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Top 10 Most Die-Hard Music Fandoms

VO: Matt Campbell

Script written by Tiffany Ezuma

Which team are you on? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Music Fandoms. For this list, we’ve picked the fandoms based on how active the fan base is, their devotion to the artist, and their own popularity as a group.

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Script written by Tiffany Ezuma

Top 10 Music Fandoms

Which team are you on? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Music Fandoms.
For this list, we’ve picked the fandoms based on how active the fan base is, their devotion to the artist, and their own popularity as a group.  

#10: Beyhive

Like worker bees supporting their queen, the Beyhive is known for being one of the most loyal fandoms. If you mess with Beyoncé in any way, shape, or form, the Beyhive will come after you; just look at their fight with Kid Rock after he said she wasn’t talented or at their more recent attack on Rachel Roy’s Instagram after Lemonade dropped. They know she’s a perfectionist and are willing to wait patiently between her releases. The Beyhive knows just how powerful Beyoncé is, even when corporations like Red Lobster want to join in on the fun!

#9: Swifties
Taylor Swift

The fundamental belief of a Swiftie is that Taylor can do no wrong. True Swifties have followed Taylor since her country music and Nashville days into her pop-crossover dominance with 2014’s 1989. Unlike some other stars, Swift interacts with her devotees, even going as far as inviting select fans to a listening party at her home and baking cookies for them. Swifties faced their greatest challenge with Taylor's Kimye drama, as well as the accusations of fake dating Tom Hiddleson, but her true fans have got her back.

#8: Rihanna Navy

Riri’s Navy holds her down! Named after a line in her song “G4L” where Rihanna sings “we’re an army, better yet we’re a navy”, Rihanna penned a letter to her hardcore fans addressing them with the new nickname. For the most part, Rihanna Navy is laid-back like their leader but they’ll take down another fan group if they feel attacked. They’ve gotten into spats with the Beyhive and Ciara fans before, but they’re just trying to get Rihanna all the credit she’s due and hold court at where they can discuss the latest in the popstar’s world.

#7:  KatyCats
Katy Perry

Katy’s love of cats makes this fandom name a pretty obvious choice. The name was solidified after Katy announced her “Hello Katy Tour,” a play on Hello Kitty. Katy Cats are avid fans and admirers of Katy, who appreciate her quirky style, powerhouse vocals, and inspirational tunes. The feeling’s mutual as Katy feels a deep connection to the fandom and has even said she’s like a mom to them. They’re very active on the Internet and have helped make Katy the most followed person on Twitter in addition to earning her a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Internet Sensation in 2011.

#6: Directioners
One Direction

You don’t become one of the biggest boy bands in history without a devoted following. The Directioners are a group of mostly young, female fans who have been following the group since their X Factor UK days. They know exactly which boy is which, can tell who’s singing which parts of the song, and will defend their music to anyone who doubts their abilities. Directioners rallied around the group when Zayn quit in 2015, and pledged their loyalty to the rest of the group on social media. The group loves their fans back, and their song and musicvideo “History” is a service to their diehard followers to thank them and tide them over during 1D's hiatus.

#5: The KISS Army

The KISS Army is not only the name of the band’s official fan club but it’s also the name of the group’s most steadfast fans. KISS legend has it that the true fandom started in 1975 when two teenage fans, Bill Starkey and Jay Evans, began demanding that their local radio station played KISS. Within six months the station not only began playing Kiss music but it became a membership hub. From there, the two boys started a movement and recruited other fans to join the fandom; and were able to drum up enough support for the band to sell out a 10,000 seat stadium. By 1976, the Kiss Army had become the official Kiss fan club and boasted a membership of nearly 100,000 members.

#4: Little Monsters
Lady Gaga

Just like their mother monster, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are one of the most unique fandoms out there. If you feel different, alone, or misunderstood, then there’s a place for you among the group. Little Monsters admire the songstress for her show-stopping vocals, her theatrics, and how willing she is to deviate from the norm. “The Simpsons” even capitalized on Gaga’s love of her fans by creating the episode “Lisa Goes Gaga” where Lady Gaga helps a depressed Lisa find her happiness.

#3: Beliebers
Justin Bieber

Have you caught the Bieber Fever? No other fan group has had as hard of a time as the Beliebers. Justin has grown up from the preteen sweetness of his youth under a pretty harsh spotlight, which hasn’t always made him look the best. But no matter what he does his largely teenage and female followers believe in his talent and his ability to inspire. The oldest Beliebers have been with him since his YouTube days, when the group was called Justineras but by 2010 Beliebers had taken over, as 2011's documentary “Never Say Never” explored his relationship with the fan base.

#2: Juggalos
Insane Clown Posse

Whoop, whoop, calling all the Juggalos! The Juggalos got their name after a 1994 concert where Violent J called the audience “juggalos” while the band played their song “The Juggla.” The group has its own subculture with their own customs and quirks. You can pretty much tell if someone’s a Juggalo by a love of Faygo, clown make-up, and “whoop, whoop” calls. And if there’s one thing Juggalos know how to do, it’s party, proven every year by “The Gathering of the Juggalos”. The band loves their followers and in 2012 they created the annual Juggalo Day as a way to show their appreciation.
Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
Britney Army
Britney Spears
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Jimmy Buffet
The Skeleton Clique
Twenty One Pilots

#1:  Deadheads
The Grateful Dead

The music fandom to end all fandoms. Unlike most fan bases today that are mostly active on social media, true Deadheads are known for giving up their lives to follow the band from show to show. Sure, other jam bands like Phish have a diehard following but the Deadheads were a phenomenon like no other and are the epitome of the counterculture movement. The fans greatly impacted the band who would change their set lists every night to accommodate their frequent followers, played two sets per show, and allowed Deadheads to record their concerts. Their cult like following continued even after Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995, until the Dead's “Fare Thee Well” tour in 2015.
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