Travel Guide: El Salvador

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Though it is the smallest country in terms of area in Central America, El Salvador is also the most densely populated. The country experiences a tropical climate and is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery, which includes mountains, volcanoes and various plants and animals. El Salvador is also home to numerous beaches, lakes and waterfalls. To learn more about its rich history and culture, you can visit the towns of Nahuizalco, Suchitoto and La Palma. In this video, continues our travel series with a look at El Salvador.
This country has been called the Tom Thumb of the Americas. Welcome to, and today we’ll be continuing our travel series with a look at El Salvador.

Found between Guatemala and Honduras, El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. Its population of over six million people is spread out over an area of just over eight thousand square miles, and this makes it the region’s most densely inhabited country.

The tropical climate of El Salvador includes wet and rainy periods during winter and hot and dry temperatures during the summer.

If you’re traveling to this country by air, you’ll arrive at the Comalapa International Airport, which boasts modern restaurants and duty-free shops and is found about 50 miles from the capital city of San Salvador.

As you travel, be sure to soak in the beauty of the natural scenery. This includes mountains, diverse flora and fauna, and even volcanoes. In fact, one of the country’s most active volcanoes is less than 10 miles from San Miguel.

San Miguel is also home to Playa Las Flores, where visitors and residents can surf or lounge on the beach. Costa Del Sol is another exquisite beach destination that allows you to sail and whale-watch to your heart’s content. But, if you’d rather have drinks and laze around on the sand, then the hotels of Playa Salinitas are the perfect spots for you.

For more water-related activities, try waterskiing at one of El Salvador’s largest lakes, Lago de Coatepeque. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, then you can go river rafting at Rio Lempa.

Land-lovers can go hiking and observe the Chorros De La Calera waterfalls. If it suits your fancy, you can also go swimming or descend the falls by rappelling. For more extreme activities, head to Apaneca for a zipline canopy tour that’ll have you soaring over rainforests and coffee plantations.

For some quieter activities that’ll also teach you about Salvadoran culture, check out Nahuizalco, which is known for its handmade arts and crafts.

The colonial town of Suchitoto features even more culture. Here, you can visit art galleries, buy food at the market, or taste the cuisine at various restaurants.

As the country with a smile, El Salvador is one place you’ll undoubtedly want to explore thanks to its rich culture, natural beauty and the wonderful attractions.