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Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2016

Script Written by Q.V. Hough These women made 2016 their own with their beauty, sex appeal, and above all, talent! From newcomers like Alicia Vikander (Jason Bourne, The Light Between Oceans, Academy Award for The Danish Girl), to stunning talents like Blake Lively (Café Society, The Shallows), Morena Baccarin (Deadpool, Homeland, Gotham). Other stars to grace this list have appeared in shows such as Quantico, Westworld; movies like Suicide Squad and The Girl on the Train; have made great albums such as Lemonade, and even made it onto the front cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

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Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2016

Over the course of a single year, these women re-defined what it means to be sexy. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2016.

For this list, we’re focusing on famous women – 18 and older - that seduced through star power, pop culture buzz and the quality of their work in 2016.

#10: Ashley Graham

Breaking down barriers through beauty and personal health, this Middle American graced the cover of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. As a so-called “plus-size” model, Ashley Graham marked a new era for the famous magazine while reminding that sex appeal is more about elegance than duck faces. So, fifteen years after first signing with the Wilhelmina Models agency, Ashley experienced a momentous 2016, which allowed her to engage with young women about healthy living while building her own positive brand of modeling. All in all, Ashley’s confidence and “Beauty Beyond Size” campaign with ALDA make her both endearing and incredibly sexy.

#9: Evan Rachel Wood

For the entirety of the 21st century, this American actress has appeared in both indie classics and mainstream hits. But in 2016, Evan Rachel Wood evolved into Dolores Abernathy, perhaps the sexiest host of HBO’s “Westworld.” Her fascinating performance fuels each bizarre episode that she’s in, whether she’s navigating her contrived Western location or answering questions during maintenance check-ups. As a performer, Evan commands every second of her screen time, making Dolores arguably the sexiest android of the digital age. In other words, she’s a fanboy favorite, with co-star Thandie Newton in the same realm, both literally and figuratively.

#8: Beyoncé

So, here’s an international cultural icon that truly understands pop culture trends. Then again, Beyoncé doesn’t adhere to music industry norms, but rather progresses the industry as a whole. On the surface, she’s obviously one of the more alluring pop stars, yet Bey’s sex appeal further increased during her controversial Super Bowl performance and certainly with her visual album “Lemonade.” Her star power and influence make her a sexy businesswoman, yet her revealing artistic creations inspire conversations about what it means to be a woman first, and a celebrity second. Yeah, she’s at the heart of pop culture year after year, but she never manages to lose any mojo, which is both amazing and quite sexy too.

#7: Priyanka Chopra

In her native India, this woman has long been considered one of the most attractive female actresses, and certainly one of the most talented. Yet, Priyanka Chopra was relatively unknown to North American audiences when she first appeared on the ABC drama “Quantico.” As FBI agent Alex Parrish, Priyanka exudes both charisma and undeniable sex appeal, producing one of the most dynamic figures of primetime TV. Meaning, she fully embodies the mystery of the character while demonstrating exactly why sex appeal is fully integral to the narrative arc. And so, Priyanka essentially served up a master class on the art of seduction and sensuality.

#6: Morena Baccarin

Given her prolific TV resume, there are a number of associations to be made when this Brazilian-American star appears on screen. In 2016, though, Morena Baccarin fully moved on from “Homeland” to become a defining presence of superhero culture. Just her appearance in “Deadpool” alone earned Morena some pop culture cred, enhanced by her steamy performance as Vanessa Carlysle. But it’s her role as Dr. Leslie Thompkins on FOX’s “Gotham” that keeps fans engrossed, especially considering her substantial presence within the series. She’s a multifaceted woman, and her 2016 was epic in many ways.

#5: Blake Lively

As a native of southern California, this American actress was born into the scene, so to speak. Over the course of several years, though, Blake Lively paid her dues as Serena van der Woodsen on “Gossip Girl.” In 2016, her classic Hollywood beauty was on full display in Woody Allen’s “Café Society,” while the contained setting of “The Shallows” accentuated her raw sex appeal and acting chops. It’s never a given that television starlets will successfully translate to cinema, but there’s something about Blake that makes her a natural fit. She can play the femme fatale or a high society darling, and it’s this versatility that makes Blake even sexier for mainstream moviegoers.

#4: Alicia Vikander

In her younger years, this Swedish starlet learned about performing through ballet. And so, it’s no wonder Alicia Vikander moves so beautifully within the frame, a small part of her polished form as an actress. By March 2016, she’d become an Oscar winner, which obviously makes her sexy for casting agents, but her appearances in “Jason Bourne” and “The Light Between Oceans” show why she’s so valuable in more subtle roles. These films feature composed yet effective performances, in which her soft-spoken characters hold an incredible amount of power. So, when someone like Alicia Vikander understands the subtleties of cinema, it makes for a sexy movie going experience, and all that is boosted even further by Alicia’s inherent likability.

#3: Gal Gadot

At 5’10”, this Israeli beauty stands out among her vertically challenged peers. She’s also got a load of worldwide appeal given her modeling resume and role within the “Fast and the Furious” franchise. In 2016, though, Gal Gadot ramped up her career with four action films, the most notable being “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” As Wonder Woman, she’s obviously sparked plenty of pop culture conversation, and her seductive interpretation means everything for loyal fans of DC Comics. Within the action genre, Gal has serious cred, and there’s a high ceiling for lasting success given her sly charm and physical abilities. She’s tough, she’s smart and she’s sexy across the board.

#2: Amy Adams

Here’s a woman that always gives a breathtaking performance, regardless of plot or the character’s role within the narrative. With her timeless beauty, Amy Adams reminds of Hollywood’s past, and her eclectic trio of 2016 roles proves that she’s in high demand across various genres. Of course, any woman cast as Lois Lane has a certain amount of charm, but Amy’s technique and form provide for a flawless characterization. And whether it’s her mesmerizing turn as Dr. Louise Banks in “Arrival” or Susan Morrow in the neo-noir “Nocturnal Animals,” it’s not always clear what lies beneath the surface with her characters, yet viewers can cheer for her anyways. She’s accessible yet still a bit elusive at the same time. Now that’s sexy.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Emily Blunt
Mary Elizabeth Winstead

#1: Margot Robbie

Even before the 2016 premiere of “Suicide Squad,” this Australian had pop culture buzzing for her seriously sexy interpretation of Harley Quinn. Despite mixed reviews of the film, Margot Robbie thoroughly owned her screen time while becoming a legitimate A-lister in the process. In 2016, she starred as Jane Porter in “The Legend of Tarzan,” and even appeared alongside Tina Fey in “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” – both of which accentuated her overall sex appeal and skill set. Yet, Margot’s charisma and unpredictability as Harley Quinn evolved into something all their own. Sure, co-star Cara Delevingne had quite the sexy 2016 too, but the breakout star was unquestionably the furiously sexy Margot Robbie.

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