Top 10 Celebrity Suicide Conspiracy Theories
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Top 10 Celebrity Suicide Conspiracy Theories

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Suicide is a sad reality that even reaches into the world of celebrity. But, not everyone believes that these celebrities who committed suicide actually killed themselves. Kurt Cobain was one of the biggest artist at the time of his reported suicide, but he is an example of one of the biggest celebrity suicide conspiracies that just won't go away, considering people believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

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Top 10 Celebrity Suicide Conspiracies

These celebrity scenarios may not seem plausible, yet there’s evidence to back up the theories. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrity Suicide Conspiracy Theories.

For this list, we’re looking at the most popular conspiracies about alleged celebrity suicides.

#10: The Illuminati Killed Robin Williams

Throughout his 63 years, Robin Williams’ unpredictability led to success in both comedic and dramatic productions. But he truly shocked the entertainment industry in 2014 when he ended his own life by hanging. Williams suffered from the onset of Lewy Body Dementia and that disease affected his fateful decision. But some people also blame the Illuminati, claiming the infamous and maybe non-existent organization used a popular comedy series to promote their celebrity sacrifice. During the half hour before Williams’ death went public, a “Family Guy” episode aired on BBC Three, in which Robin Williams plays a role in Peter Griffin’s attempted suicide. Yes, it was a repeat episode, but the people of the Internet found the coincidence rather strange.

#9: Hunter S. Thompson Was Murdered as a 9/11 Cover-Up

If you’re familiar with the gonzo journalism of Hunter S. Thompson, then you know that he was truly his own man. He was also known to occasionally cause some trouble, and after the 9/11 attacks, Thompson accused the American government of having been somehow involved and of covering up the truth. In 2005, he allegedly took his own life, but given his outspoken ways, some believe that Uncle Sam may have actually pulled the trigger. However, just as Thompson couldn’t prove any of his conspiracy theories about the Twin Towers, nobody’s been able to prove the government’s direct involvement with his death. What do we know is this: Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes were blasted from a cannon into the sky.

#8: The Clintons Killed Vince Foster

Perhaps Vince Foster isn’t a well-known figure of pop culture, but he stepped into the spotlight during Bill Clinton’s presidency. The Arkansas native worked as a Deputy White House Counsel for his childhood friend, and he was ultimately connected to the scandalous Whitewater investigation of the early ‘90s. Suffering from depression, Foster shot himself in 1993, but some insisted he was murdered by the Clintons for what he knew about them. The so-called “Arkansas Project” mostly perpetuated this conspiracy, but subsequent investigations determined that Foster did, in fact, take his own life. Still, when politics are involved, there are no easy answers, and some even believe the Clintons killed the Clinton-hating and Holocaust questioning author Victor Thorn, too.

#7: Avril Lavigne Committed Suicide in 2003

Back in 2002, a Canadian teenager made her mark with a punk-inspired debut. Today, Avril Lavigne has evolved into a pop culture icon, even if she apparently took her own life years ago. It all began with a blog named “Avril Esta Morta,” which takes a close look at modern Avril and the Avril of 2002. One could argue that perhaps the singer has just changed a bit over the years, even if some cryptic song lyrics supposedly indicate otherwise. Ironically, the original blog wasn’t even being serious about Lavigne; it was just showing how easy it is to concoct a conspiracy theory. But it was so effective that this theory has taken on a life of its own.

#6: Elliott Smith Was Murdered by His Girlfriend

The brilliant singer-songwriter Elliott Smith committed suicide in 2003 at only 34 years of age. But given the cause of his death – two stab wounds to the chest – his death seemed more than suspicious to fans. Smith allegedly killed himself after an argument with girlfriend Jennifer Chiba, who says she was in other room when the singer made his fateful decision. When she found him, she reportedly pulled the knife from Smith’s chest. The whys and hows are suspicious, and toxicology reports showed that Smith wasn’t under the influence – he just stabbed himself with no hesitation marks visible. So, his girlfriend has unsurprisingly become part of the conspiracy, as some fail to accept that a sober Elliott Smith would kill himself.

#5: Kung Fu Assassins Killed David Carradine

“Autoerotic asphyxiation” is a dangerous way to experience sexual pleasure through cutting off one’s oxygen. When David Carradine’s lifeless, hanged body was found in 2009, some believed the late actor had accidentally killed himself, while others believed it was an intentional suicide. Whatever the case, Carradine died at 72 years of age. The next year, his ex-wife, Marina Anderson, published a book, claiming that Carradine had actually been murdered. This supports the family’s lawyer’s initial position – a popular conspiracy theory – that Kung Fu Assassins had murdered Carradine, as he was apparently planning to reveal information about the underworld in Thailand. The fact that Carradine’s hands were bound at the time of his death further fueled conspiracy theorists.

#4: Kevin Sullivan Killed Chris Benoit & His Family

Professional wrestlers have long been linked to conspiracies, especially considering their line of work and the sport’s history of strange deaths. In 2007, Canadian superstar Chris Benoit’s name was in the headlines, as he’d allegedly killed both his wife and son before taking his own life. Many have theorized that perhaps brain damage influenced Benoit’s crime, while many others have pointed a finger at the wrestler Kevin Sullivan. And it’s not that wild a theory, as Sullivan’s ex-wife Nancy actually left him for Benoit. This happened after Sullivan created a wrestling narrative in which his wife would leave him for the character Chris Benoit. It’s a case of fiction imitating life, but with a tragic and suspicious ending.

#3: Hitler Survived

Responsible for the systematic murder of millions, Adolf Hitler allegedly met his maker via his own hand. For the history books, this makes perfect sense, but some theorize that Hitler could’ve found a way out of Germany. This is the focal topic of the History Channel series “Hunting Hitler,” in which reputable names examine various theories about Hitler’s alleged life beyond World War II. After all, no body was ever found, and public manipulation long predates the Internet. In other words, it’s plausible that people with considerable power could’ve hidden the actual truth, and if there was ever a man that needed to fully distance himself from the public eye, it was Adolf Hitler.

#2: The Kennedys Killed Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was far more than just an actress. She evolved into a living legend, and part of that legend includes her supposed romantic link to John F. Kennedy. But at only 36 years of age, an allegedly despondent Marilyn overdosed on barbiturates, thus becoming yet another mythical figure from the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. It’s certainly believable that Monroe could have taken her own life, and there was no direct evidence of foul play. However the early ‘60s were a turbulent time, and public knowledge of her affair with the President could have proven disastrous. So, if Marilyn did manage to upset Camelot, well, they had more than enough power to help clean up their dirty work, so to speak.

#1: Kurt Cobain Was Murdered

Back in 1994, Kurt Cobain consistently made headlines, even if that wasn’t his primary goal as lead singer of Nirvana. Of course, his wife, Courtney Love, had a unique relationship with the media, too, but they seemed to be living the life, despite their perceived flaws. So Cobain’s shocking suicide not only stunned the music world; it also led many to question the official account. For years, people have speculated that Love played a role, one way or another, and the 2015 documentary “Soaked in Bleach” lays out a solid case that Cobain could NOT have shot himself given the amount of heroin in his system. So who killed Kurt Cobain?

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