armed with your own personal pickaxe, players can mine for their own resources, allowing you not only to expand your horizons, but awarding you with a sense of achievement.

#9: Skyloft
“Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” (2011)

The sky is most certainly the limit in this fantastical world. High in the clouds resides a series of islands that suspend in the air above Hyrule. Humans, or more commonly known as Hylians, inhabit this location and exploit the use of large birds called Loftwings to get from landmass to landmass. Among these locations include the Knight Academy, a Bazaar, a residential quarter, and a plethora of more mystical wonders. As beautiful as it may appear, we'd suggest staying clear if you have a fear of heights.

#8: Azeroth
“World of Warcraft” (2004)

Like fantasy? Awesome. We'd like to introduce you to the expansive world of Azeroth, home to elves, orcs, humans, and quite possibly any other mythical creature you can think of. Divided and torn by numerous wars with the Burning Legion, Azeroth doesn't go without its less than favorable history. However, despite its turmoil, residents can always find areas of peace and tranquility on all four of its continents, whether they fancy grassy plains, or even the treacherous mountains. While the name Azeroth technically also stands for the entire World of Warcraft, it also doubles as the name of the continent the Humans call home.

#7: Mushroom Kingdom
“Super Mario Bros.” (1985)

Quite possibly the most colorful video game world we've laid eyes on, and also perhaps the most odd, as one would find it very difficult to be bored in this kingdom. Mushroom Kingdom is oversaw by Princess Peach and inhabited by live toadstools, turtles, and bunch more unidentifiable creatures. The main source of commute is through warp pipes that can transfer you to a number of areas including the various forests, mountains, and volcanoes and a huge assortment of worlds that just don’t make any sense at all. The world pretty much emulates one huge theme park, although we'd advise against eating the mushrooms.

#6: Arcadia
“Skies of Arcadia” (2000)

Who hasn't once dreamed of living the life of a pirate? Commandeering your own ship, crew, and carelessly sailing the skies. This and more is very possible in the world of Arcadia, a land of continents that are divided into multiple floating Islands, and each with their own moon orbiting above it. By means of airship, players make their way around a world that has been wrought with war and rich in history. Best to watch out for Sky Pirates though.

#5: Brutal Land
“Brutal Legend” (2009)

Trapped in a fantasy world of heavy metal, one can either conform to the law of the land or express their god given right to rock and roll. The Brutal Land is a love letter to any fan of heavy metal music, as the landspaces and locals are inspired by famous heavy metal albums covers, along with remnants of ancient rock titans fossilized in stone. Naturally, you’ll also have to deal with fire and brimstone storms on regular basis – but they don’t call it “Rock” Music for nothing.

#4: Planet Mira
“Xenoblade Chronicles X” (2015)

Ever wondered where human civilization will end up after the Earth has reached its time? Mira is filled with breathtaking vistas and locale’s from the bioluminescent forests of Noctilum, to the almost dream like tundra of Sylvalum. Not to mention the giant majestic creatures that roam these lands. The contents of Planet Mira are nearly limitless and if you can't cover enough ground on foot, there's always the option to travel by means of the transforming mechs known as Skells.

#3: Milky Way (Pre-Reaper War)
“Mass Effect” series (2005-)

Intergalactic travel has been one of mankind's biggest conquests, however this game leaves the option at your fingertips. The Milky Way galaxy is a perplexing structure of stars, solar systems, and planets, all awaiting one daring commander to uncover its many secrets. With a multitude of alien races, sophisticated technology, and nothing but time, it can be quite easy to get taken back by the galaxy's many wonders.

#2: Kingdom Hearts' Universe
“Kingdom Hearts” (2002-)

If Disney taught us anything growing up, it was that there will always be a kid in all of us. The Kingdom Hearts Universe doesn't only allow us to relive some of our most cherished childhood moments, but live vicariously through our favorite Disney characters by traveling via Gummi ship to their worlds. The Square/Disney mashup enabled Final Fantasy characters to coincide with these worlds, bringing epic team-up potentials to unreal proportions.

Before we unveil our pick for Top Video Game World We Wish Were Real, here are a few honorable mentions:

Melee Island
“The Secret of Monkey Island” (1990)

Psychonauts Summer Camp
“Psychonauts” (2005)

Zack Island
“Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball” (2003)

Riven's Island
“Riven” (1997)

“Kirby's Dreamland” (1992)

#1: Pokemon World
“Pokemon” series (1996-)

At one point in time there wasn't a kid in the world that didn't have hopes in becoming a Pokemon master. This was the game series that brought players closest to that goal. Whether it be the allure of picking your starter Pokemon, defeating gym leaders, or just simply catching em' all, our inner trainers were all awakened. Besting your friends and opponents in battle is only the icing on the cake as you traded and trained your way into becoming the very best.

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