Top 10 Games That NEED to be on the SNES Classic Edition

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script Written by Brianna Lawrence

With the NES Classic edition well on it's way, we can't help but wonder what they'll put on the hypothetical Super Nintendo Classic edition too! Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games that NEED to be on the SNES Classic Edition.

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Top 10 Games That Need To Be On The SNES Classic Edition

We’re allowed to dream, right? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games That Need To Be One The SNES Classic Edition.

Admit it, Mojoholics. As soon as the NES Classic Edition was announced, you said to yourself, “That’s great and all but... SNES? Please?” So for this list, we’ll be counting down our top tier line-up for a potential SNES Classic Edition. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will see this video and decide to release this dream machine.

#10: “Our Top 10 SNES List”

Let’s be honest: these are the games we KNOW are gonna be included. Besides, the NES Classic Edition has 30 games, so why limit ourselves at 10. Back in 2013, we tackled the daunting task of pick the best SNES games. Years later, this list still holds true, and we’d be shocked if these SNES staples weren’t included in a classic edition. So here’s to the mis-numbered Final Fantasies (0:18), the Star Foxes, the Metroids, Mario Worlds, and, most certainly, the Links to the Past (5:49). You may call this entry cheating, we call it: resourceful.

#9: “Super Castlevania IV” (1991)

When the SNES was released, it came out swinging, and this 16-bit upgrade to the iconic Castlevania series gave us the dark and spooky gaming fix we needed. The NES Castlevanias felt like an appetizer, with this game being the main course. Simon Belmont had never controlled so smoothly before, and his quest to defeat Dracula had never felt so epic. The levels, the monsters, and good lord that soundtrack. Our ideal SNES Classic Edition would need a touch of horror, and this would be the game to do just that.

#8: “Super Bomberman” (1993)

Before the time-wasters of iPhone and Facebook games, there was Bomberman. The idea is simple: use bombs to blow stuff up . But then... you start playing the game. Six worlds. Eight stages. Clever enemies. Boss fights . It doesn’t take long to realize that the name of the game is strategy (6:50), especially if you play the game’s biggest selling point: Battle Mode. Facing off against the A.I. is one thing, but doing battle against up to four friends? Yeah... did we mention we’re gonna need a multitap with our SNES Classic Edition?

#7: “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island” (1995)

When Mario gets a sequel, he typically gets some new power-ups, improved graphics, catchier music, and... a Babality ? Arguably one of the most unique Mario adventures, this sequel is a prequel where Yoshi is tasked with protecting Baby Mario and rescuing Baby Luigi. It’s not the adventure we were expecting, especially with the storybook art style and whimsical music, but with fun gameplay, challenging levels, a good dose of creativity, and one of the best Bowser battles in the entire franchise, the game became an instant classic. Hopefully they tone down that piercing Baby Mario cry, though...

#6: “Contra III: The Alien Wars” (1992)

Those damn aliens are back and they’ve got a score to settle, but really, is it our fault that Bill and Lance were so awesome ? Now their descendants have taken up the guns as they embark on the ultimate gaming adrenaline rush . The run and gun gameplay is better than ever, with an absolutely kickass soundtrack and a variety of stages, but be careful, there’s no Konami code this time. It’s not the longest game in the world, but with this much action, your heart is probably relieved over the short length.

#5: “Kirby Super Star” (1996)

We couldn’t celebrate the SNES without celebrating Nintendo’s adorable pink glutton. Much like our #10 pick, this may feel like a bit of a cop out, but to us, this is the definitive Kirby title for the SNES. Besides, why settle for one Kirby game when you can have eight? These games range from platformers to various mini-games like racing and an endurance arena where you face off against all of the game’s bosses. Along with Kirby are all the classics from the franchise, including Meta Knight and, of course, King Dedede

#4: “Secret of Mana” (1993)

There was a time where Square could do no wrong JRPG wise, and that’s not just because of Final Fantasy. This was one of those games that slid under the radar, but it packed one hell of a punch. The opening music alone is enough to pull you in, and that’s before you even hit the START button! The world is rich with brightly colored environments, a heartbreaking story, and a real time battle system that stood out amongst the turn-based gameplay style we’d become accustomed to. Oh and while we’re at it Square Enix, how about you also include Secret of Mana 2! You know, the amazing sequel that after 20 years you STILL hasn’t given a western release!!!

#3: “NBA Jam: Tournament Edition” (1995)

Time for some RAZZLE DAZZLE because HE’S ON FIRE! We don’t often put sports game so high on the list... but we gotta have NBA Jam.There’s no escaping its charm: the over-the-top moves, the hidden characters and of course, the overdramatic announcer,. The updated tournament edition adds new features and easter eggs while maintaining the smooth gameplay and quirkiness, giving us the ultimate version to one of the best basketball games of all time .

#2: “Earthbound” (1994)

It’s no secret that this game didn’t get the love it deserved back in the 90s. In a time where RPGs were slowly making headway in the U.S., audiences weren’t quite ready for Ness , his bright, red cap, and his striped shirt... or maaaaaybe it was the trippy visuals and unsettling world these kids had to traverse through . Overtime, the series has gotten the respect it deserves and it’s become a beloved gem in the SNES library. After all these years, we maaaaay ready to face off against Giygas again.
Before we get to our number one pick, let’s also add these honorable mentions to our ideal classic edition:
“Super Punch-Out!!” (1994)
“ActRaiser” (1990)
“Harvest Moon” (1996)

#1: “Mega Man X” (1993)

At the time, there had been several releases under Mega Man’s belt, and it was clear that the franchise was in need of something... X. Mega Man X was like the older brother of cool kid in school. You still liked the cool kid, but his older brother? His older brother was a game changer (1:57). Taking place 100 years after the original series, Mega Man X did everything right: it improved on the classic gameplay while keeping its core elements in tact . It gave us better graphics, new power-ups, a rockin’ soundtrack, ZERO and it reinvigorated the franchise in a big way.

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