Top 10 Comedy Actors of the 2010s
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Top 10 Comedy Actors of the 2010s

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

They're the Kings and Queens of modern comedy. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Comedy Actors of the 2010s. For this list, we're scouring Hollywood history to find the funniest comedic actors who ever graced a screen.

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Comedy Actors of the 2010s

They're the Kings and Queens of modern comedy. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Comedy Actors of the 2010s.

For this list, we’re scouring Hollywood history to find the funniest comedic actors who ever graced a screen. We’re focusing on performers from both feature films and television, but have decided to exclude talk show hosts and voice actors. This is part of a series of videos spanning the decades.

#10: Bill Hader
1978 -

This Tulsa, Oklahoma native studied the arts in Arizona before taking his act to LA, and a chance encounter with “Will & Grace”’s Megan Mullally set the stage for an audition at “Saturday Night Live.” With an ability to channel older performers, Bill Hader typically appears wise beyond his years; however, it was his NYC guru Stefon that reached a younger demographic. Slowly but surely, the impressionist has accumulated an impressive list of film credits, and in 2012, Hader became the first SNL performer to earn an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actor” since Eddie Murphy accomplished the feat in 1984.

#9: Danny McBride
1976 -

After appearing in a handful of films throughout the 2000s, this foul-mouthed bad boy stepped into the shoes of one Kenny Powers, the outlandish magnificent lowlife of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down.” In 2013, McBride stole the show in the comedy collaboration “This Is the End,” where his character not only tried to survive the apocalypse but also the wrath of a frazzled James Franco. All in all, Danny McBride has long been one of the most underrated comedic stars of Hollywood, and he shows no signs of stopping!

#8: Melissa McCarthy
1970 -

Unless you were an ardent watcher of “Gilmore Girls” or “Samantha Who,” this powerhouse performer probably took you by surprise in Paul Feig’s 2011 classic “Bridesmaids.” As the blunt and bold Megan Price, Melissa McCarthy produced several cringe-worthy moments that naturally made her the next big thing in comedy. As a former member of the LA comedy troupe “The Groundlings,” she can hold her own alongside any seasoned veteran, which she’s made hysterically clear in numerous action comedies, and of course, began starring in her own CBS sitcom in 2010. There’s ha-ha comedy, and then there’s Melissa McCarthy cry-till-you-hurt comedy.

#7: Kevin Hart
1979 -

He’s always been lingering in the background, but in the early part of the decade, this observational comic transformed into a legitimate Hollywood star. Arguably one of the busiest men in show business, Kevin Hart has nabbed a collection of roles as the best friend that will serve up the truth in his own unique way. His dialogue is short and sweet, and it typically ends with someone being clowned. Upon years of paying his dues, the Philly-born comic finally earned A-list status with starring roles in “Ride Along, “The Wedding Ringer,” and “Get Hard.” Intelligent and perseverant, Kevin Hart continues to find new ways to entertain.

#6: Michael Cera
1988 -

Who IS Michael Cera? Well, according to his performance in “This Is the End,” he’s one of Hollywood’s most badass dudes. Debatable, but he’s certainly one of the strongest comedic performers of the decade. Women gush over his lovable ways, and men identify with his outsider characters, which makes Mr. Cera a rare type of box office draw. His films haven’t exactly broken the bank, yet he remains an in-demand performer thanks to his situational comedic skills. Whether he’s playing a desperate virgin and his alter ego in “Youth in Revolt,” or the valiant yet socially awkward “Scott Pilgrim,” his brand of humor always hits home.

#5: Zach Galifianakis
1969 -

Here’s a guy that will make you scratch your head and re-watch every one of his films a second and third time. Truly an acquired taste, the characters of Zach Galifianakis are deadpan heroes that stand tall in the face of adversity. In other words, they do stupid things to make everybody feel better, at least temporarily. He’ll make you bust a gut laughing while remaining slightly creepy, but Galifianakis always manages to let the audience experience something wholly original.

#4: Amy Poehler
1971 -

While this staple of SNL has plenty of film roles to her name, she’s undoubtedly one of the definitive stars of network sitcoms. For seven outstanding seasons, Amy Poehler earned a loyal following as Leslie Knope of “Parks and Recreation,” and her wink-of-the-eye humor AND blistering comedic timing thoroughly enraptured adoring fans. She’s perfectly capable of playing the straight woman or stooge, and it’s this comedic flexibility that makes her one of the most cherished performers of today.

#3: Seth Rogen
1982 -

His name is synonymous with Mary Jane and he managed to have a little rendezvous with North Korea. Just three years after donning an ill-fitting, green suit as “The Green Hornet,” Seth Rogen became the central figure of an international conspiracy regarding the fictional death of Kim Jong-un. And with such a cultural emphasis on “The Interview” alone – along with his love for the bong – the mainstream has paid less attention to comedic gems like “This Is the End” and “50/50.” He’s a writer, he’s a director and a Canadian master of stoner realism.

#2: Kristen Wiig
1973 -

Along with Bill Hader, this screwball performer made “Saturday Night Live” a must-watch from 2005-12. But like her fellow actress Melissa McCarthy, it was a role in “Bridesmaids” that elevated her stardom to the next level. With a style steeped in deadpan and absurdist humor, Kristen Wiig has earned her place as one of the most respected performers of modern comedy with her endearing presence and slightly-insane on-screen personas. There are not many established actresses that will drop everything to make a serious Lifetime flick, but Kristen Wiig did such a thing in 2015. We’ve all been wiigin’ out for years thanks to her inventive comedic ways.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Russell Brand
1975 -
- Amy Schumer
1981 -
- Jason Sudeikis
1975 -
- Ken Jeong
1969 -
- Ed Helms
1974 -
- Craig Robinson
1971 –

#1: Jonah Hill
1983 -

When it comes to unforgettable comedy actors, there are performers that leave enduring imprints through minor characters, while others tend to make their mark through leading roles. Jonah Hill is a comic that has managed to transcend low-brow type-casting to reach larger audiences through a touch of realism and situational comedy. Academy Award-nominated performances in “Moneyball” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” earned him a larger following, and while this list isn’t about individual awards, it’s become increasingly clear that Jonah Hill can slay any type of comedic scenario while still managing to bring a little humanity to his characters.

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