Top 10 Best Spring Break Destinations



Top 10 Best Spring Break Destinations

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It's Spring break! Time to let loose and take a mini vacation. We've compiled a list of the best Spring Break destinations you should visit if you're thinking of getting away for a bit! We've included Negril, Jamaica; Colorado, USA; Myrtle Beach, USA; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Las Vegas, USA; Nassau, Bahamas; Miami Beach, USA; and South Padre Island, USA.


Top 10 Best Spring Break Destinations

When you’re ready to party rock, these hotspots must be on your short list. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Spring Break Destinations.
For this list, we’re counting down the ideal destinations to unwind for spring break.

#10: Negril, Jamaica

Located on Jamaica’s western edge, this town has been thriving since the early ‘70s. Year after year, spring breakers flock to the so-called “7 Mile Beach” – which, by the way, is only four miles long – and Negril’s continuous development makes it a truly unique spring break destination. In other words, you won’t break the bank given the variety of options within the evolving community. You better believe there’s some major nightlife happening, and a pub tour will be necessary, too, but it’s nearby locations like the cliff area, Mayfield Falls and Booby Cay Island that complement the island vibe. Sure, Negril isn’t necessarily a “hidden gem,” but you’ll most def feel like you’ve discovered something new.

#9: Colorado, USA

As far as top-notch outdoor fun, this American state has long been a go-to spot for adventurous spring breakers. Of course, with the legalization of marijuana, many now flock to Colorado simply to… chill. For sports entertainment, there’s Denver. And for beer, well, Boulder will hook you up. But many visit Colorado for the elite ski resorts, whether it's Breckenridge, Vail or Aspen - to name a few. You’ll just have to pinpoint what kind of spring break experience you’re looking for, and you can expect to enjoy a mix of Mother Nature and good ol’ American nightlife.

#8: Panama City Beach, USA

Ok, so here’s an important fact about this popular Florida destination: you can no longer get tipsy on the beach - at least according to the law. That’s no deal breaker, of course, as there's plenty of spring break thrills to be had at Panama City Beach. Of course, there’s Club La Vela – called the LARGEST nightclub in the United States; an ideal venue for letting loose. For aquatic fun, however, it makes sense to check out Water Planet or Pier Park. Sure, it’s not quite Miami, but given the nearby college cities of Tallahassee, Pensacola and even Mobile, Alabama, Panama City Beach represents logical choice for social MsMojos on a budget.

#7: Myrtle Beach, USA

For a little Southern American charm and a vast amount of entertainment options, this coastal city will treat you right. As far as accommodations go, Myrtle Beach has around 460 hotels, so yeah – options, options, options. It’s most definitely a trendy pick, given the 14 million yearly visitors, but the cultural aspect allows for versatility when settling on a schedule. Then again, maybe you just want to wing it, and that works too. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is simply one of the best, and the city’s surrounding attractions complement the city’s historic charm. You can get crazy at night, or perhaps take a more relaxed approach and just play it cool – southern style.

#6: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

As one of the more underrated Spring Break destinations, this Dominican area’s reputation continues to grow. For Americans that don’t live in coastal regions, Punta Cana feels like a sensible alternative, as the beaches are downright sublime, whether it’s Bavaro or Macao. Let’s be honest – not everybody can PAY UP for a resort experience, yet it’s worth nothing that Punta Cana has some truly outstanding options if you’ve got the coin. For the average springbreaker, though, you’ll want to focus on the outdoors to appreciate all that Punta Cana has to offer. You can always go big, yet don’t forget the little things, especially if you’re going to fly all the way to the Dominican.

#5: Las Vegas, USA

Ladies (and gentlemen): welcome to Sin City. It’s a mythical American destination known for pure entertainment; a sexy fantasyland for people to get buckwild. But here’s the thing about Vegas, spring breakers, the locals want tourists to appreciate the entire experience. Instead of strip clubs and gambling, maybe you check out Red Rock first - and then make it rain in the club. These days, Vegas’ continuing expansion allows for new spring break opportunities, but it’s always good to begin where it all started: the Fremont Street experience. It’s an ideal home base, has tons of history and of course many entertainment options. So, rather than doing the same ol’ thing, why not re-invent the Vegas experience and plan something entirely original?

#4: Nassau, Bahamas

In terms of pop culture, Nassau has been immortalized in the movies, music and literature – yeah, it’s a popular spot. So, there’s a certain allure that comes with this spring break destination. However, it’s an immensely cultural city; one that’s been recognized by UNESCO for its arts and crafts. Meaning, if you’re thinking of only laying low on the sandy white beaches, then you’re missing out. For an excursion of the beaten path, you might want to check out John Watling’s Distillery or the Pirates Museum, or maybe you just want to get properly boozed up during a brewery tour. After all, what’s spring break without a little day drinking?

#3: Miami Beach, USA

In the United States, each region has their crown jewel, and this steamy location is undoubtedly one of the sexiest spring brink destinations. For such a culturally diverse city, there’s plenty to explore, but there’s nothing wrong with setting up shop exclusively on South Beach. If you want to party like a star, this is the place to be, and the Art Deco surroundings will surely lead to some late-night conversational material. It’s easy to lose yourself in the Miami Beach mystique, but it’s a city breathing with culture and individualism - not a bad complement to the Atlantic Coast scenery.

#2: South Padre Island, USA

Located on the southern tip of Texas, here’s a small strip of land that’s become a popular destination for North American spring breakers. Given that South Padre is a resort town, there’s less emphasis on history lessons and more on having a good time. So, when the residents split town to make room for springbreakers, there’s a common theme: getting crazy. Then again, there’s good fishing, too, and there’s a variety of naturalistic venues to connect you with South Padre’s aquatic residents. And, well, you might even see a literal whale! All in all, South Padre keeps it poppin’ across the board.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Los Angeles, USA

Key West, USA

#1: Cancún, Mexico

So, here’s a legendary spring break destination, and with good reason. Actually, there are quite a few reasons to visit Cancun, and you don’t necessarily need a load of cash. Located on the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, this city’s vibrant imagery supports the remarkable history surrounding it. Given the exterior cityscapes of Avenida Kukulkan and the epic nightclub scene, Cancun attracts spring breakers from absolutely everywhere. A spot like Playa Delfines is more than just a beach, it’s a true gem on Gulf of Mexico. And if you’ve already made it to Cancun, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a day or two in nearby Playa del Carmen, which is loaded with Mexican culture and plenty of outdoor entertainment.

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