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Top 10 Fantasy Villains

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Maya Botha These bad guys are sure to cast a spell on you in many magical ways. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Fantasy Movie Villains. For this list, we're looking at the finest or best-known movie villains in the fantasy genre, meaning wizards, witches, sorcerers or anyone else who fits the bill. Special thanks to our users viliguns, Cameron Hutton, Frenchy 17, LordJeffries, Dulcesdeditos, DoctorXander, ReaderGamerSinger and Jacob Waltuck for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Fantasy Villains

These bad guys are sure to cast a spell on you in many magical ways. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Fantasy Movie Villains.
For this list, we’re looking at the finest or best-known movie villains in thefantasy genre, meaning wizards, witches, sorcerers or anyone else who fits the bill. If this doesn’t meet your fancy, be sure to check out our other videos ofvillains in different genres including Top 10 Sci-Fi Movie Villains, Top 10 Action Movie Villains and many more. Also there maybe spoilers ahead so SPOILER ALERT.

#10: Jareth the Goblin King
“Labyrinth” (1986)

Jareth is the ruler of the Labyrinth and – as you may’ve guessed – king of the goblins, though he himself is clearly not one himself. Dangerously handsome, Jareth’s a master of disguise who can change into various forms. Not only that, he can also create magical orbs of crystal with his bare hands. After kidnapping Sarah’s baby brother and forcing the young girl to find her way through the Labyrinth, Jareth becomes determined to ensure she keeps losing her way – but he underestimates her perseverance and willful attitude to retrieve what’s hers. An arrogant and mischievous antagonist, Jareth makes a formidable and memorable foe.

#9: Davy Jones
“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” (2006) / “At World’s End” (2007)

The captain of the Flying Dutchman, this tentacle-d villain is a cursed seaman and a ruthless monster at the same time, who travels in search of souls that he can put into service on his crew. Not your typical pirate bad guy with a dumb sidekick and a hook for a hand – more on him later – Davy Jones’ powers include teleportation and immortality. But perhaps most terrifying is his ability to summon the Kraken at will, which he uses to remind Jack Sparrow that if he doesn’t make good on his end of the deal, there will be trouble. Without giving too much away, this is one villain who – underneath that shell – is a troubled soul himself.

#8: Thulsa Doom
“Conan the Barbarian” (1982)

With a hypnotic stare, a deep and intimidating voice, and the ability to transform into a giant snake, Thulsa Doom is a character you don’t want to mess with. A leader charismatic enough to propel people to their deaths of their own volition, you might say that Doom is a cult leader of sorts. Either way, this sadistic, manipulative, shape-shifting sorcerer is the main target of Conan’s vengeance. And with good reason: he killed the barbarian’s parents and destroyed his village. It’s that thirst for vengeance that make the epic final battle between Thulsa Doom and Conan an unforgettable moment.

#7: Maleficent
“Sleeping Beauty” (1959)

Considered one of the most popular of all Disney villains, this powerful dark fairy ensures that she gets whatever she wants. However, whether her vengeful schemes are motivated by her love of all things evil or because of hurt pride, the debate will continue to rage. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that this lady possesses one evil personality. Her powers are no joke either, since she curses Princess Aurora to a deep sleep, transforms into a dragon and more. Elegant and mysterious, Maleficent will leave you breathless enough that she even became the protagonist in her own movie.

#6: Captain Hook
“Hook” (1991)

The boy who wouldn’t grow up did exactly that, becoming a successful lawyer; with a wife and kids he spends less time with than his work. So where does that leave Peter Pan’s greatest nemesis? The wicked pirate Captain Hook is still at home in Neverland, fighting what remains of the Lost Boys – but he wants to battle the Pan himself, so he kidnaps Peter’s children and challenges him to a duel – like the good old days. Hook has no magical abilities, but he’s a charismatic, intelligent villain and skilled swordsman who wants nothing more than a good fight with an old foe. Obsessive? Sure, but that’s one of the things that makes him a great enemy.

#5: The White Witch
“The Chronicles of Narnia” franchise (2005-)

A villainess who’s enchantingly beautiful, ruthless and cold – pun intended – the White Witch doomed all of Narnia to a century of winter – presumably so the weather would match the state of her heart. The Witch calls herself the Queen of Narnia, and she rules with an iron fist. In that fist she grasps her most useful weapon: her wand, which can turn her victims into stone. Her plan is simple: kill the protagonists and anyone else who defies her. And her strength, power and icy conduct make that objective an attainable one.

#4: Jafar
“Aladdin” (1992)

If you thought Maleficent was a villainous Disney character, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Tall, dark, cunning and possessing the most marvelous sneer, this royal vizier has his eyes set on one target: the throne. Jafar plans to use his smarts and ruthlessness to become the sultan – and if he’s able to conquer the world after that, so much the better. This sneaky sorcerer is a master of disguise, hypnosis and shape shifting – and his powers grow even greater when he has a genie in his command. Creepy and crazy, Jafar is a villain we won’t soon forget and who will forever haunt the minds of children and hardcore Disney fanatics alike.

#3: The Wicked Witch of the West
“The Wizard of Oz” (1939)

Who could forget the one-liners of this classic fantasy antagonist? This scary and vengeful green skinned individual is one character who lives up to her name. Another power hungry villain, she’ll stop at nothing to retrieve Dorothy’s magical ruby slippers, and take over the Land of Oz. But with all of the evil tools at her disposal, which include the power of flight, a crystal ball and fireball abilities, the Wicked Witch does have a weakness, however – one that we can’t help but laugh about. An iconic villain from an iconic movie, being wicked is what this witch is all about, and her cackle will echo on for generations to come.

#2: Lord Voldemort
“Harry Potter” franchise (2001-11)

He is the most feared and powerful Dark wizard in literature and film history, to the point that even the bravest witches and wizards dare not speak his name. A total psychopath even in his childhood, Tom Riddle grew up to be a master sorcerer whose control of magic was almost limitless. His goals are to become immortal – which is an objective he’d murder multiple times to obtain – and, as we all know, to kill Harry Potter. Each time Voldemort and the Boy Who Lived face off against each other, it’s a fantastical magic battle where light and dark, good and evil collide.

Before we enchant you with our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Queen Bavmorda
“Willow” (1988)
- Darkness
“Legend” (1985)
- The Nothing
“The NeverEnding Story” (1984)
- Smaug
“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” (2013)

#1: Sauron
“The Lord of the Rings” franchise (2001-03)

Although Saruman and the Witch-king of Angmar are also worthy villains from this epic franchise, Sauron is the ultimate and definitive fantasy bad guy. As he co-created the Rings of Power and – more importantly – the One Ring to rule them all, it’s his mission to ensure that the ring makes its way back into his possession so that he and Saruman are free to rule over Middle-earth. Unfortunately for this powerful dark wizard, that’s not an agreeable plan to a hobbit and his allies. Whether he’s clad in black armor or an all-seeing, all-knowing eye, Sauron is as terrifying as they come, which makes him a most fearsome sorcerer and an unforgettable antagonist in the fantasy world.

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