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Top 10 Exclusive McDonald's International Menu Items

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Sandra Argese Order up for these special McDonald's creations! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Exclusive McDonald's International Menu Items. For this list, we're looking at internationally based McDonald’s menu items that are popular for their unique nature, inventive recipes and much loved taste. Special thanks to our user ninou78 for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Exclusive McDonald's International Menu Items

Order up for these special McDonald's creations! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Exclusive McDonald's International Menu Items.

For this list, we’re looking at internationally based McDonald’s menu items that are popular for their unique nature, inventive recipes and much loved taste. By international, we mean anywhere in the world that has at least one McDonald’s restaurant. We are not disqualifying any item that is no longer available, but we are including items that are available in more than one location.

#10: Poutine

What’s better than a delicious box of gravy and fries? A delicious box of gravy and fries with Quebec cheese curds melted in and around them, of course! Since the 1950s, poutine has been available since in Quebec, Canada, and it has since expanded across the country. And, of course, McDonald’s decided to create its own spin on the classic fast food dish. Usually priced at approximately $3.99, it’s a customer favorite and is as appetizing as its photo looks on the menu. While Canada has had other McDonald’s specialties, such as the McLobster, it’s the Poutine – which was initially only available in Quebec – that has experienced such strong demand that it expanded to menus across the nation in 2013.

#9: Cheese Katsu Burger

Served up in McDonald’s restaurants around Japan, this burger sure packs a flavorsome punch! Consisting of deep-fried breaded pork cutlets filled with processed, salad, and tonkatsu sauce, it’s another example of McDonald’s’ inventiveness. Originally available for a limited time in Japan, it was revived due to popular demand the next year. It’s not your typical McDonald’s burger, as it experiments with different flavors and ingredient combinations, but just one look - and one taste! - makes it clear why the people wanted the Cheese Katsu burger back on the menu.

#8: McRice Burger
Southeast Asia

Ever wanted to order a calorie-friendly burger? The McRice sandwich is the answer, as its two buns are made completely of rice in the form of rice cakes. Available in parts of Southeast Asia, the McRice burger is marketed as a healthier menu alternative, weighing in at roughly 378 calories, compared to the 529 of a Big Mac. It also features a choice between a beef or chicken patty, salad, and mayonnaise. The Taipei Times even reported 5 million of them had been sold after its first six months. Not too shabby for a burger without bread.

#7: Create Your Taste
Australia / America

In 2014, Australian McDonald’s took customer control to a whole new level and gave them the chance to create their own meals with the Create Your Taste kiosk! While we could’ve gone with the beloved McOz burger as the Aussie favorite, we though the ‘Create Your Taste’ option is more deserving of a spot here. Why? Slowly being implemented across New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, it’s quickly making a mark on the fast food world. With the help of a touch screen, you can customize your burger with a variety of ingredients, ranging from the type of bun to the types of cheese, special sauces and more! Oh, and your order is brought out to you by a waiter, whether you’re dining at the resto or taking it to go.

#6: McShawarma

Take two slices of flat bread, put some barbecued – and kosher! - turkey meat inside, add some tahini and pickles and you’ve created a McShawarma. Accompanied by a TV ad that parodies Pulp Fiction, this sandwich is a popular menu item in its home country of Israel. As a large quantity of the Israeli consumer market isn’t permitted to eat other types of meat with respect to their religious beliefs, this product has performed very well as an alternative to the regular beef burger. While it’s close in style to Morocco’s McArabia, which features various vegetables, sauce, and two grilled chicken patties enclosed between Arabic flat bread, the name of this Israeli sandwich is much more fun to say: mcshawwaaarma!

#5: Brie Nuggets

These aren’t your normal kind of nuggets. They’re creamy, crunchy and gooey all at the same time. Did we mention they’re filled with delicious brie cheese? Found in Russian McDonald’s restaurants, these nuggets can arrive with a side of sauce… and yes, said sauce might even be berry jam. The Brie Nuggets are breaded and deep-fried and are sure to satisfy with a crispy outside and golden brown color to go. It’s a sweet and savory fix all in one that sure looks as delicious as it tastes.

#4: Pizza McPuff

This crafty invention is another one of India’s popular McDonald’s offerings. Crunchy brown dough coats a delicious combination of tomato sauce, onions, peas, beans, bell peppers, carrots and melted mozzarella. This savory option was designed to cater to vegetarians, as it doesn’t feature meat inside. Thanks to its explosion of flavor and overall inventiveness, and because it’s vegetarian-friendly, the Pizza McPuff wins a spot on our list.

#3: Cordon Bleu Burger

McDonald’s gets fancy in Poland with this classy invention, taking a world famous meal and transforming it into a fast food burger. The Cordon Bleu Burger is unique from bun to bun. We start off with the delicious top bun, which has onions cooked into its surface. The inside boasts a combination of bacon and cheese, along with mayonnaise, a delicious fried beef patty AND a ham-stuffed fried chicken patty on top! With such appetizing flavors on offer, it’s no wonder the Polish loved this product so much during its run.

#2: Das Nürnburger

Love the taste of a juicy Bratwurst sausage? Then imagine three of them, inside a soft wide bun, covered in mustard. Meet the Nurnburger, a pure example of McDonald’s marketing genius in creating a menu item out of a well-loved national food. Interesting fact, Japan adopted this strategy as well, as seen with the success of their Mega Teriyaki Burger, and the country also notably hosted the Nurnburger’s direct cousin, the German Sausage Chicken burger. But back to the topic at hand: need something to wash the Nurnburger down while you’re in Germany? Bring your ID to the counter and order some McBeer. I’m loving it!

Before we order our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- McMolettes
- Cheddar McMelt
- Greek Mac
Greece / Cyprus
- McLaks
- Gazpacho

#1: Chicken Maharaja Mac

India boasts a culturally rich McDonald's menu, with the Chicken Maharaja Mac being no exception. Standing tall in popularity among other well-loved Indian McDonald’s items, such as the vegetarian McCurry Pan and the Spicy Paneer Wrap, the Chicken Maharaja Mac caters to those of the Hindu faith by not containing any beef. Featuring two grilled chicken patties, onions, tomatoes, smoky mayonnaise and cheddar cheese, it’s no secret why this is a well-executed asset to the McDonald’s menu and our number one pick.

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