Top 10 Worst Horror Games

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Some video games can be terrifying experiences – these are not those games. Welcome to as we check out the games that never, ever made anyone pee their pants: The Top 10 Worst Horror Games.

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Top 10 Worst Horror Games

Um... eep? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Horror Games.
For this list, we’ll be looking at those games that fall flat in the night due to poor gameplay, laughable graphics, and lackluster scares. No need to tuck the kids in for this one, the only nightmares will be us shuddering at the trade-in value on these titles.

#10: “Ju-On: The Grudge” (2009)

A horror game that uses motion controls is one thing, but a horror game that’s also based on a movie series? They wanted this to fail, didn’t they? We suppose calling it “motion controls” is a bit unfair since the only real motion is using the wiimote like a flashlight. Oooooh, spoooooky...? Even the movie’s creator, Takeshi Shimizu, couldn’t save this flop. A bare-bones story, bland environments, abysmal controls, outdated graphics ... the only saving grace is that the game is pathetically short. We just hope the grudge doesn’t linger in our Wiis.

#9: “Night Trap” (1992)

Yep, that’s definitely controversial enough to create the ESRB. This game practically bathes itself in its ooey, gooey cheese. The music. The Saved By The Bell-esque acting. The recycled animations of catching these Power Ranger rejects in traps. But you can only laugh at the obsurdity for so long. After a while you start to realize that the game is, well... boring. The by-the-numbers story and “click on this box” gameplay is dull. Once you memorize the pattern -- or look up a FAQ -- you can beat the game faster than you can memorize its song.

#8: “Resident Evil: Survivor” (2000)

While shooting zombies is a core element to the RE franchise, turning it into what’s supposed to be a fast-paced shooter doesn’t work. Resident Evil -- at least, past Resident Evils -- were about exploration, planning your kills carefully, and that slow feeling of dread when a corridor was a bit too quiet. That’s not how light gun shooters work... though we suppose this particular one didn’t work that great to begin with since the U.S. version didn’t have light gun support. This left us with an amnesiac protagonist moving at a snail’s pace to shoot whatever appeared on screen.

#7: “Druuna: Morbus Gravis“ (2001)

We’re not saying our video games require graphic violence and sex -- kinda -- but if your lead character is a woman like Druuna, we expect, well... not this game. The comic book series surrounding our heroine is the very definition of explicit, while its video game shies away from it. That might’ve been o.k. if the game was actually... good. Right off the bat, the “sensual” “voluptuous” “alluring” Druuna is kind of... not -- and that’s not from a looks standpoint, that’s from an interesting character standpoint. From there it’s just a Grade-A boredom-fest of poorly designed monsters, standard horror environments, and death scenes that even “Night Trap” laughs at.

#6: “BlackSoul” (2014)

In an age where we constantly mourn the loss of the classic Resident Evils and Silent Hills, a gaming throwback to the titles that used to scare us should’ve been a horror lover’s dream come true. Instead, we got... this. The worst part is... you can see what they were trying to do, that being said, the game should still look and sound better than crumpled paper on the wall. As it stands, this game is an eyesore to look at, and it fails to capture the magic of the titles it’s trying to pay homage to.

#5: “Friday The 13th” (1989)

This feels like beating a dead horse -- or should we say dead camp counselor. Yeah, we deserve Jason’s beating for that one, and that’s exactly what happens if you dare to play this godawful game. You’re tasked with trying to rescue camp counselors... assuming you can even figure out what to do, where to go, and how you take on Jason in a series of impossible, Punch-Out-like battles. This game should be left to drown in the depths of Crystal Lake and take the scalding memory of LJN with it.

#4: “The Letter” (2014)

It would be rude to play a laugh track over this entry, but seriously... how did this even make it to the Nintendo eShop? Now we’ll admit, it was admirable of the developers to want to create a horror mystery title for the Wii U, especially since there’s not much of it out there for it. And you know what? It’s admirable that they continued on after the failed Indiegogo campaign. But this This looks like a tech demo for Windows 95. To be fair it is forgivingly cheap at only $2 but … We’ll save you the trouble: it’s all a dream. The end.

#3: “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct” (2013)

With Telltale Games constantly hitting it out of the park, we were excited to see what was next for Walking Dead video games, even if they weren’t the ones behind this title. Now? We’d rather be eaten by a walker than deal with A.I like this. This game could’ve -- and should’ve -- been a success, especially with it focusing on series favorite, Daryl. What we got was a slopped together cash grab, and trust us, Walking Dead doesn’t need to be this desperate for money. Thank goodness Kojima and Norman Reedus are friends, otherwise, this would be the game we’d have to associate the Walking Dead actor with.

#2: “Amy” (2012)

Dear future developers: if you decide to put escort missions in your game... don’t, o.k.? That may sound a bit harsh, but if you’ve played this game, you’ll understand our strong hatred for bringing little girls from point A to point B. We will say that Amy has a somewhat interesting twist: you’re protecting a child who’s immune to the threat that you’re protecting her from. However, this novel idea is quickly lost in favor of bad acting, poorly synced lip movements, and some of the most frustrating gameplay in a horror -- no, any video game genre. Period .
Before we get to our number one pick, let’s attempt to stir up some scares with these honorable mentions:

“Shellshock 2: Blood Trails” (2009)
“Dino Crisis 3” (2003)
“Saw II: Flesh And Blood” (2010)

#1: “Alone In The Dark” (2008)

Before Resident Evil. Before Silent Hill. There was Alone in the Dark, a 1992 horror game that revolutionized the genre with its graphics, its story, and best of all: it’s frightening atmosphere... which doesn’t look like much now, but back then? Goosebumps. Fast forward to 2008, where we were subjected to what was supposed to be the grand return of this classic franchise. Seeing the decline of Resident Evil and Silent Hill was bad enough, but this (5:53)? We waited seven years for this? This title was, sadly, only the beginning of the end, as 2015’s “Illumination” put the final nail in what should’ve been a pristine, survival horror coffin.
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