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Top 10 Celebs Who Can Sing, Dance AND Act

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script Written by Q.V. Hough These celebrities can sing, dance and act; sometimes, all at the same time! Whether they are in Academy Award winning movies, topping the music charts, or wowing us with their dance moves, these celebrities have got it all wrapped up in a neat, talented package. Whether it's a classic like Ginger Rogers, or more modern examples like Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx and John Travolta, the best triple threats/triple acts of all time were pit against each other to see who is the most multi-talented celebrity! Watch on Our YouTube Channel.

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Top 10 Triple Threats

Many celebrities have to make due with one specific talent, but these superstars can do it all. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Triple Threats.

For this list, we’re focusing on A-level entertainers that have famously displayed their exceptional talents for singing, dancing and acting.

#10: Beyoncé

Dating back to her film debut in 2001’s “Carmen: A Hip Hopera,” this pop culture icon has continuously amazed with her artistic versatility. In the late 90s, Beyoncé arrived on the scene with Destiny’s Child, which showcased her astounding vocal range. And over the years, Beyoncé’s live performances have become legit pop culture events, while her stage and onscreen presence has so brilliantly translated into such films as “Dreamgirls”, “Austin Powers in Goldmember” and “Cadillac Records” – to name a few. But, of course, it’s the music videos that allow Beyoncé to fully embrace her creativity across the board, as evidenced by her eclectic videography and certainly the game-changing “Lemonade” in 2016.

#9: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Primarily known for her acting career, this Welsh performer switched things up for an Oscar-winning performance in the 2002 musical “Chicago.” Upon its release, Catherine Zeta-Jones had made notable appearances in “Traffic” and “High Fidelity,” yet her role as Velma Kelly demonstrated that she was far more than just a pretty-faced actress. Her celebrated song and dance routines of “Chicago” serve as classic moments of modern cinema. And why not? After all, Zeta-Jones was a national tap dancing champion at the age of 11, and she’s often reminded of her skill set during Hollywood social events and film appearances.

#8: John Travolta

By developing his talents on the stages of New York City, Travolta prepared himself for a tandem of now iconic movie performances. But even before John Travolta transformed into Tony Manero and Danny Zuko, he actually recorded a Billboard hit with 1976’s “Let Her In.” Decades later, he’s become associated with smooth characters that can walk the walk and talk the talk. But even so, Travolta’s natural talent and perseverance has kept him relevant throughout the years, allowing for a wide range of roles. Some of his early roles may seem dated now, but John Travolta’s triple-threat abilities captured a specific place and time and continue to impress today.

#7: Jamie Foxx

Sure, his characters on “In Living Color” didn’t quite scream out “superstar,” but with a breakthrough performance in “Any Given Sunday,” Jamie Foxx’s career took a more dramatic– and celebrated– turn. Five years later, a couple of Oscar-nominated roles legitimized the talented comedian as a serious triple threat in Hollywood. Of course, Foxx won the Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles, fully tapping into his comedic, dramatic and musical abilities. It all equated to one of the more authentic representations of a historical figure, and it launched Foxx into the next level of fame, opening the doors for more creative flexibility and opportunities.

#6: Jennifer Lopez

Like Jamie Foxx, this Bronx native caught a break on “In Living Color”, as one of the show's Fly Girl dancers. Previously, Jennifer Lopez was a backup dancer for the New Kids on the Block, but a curiosity for cinema ultimately led to a breakthrough performance with the 1997 biopic “Selena.” Before the turn of the century, J.Lo’s crossover into mainstream music solidified her a legit triple threat, with 1999’s “On the 6” going platinum. Given her longstanding relevancy in music, film and television, Jennifer Lopez is unarguably one of the defining figures of 21st century pop culture.

#5: Hugh Jackman

As the mutant Wolverine of the popular “X-Men” film series, this Australian has gained a loyal following within a specific genre of film. But Hugh Jackman can also get down with a song and dance routine, evidenced by his numerous appearances on Broadway and Tony Awards hosting gigs. And in a film such as Tom Hooper’s “Les Misérables,” Jackman unsurprisingly held his own and earned an Oscar nomination as a result. He’s a brawny fellow with classic Hollywood looks, but he continuously develops his craft. As such, Hugh Jackman’s professional approach and reliability make him a favorite among casting directors and supporting players.

#4: Gene Kelly

In the golden age of Hollywood, this charming gent was a genuine American Idol. And with good reason, as Gene Kelly brought joy to so many families post World War II. On a fundamental level, his endearing presence sold tickets, but his warm vocals and hypnotic dance routines kept audiences glued to their seats, especially when paired with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Leslie Caron. And if there’s a definitive example of his work that future generations will study, well, look no further than “Singin’ in the Rain,” as Gene Kelly essentially offers a master class in performance and craft.

#3: Neil Patrick Harris

Unlike so many childhood stars, this dapper actor has reinvigorated his career time and time again. Upon landing a career-changing role in CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother,” Neil Patrick Harris’ popularity only increased, opening the door for hosting gigs at the Tony Awards, Primetime Emmys and even the Academy Awards. As a comedic actor, Harris knows how to gauge his audience. And with an ability to entertain through words, song or dance, there’s just never a dull moment. That’s the brilliance of legitimate triple threats, as someone like NPH can turn the mundane into something magical.

#2: Ginger Rogers

Where Gene Kelly went, this gal had been a decade before. Alongside the exceptional Fred Astaire, the best of Ginger Rogers often emerged, even if she was fully capable of carrying any scene by herself. This beauty obviously wasn’t just a one-trick pony either– by 1940, Rogers further demonstrated her exceptional capabilities with an Oscar-winning performance in “Kitty Foyle.” On a visual level, her grace and beauty were undoubtedly a plus, but Ginger’s acting chops led to a 35-year film career and even a run on Broadway as well.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Justin Timberlake

Zac Efron

Janet Jackson

#1: Fred Astaire

This superstar, who got his start as a teenager learning the art of public performance in New York City, had a Hollywood career that lasted 76 years. Throughout the 20s, Fred Astaire performed alongside his sister Adele on Broadway, as well as shows in London. But despite his supreme professionalism and skill, Astaire wasn’t initially well received in Hollywood. Yet, his visionary mind and chemistry with Ginger Rogers changed all that. And his choreographed routines further changed how executives and audiences viewed Hollywood musicals. In other words, Astaire defied industry norms, as his experience, perfectionism and charisma shed new light on what viewers found appealing in their stars.

So, do you agree with our selections? Who do you think is the biggest triple threat? For more toe-tapping Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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