Top 10 Cringe Worthy Weatherman FAILS



Top 10 Cringe Worthy Weatherman FAILS

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Script written by Q.V. Hough.

Ever been watching the news and witnessed a weather report forecast fail? They can be some of the craziest events caught on camera, like that time a cockroach surprised one weatherman on-set and the video went viral, or that other time a British weatherman failed to predict The Great Storm of 1987, or when another weatherman had some issues with his weather map and walked off-camera… Yeah, these are definitely some of the most awkward moments in live TV history. WatchMojo counts down ten weathermen who made fools of themselves on television.

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Script written by Q.V. Hough.

Top 10 Cringe Worthy Weatherman FAILS

These meteorologists pay the bills with predictions, but they’ve also provided plenty of laughs with their embarrassing behavior. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weatherman Fails.

For this list, we’re looking at weathermen and weatherwomen that have failed hard on camera, whether it’s with the forecast itself or with random surprises.

#10: Weather Map Struggles

It’s not often that you’ll find “dead air” during a news broadcast, but a weather map fail can silence the entire production. For this NBC Washington report, the meteorologist stays cool for a brief moment, but he soon begins rambling once his ticker displays the “wrong see-QUENCE.” And while it’s one thing to frantically improvise, this gentleman leaves the screen entirely, leaving viewers with a live feed of a random office shot. It’s all over within a matter of seconds, but this struggling weatherman failed hard by refusing to ask for help and jaunting off, if only for a hot tick.

#9: Weather Camera Arachnophobia

For the most part, news reporters are known for their suave on-screen presence. But for Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon, well, she freaked out to the fullest when a massive spider appeared in her broadcast, even though it was actually just poking around on the station’s weather camera. Just the visual alone took this weatherwoman off camera, and despite the emotional support of co-workers, or lack thereof, she still just can’t shake it off and keep it together. See this is what happens when meteorologists have a sizable wrench, or a large spider, thrown into their daily routine.

#8: The Great Storm Fail

In 1987, a few hours before England was hit with the worst storm in 300 years, a cheeky weatherman named Michael Fish brushed off warnings of the impending storm. In actuality, it would go on to become a devastating cyclone, but Mr. Fish didn’t seem all too concerned or even aware of what seemed to be transpiring. After the fact, Fish claimed there was no actual female caller, as he was giving a secret shout out to his mother, who was anticipating a hurricane in Florida. Of course, given that Fish worked in Southern England, well, his story doesn’t quite add up. So, once “The Great Storm” commenced and actually killed between 19-22 people, Fish’s opening line became a legendary weatherman fail.

#7: Weatherman Owned by Mother Nature

Given the infamous long and cold winter conditions of Green Bay, Wisconsin, one may expect the local meteorologists to be fully prepared for slippery live feeds. But here’s a weatherman that got too caught up in the surrounding snowplows and tumbled rather hard. And though the actual fall isn’t that bad, the man’s reaction produces a variety of strange noises - so strange that even Jimmy Kimmel featured this fail on his talk show. Yes, the TV anchor does show some concern for her fallen weatherman, but the network actually seems more concerned about a slo-mo replay rather than checking to make sure the man hadn’t broken a hip or a wrist.

#6: The Case of the Cursing Weatherman

Here’s a weatherman fail that’s been correlated with Tourette’s Syndrome online, but it actually seems like this event transpired during a taped segment. Or at least we’d like to think so, given that the meteorologist’s demeanor escalates quickly from composed to downright nasty. And, well, the fellow seems quite proud of his cursing tantrum, especially considering the pants-in-the-pocket stance and sly grin. Sure, it could have been much worse, and you know what? Perhaps the struggling weatherman was actually an unpredictable wildcard of the news station rather than a seasoned professional.

#5: The Weatherman and the Cockroach

Florida weatherman Justin Mosely is one dapper dude. He’s got the suit and tie working to his advantage, along with a sharp haircut. Even so, the guy transforms into a hot mess when a cockroach appears on the floor and fully distracts the weatherman from the job at hand. Ok, so this clip never actually aired, and perhaps Mr. Mosely didn’t anticipate his fail going viral. But thanks to his deeply dramatic reaction, his water vapor moment quickly evolved into a classic weatherman breakdown. Not only did Justin shriek just a tiny bit, he actually left the screen like so many of his frustrated peers on our list.

#4: BBC and the Buckets of C

So, here’s what you call a “Freudian Slip.” During a weekend broadcast, the BBC’s Alex Deakin seems to be cruising along, even referencing “a lovely winter’s day.” But rather than communicating the concept of sunshine, the weatherman instead references buckets of C. Fortunately, Mr. Deakin glossed over his prediction fail, and he actually tweeted about his embarrassment after the fact. And while some broadcasters lose their minds over cockroaches, this gentleman had his mind on something else, but he still managed to get the job done anyways. Just another day at the BBC.

#3: Mr. Hankey Interrupts the News

Houston, we have a problem. And his name is Mr. Hankey. In one of the more heartbreaking weatherman fails, this gentleman doesn’t actually appear on camera right away, but he then emerges as something clearly begins to take over his thoughts. And, well, it’s not the Doppler radar or even the Christmas Day forecast. It’s the rumbling in his belly, which actually makes him keel over at one point. And once you keel over that first time, everybody knows that it’s only going to get worse, and it certainly does for this weatherman. And so, he just throws in the towel, so to speak, fully aware that nature is calling for something more urgent.

#2: Weatherman Joke Fail

At Minneapolis’ WCCO, weatherman Chris Shaffer has experienced a profound epiphany. And given the smirk on his face, he seems pretty excited to talk about it. The Minnesota Vikings had just signed defensive end Jared Allen, who wears #69. And given that it was also 69 degrees at the moment, Shaffer decided that it was a proper time to reference a certain sexual position. It seems like something that Ron Burgundy would’ve said in the ‘70s, but this real-life weatherman actually made the conscious decision to reference “69 sex” on air, and to a co-worker.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few dishonorable mentions.
- The Weatherman Smurf
- The Weatherman Flips the Finger
- The Boastful Weatherman Fail

#1: The Pelican Attack

During an Australian weather broadcast, the chilling screams of a frightened weatherman played over a morning graphic. A sizable pelican was viciously attacking this man, with its beak zeroing in on the backside of Steve Jacobs. It seems as though the rattled broadcaster could have easily avoided the pelican, but no, he just clenched up and allowed it to chomp away. It’s a hilarious weatherman moment, but it’s unclear if Jacobs was playing it up, or if he was, in fact, legitimately traumatized to the point that he could only squeal and lean against the rocks. Then again, it was a pretty big pelican.