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Top 10 Famous Male Celebrity Abs

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Sean Harris Top 10 Famous Male Celebrity Abs Subscribe: These men work hard for their body! Why not show them off? In this countdown we’re taking a look at some of the hottest male celebrity abs in Hollywood. We’ve included abs of Joe Manganiello, David Beckham, Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, LL Cool J, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling, Usher, Mario Lopez, Chris Pratt, Cristiano Ronaldo and Channing Tatum. MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 Famous Male Celebrity Abs

Did someone just turn up the heat?? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 famous male celebrity abs!

For this list, we’re ranking the buffest of the buff and selecting our pick of magnificent male bods.

#10: Chris Hemsworth

Best known for his role as mythical Marvel superhero Thor, Chris Hemsworth and his awesome abs are the most magical thing on Asgard, Australia, or anywhere else. The chiseled actor, who found fame on the Aussie soap “Home and Away”, is a lead figure in the “Avengers” franchise. Plus, he holds additional nerd cred due to his brief appearance as George Kirk in “Star Trek” and his role as the loveable, ludicrously attractive secretary to 2016’s “Ghostbusters”. He also caused quite a clamor with that scene in 2015’s “Vacation”, and his now-famous water war with Jimmy Fallon quickly transcended into super-hot, semi-see-through hilarity. Thank God he has a massive hammer to accompany these almighty muscles.

#9: LL Cool J

A hip-hop pioneer and pop rap superstar, LL Cool J is a man of many talents. Outside of the music industry he’s an accomplished actor and TV presenter, as well as a health and fitness expert – and judging by his own fabulously fine physique, he really knows his stuff when it comes to keeping buff! Known as James Todd Smith until adopting his ‘Ladies Love Cool James’ moniker, LL’s stage name would seem narcissistic if it weren’t so true! Every time he takes his top off, Cool J has us hot under the collar. The ladies love to look at this man on any given Sunday. Or Monday. Or Tuesday…

#8: Cristiano Ronaldo

As one of the world’s most famous athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo is never far from the spotlight – and his honed abdominals are often headline news. The Real Madrid striker and captain of the Portuguese national team has won a host of major trophies for club and country during a dazzling career that’s also seen him scoop a load of personal awards. Ronaldo is well known for his intense gym regimes, which have enabled him to scale soccer’s headiest heights and develop one of the world’s most impressive torsos. This footballer is not shy when it comes to showing his abs off, and we don’t blame him.

#7: Hugh Jackman
Best known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, Hugh Jackman has a body many would like to sink their claws into. The actor is famously dedicated to his roles, and seeing as most of his parts require him to keep in pristine shape, he’s never too far away from the gym. An Australian icon, he’s so ridiculously ripped that Oprah Winfrey once said she felt as though she could ‘climb’ his stomach muscles. When it comes to Wolverine, his iconic weapons aren’t the only thing that’s razor sharp. When we say Hugh Jackman is shredded, we really mean it.

#6: Channing Tatum

Not only does our next well-toned superstar have a sensational six-pack; he also really knows how to use it! Channing Tatum is like some kind of how-to guide for the Hollywood hunk. He has the rugged good looks and boyish charm, but the added bonus is that he can seriously dance. Like, seriously. Clothes on or clothes off, this guy knows how to move. But while we could foxtrot with Tatum all day, he makes today’s list thanks in large part to his Magic Mike strip shows, which were loosely based on his real life experiences as a male stripper. They’re ab-solutely phenomenal.

#5: Joe Manganiello

Just beating his “Magic Mike” co-star in today’s well-conditioned countdown, Joe Manganiello’s jaw-dropping abs first became public knowledge when he starred as Alcide in HBO’s “True Blood”. In the show, the ravenous werewolf regularly treats us to a full moon of his fabulous body, as everybody wonders just how Sookie Stackhouse got to be so lucky… Manganiello puts it all on show once again in “Magic Mike”, where he plays Big Dick Richie. Before his famous solo scene in “XXL,” no one ever thought that Cheetos could be sexy. How wrong we were.

#4: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has long been lauded as one of the industry’s most talented actors, having played a wide range of roles in thrillers, rom-coms and hard-hitting dramas. But while he switches between challenging characters, some things (thankfully) never change – and this guy’s abs are guaranteed to get a gasp whenever he whips them out. Simply put, they’re ‘crazy, stupid sexy’. And, as Emma Stone memorably suggests, it’s almost impossible to believe that they’re the real deal. But there’s no digital tomfoolery here; they’re real, and they’re spectacular!

#3: David Beckham

The second soccer player to make today’s top ten, David Beckham’s distinguished sports career came to a close in 2013, when he played his final game for French side, Paris Saint-Germain. Since then he’s carved out an ultra-successful second career as a model and fashion idol, and one who’s never shy about sneaking us a peek at his perfectly tattooed torso. Beckham isn’t as bulky as some, but he’s maintained a ludicrously fine physique since hanging up his boots. Here’s hoping that he’ll continue advertising underwear for many more years.

#2: Zac Efron

Our runner-up has come a long, long way since his “High School Musical” days; in fact, Zac Efron is now one of Hollywood’s hottest properties. The one-time teen sensation has grown up, toned up and even developed a bit of a bad boy attitude – but his most impressive asset comes after what must surely have been millions of stomach crunches. Luckily for us, Zac’s not about to keep his buffness under wraps, and he frequently appears on the silver screen in the ‘altogether’. His featuring in the 2017 remake of “Baywatch” could just be the most natural casting choice Hollywood’s ever made.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Chris Pratt
- Mario Lopez
- Usher

#1: Ryan Reynolds

Here he is, our muscular gold medalist with the almightiest of awesome abs – Ryan Reynolds! Ripped celebs simply don’t get any better than this man, as the “Deadpool” star has a stomach we could stare at for hours and hours and a sharp wit we can’t get enough of. Having made an early name for himself as a comic actor, Reynolds first bulked up for his role as Hannibal King in 2004’s “Blade: Trinity”. He’s kept in supreme shape ever since and his well-chiseled good looks have graced many an A-list movie. And now he has a MsMojo win, to make all those sit-ups worthwhile.

Do you agree with our list? Whose abs did we overlook? For more fantastically fit top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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