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Shia LaRapBeef, The Bionic Manhood & Mannequin Mania: The Dispatch #41

VO: Adrian Sousa
Script Written by Jesse Polowin & Adrian Sousa The Dispatch looks at the rap beef that actor Shia LaBeouf has found himself in the middle of ever since his freestyle on Sway In The Morning. Rappers Soulja Boy Tellem and Lil’ Yachty have taken exception to his diss tracks. A mannequin challenge has landed two men in jail after their viral video lead to a search warrant and arrests for possession of drugs and weapons without permits. And finally, a man had his penis replaced with a bionic penis after he lost his manhood in the 1970s.

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Shia LaRapBeef, The Bionic Manhood & Mannequin Mania: The Dispatch #41

Who knew that Shia could rap, a mannequin challenge could get you jailed or that a penis can be replaced after going missing in the 70s! Welcome to, and this is The Dispatch, where we bring you the Internet’s weirdest and coolest stories! Let’s dive straight into this.

#3: Mannequin Mania

Like most internet crazes, the mannequin challenge of 2016 had people jumping through hoops and setting themselves on fire just to get in on the viral appeal. As expected, one group of individuals had to take the pointless joke too far. Introducing Terry Brown and Kenneth White of Hunstville, Alabama. The two were arrested on weapon and drug possession charges after the video was released. Madison County police searched the residence approximately one month after the video was originally uploaded. While this challenge video does put a unique spin on the viral trend, we still gotta give these guys an L for using real guns. Damn if that cameraman isn’t brave, though!

#2: Shia LeRapBeef

What do you get when you cross a wacko actor with a washed-up rapper? A story that is sure to get social media popping. And if there’s hate involved, multiply the amount of likes and shares twofold. Seriously, this story of a beef between Shia LeBeouf and Soulja Boy, originating from a freestyle released by Shia this week, just reeks of fake hype. Surely no one takes Shia LeBeouf’s foray into rapping seriously, and even less so Soulja Boy, who for some reason, won’t go away. Soulja – or Mr. Boy, whichever you prefer - we think you need to lighten up and take a page from Lil Yachty’s book. Can’t wait for that Yachty and Soulja diss track though, am I right?

#1: The Bionic Manhood

Most people deserve a second shot at things, and all men should be entitled to a second shot at manhood. Edinburgh, Scotland resident Mohammed Abad lost one testicle and his penis when he was dragged under a car for 600 feet in the 1970s. It’s taken 3 years and used skin and tendons from his arm to complete the medical endeavor at the University College London. Known as the Titan Touch Penile Prosthesis, the fake phallus has a button next to his testicles which when pressed, fills the penis with water aka makes it erect. What now? Abad says that he has been inundated with offers from women who want to give his bionic penis a trial. Abad says he works 14 hours a day and is just too tired to take part. Give the man a break!

So, would you listen to a Shia rap track?
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